Monday, August 31, 2009

Are you insured?

We can't predict what will happen to us in the future. No one can tell. Whatever that is, of course, our loved ones are those that are left problematic. The same thing will happen if we are serously ill or sick or our life is at risk, the people around us will surely suffer the agony especially when we speak about financial matters - Where they will get money to save our lives from being seriously sick? Where could they borrow much money to help finance all the hospital expenses or probably death expenses?

Let us be practical.

Nowadays, the only secure and most assured option in order for us not to worry much of the future and the life of our loved ones, we need the California Life Insurance Quotes which offers great 100% benefits that will ensure to answer all our needs and lead our lives away from worrying.

It also has California HSA (Health Saving Account) that allows us to set aside pre-tax money to pay for pre-deductible medical expenses. It also offers lower premiums, preventive care benefits (deductible waived) and insurance plans.

Moreover, Small Group Health Insurance California is a plan that enables the employer to offer the owners, officers and employees and his or her dependents access to health, dental, life and vision plans.

That is why, being practical means that we should ensure the right security and assurance for our future through applying to this kind of insurance.

It will not bother our family, our health and the lives of the one we love.

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Last August 29, 2009, I have witnessed our dog who delivered her 6 cute puppies. I have seen how hard she really tried just to let them out from her womb. It is a miracle! She never find it too much painful. Maybe because she doesn't utter a sound. I just don't know. Nevetheless, I am happy for her. Her puppies are very cute and beatiful.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I love watching TV.

Just last August 24, 2009, I have seen the Miss Universe Pageant 2009 which was telecast on Online TV. I got much detailed about the international beauty contest as I have seen information watching it online. Good thing that Spreety TV Online makes me watch TV shows for FREE. It is 100% guaranteed FREE.

You too as well can enjoy watching TV Online. Furthermore, there are many TV programs for you to choose from.

With Spreety TV Online, it made watching for me such a pleasure!

Last August 29, 2009, our dog named Trixy bore these 6 cute puppies. On that same day, as I was about to enter our home, I have heard a cute cry and I was wondering what's that sound and where did it came from. I looked at the facade of our home and there Trixy bore these puppies.

I have seen how Trixy delivered all these puppies. Though I take pity of her because I know that it is not easy to labor. Much blood flows out. But there is nothing I can do but to just patiently stare and wait for the puppies to come out from her womb.

I am very happy for Trixy. Her puppies are really cute. I am very excited to play with them.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Football, the most popular sport in the world especially in Europe and in the USA. It is a sport which involve (to varying degrees) kicking a ball with the foot in an attempt to score a goal.

With the rising interest and the zest of the people who love and like to play football, it is now available online whom people can play and enjoy. That is why, fantasy football draft software is now available as it functions in detecting a NFL player's football performance which are based on multiple phases of investigation, survey construction, analysis, testing, and verification.

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Too late

I have been asleep for almost 8 hours. I just woke up. I have been very busy from work, work and work. I was setting my alarm clock this morning, unfortunately, I wasn't able to wake up at the time that I have been set.

I end up regretting a bit because I am late of the business that I should suppose to do in the Internet.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

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I have a pretty good day. I enjoy having a swim under the heat of the sun.

This picture was taken last August 26 when I visited my Filipino friend in their house at Katy, Texas. Their house is BIG and at the back of it is where this huge swimming pool is located. We have a lot of fun under the heat of the sun as we dive into the water for a swim.

And here I am taking a ride, so relax and happy.

Swimming is really fun! This time I am enjoying myself from work and work.

It is so cool and fun!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Direct TV!

I love to watch news, movies, music, reality shows, celebrity updates and a lot more. Luckily, I can see international shows as well on television. Thanks to I am updated with the latest news from all around the world.

I have seen the Miss Universe Pageant 2009 last week because of DirecTV. There are many programs that Direct TV has namely CNN International, HBO, ESPN, MTV, Discovery Channel, and other program from Asia and Europe. That is why, I am so happy that I got my Directtv at home.

It made watching for me such a pleasure because of Direct TV!

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Living in a situation with happy, bountiful living and a healthy life is far fetch from what we totally experience nowadays. Being healthy is always a must and we have that but what about when the feeling is too much to handle?

Life is not always meeting the needs and sustaining them with lifetime promises of happiness.

Just recently, I have a slight "regretful" feeling of having not accepted or not properly given the right to be heard of my feeling toward the deep sadness that I felt.

Frankly,this is not the kind of life I want and will want to experience but everything seems to be not what I properly expected to happen.

I am a type of person who can't hold my sadness and loneliness or even "madness" on things when I can't be able to share and open it to others. That openness doesn't require cash or anything. All I need is an open heart that hears and a shoulder to lean on.

It is so hard to be in a situation wherein I almost have to crawl to seek ways and feed lives, though I am always on that role often. I never complain. I never said a thing that may hurt other's feeling because of letting them live and survive. I AM QUIETLY SITTING IN A CORNER...and often look for ways on how to maneuver life each day. I believe in God and His power to help me. I often seek His refuge. But through tough tests of times, I am just HUMAN, able to be hurt and to CRY. But I hold myself for the sake of the two, precious persons (here in the Philippines) whom I love. I am ready to sacrifice my happiness for them even it takes for a lifetime.

Sometimes I can say that I am tired of living but getting that attitude in my stem, makes a coward go floating. I don't give up. I must and will strive to move on living. Not just for me but for the ones that I REALLY LOVE, my sisters.

This really bites and there is no way for me to stop sharing this because it is in this way that I find it profitable for me to be at peace.

I find the right freedom. The freedom to lose weight.

I am more particular of my health as well as my body figure. Before, I weight at about 160 pounds and now I weigh 110 pounds. I am losing weight for about a week now. Thanks to Shapely Secrets for making me sexy and healthy. It gives me the freedom to lose weight.

Eventhough how busy I am at work, I am able to tone in shape with this Shapely Secrets which it shows some of the various kinds of exercises that help get my body into a perfect shape.

Furthermore, what is good about Shapely Secrets is that aside from teaching us with the right stunts to tone our body into shape, it also introduces some good, healthy food that we need to eat as we are toning down to shape. They are of less calories and carbo (carbohydrates).

The complete set of Shapely Secrets really gives me the right freedom to lose weight.

I help my friend who has to do a lot of paper works to do. I do research and read some of its related books.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I was diagnosed of having Astigmatism, an optical defect in which my vision is blurred due to the inability of the optics of my eye to focus a point object into a sharp focused image on the retina since I was a kid and since then, I was advised by my doctor to wear prescription eyeglasses.

In fact, I wear these eyeglasses. They are very affordable, of high quality and stylish. I love wearing these eyeglasses.

There are some like these with various styles and color to choose from. $8 Rx eyeglasses come with the right time for me. My favorite high fashion eyeglasses keep me doing things I love to do in spite I had astigmatism. This aids me to work well everyday. These eyeglasses keeps me going!

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I bought a new string for my guitar because it has been too old. It is not producing better sounds.

I love music. I love singing and I love to play the guitar as well.

I remember when I was a kid that my mother always want me to join the singing contest. She teaches me how to sing and how to put into heart what I am singing. She supports me in my singing career. My love of singing brought me to the world of using an instrument. And that is I play the guitar.

At first, it was so hard for me to place my hands forming what keys like D, Dm, C, F, A, etc. But through constant practice, I was able to do it. It is easy for me now.

Singing has been in my roots. Aside from writing and composting poems and anything, I love to compose songs as well.

I am very grateful for my MOTHER who teaches me everything about music. I remember the times that we shared great moments through my talent. Whenever I join for a contest, she is there as my number 1 fan. She applauds loudly. Her friends too cheered for me. I really love my mother and I am so proud for having her for us.

But she is gone. It has been 5 years now that she is not with us. She is in Heaven with the Lord.

I miss her deeply as much as I love her.

Monday, August 24, 2009


It is L-O-V-E that makes all the people from all walks of life alive. It is the reason why we try to give and take and to consider things even it takes much of our risk. It is the main reason that we strive to stand no matter how tough we fall. It is the reason why we work hard and still surviving to do our best for the happiness of the one we love. It is the reason why we always understand life. It is the reason that why until now we love eventhough how many times we are extremely hurt because of LOVE.

As most of us believe, we don't know the perfect reason why we love and keep on loving.

I have experience a heartache from loving much to the extent that I lose to see my importance and my worth because what I always look to is him. He is my friend in our organization. We both have common interests and we share each other's company. Until we build love and commit to love each other well.

It has been 5 months that we shared with much happiness about loving each other and keeping to work our relationship. We are so happy that I thought no one will ever come to broke it, until on the 6th month of our relationship, I discovered that her ex-girlfriend is already having his baby. She is pregnant and the father of the child she is having is him.

I trust my boyfriend for being so "honest" and "true" in front of me. But at the back, he is a BIG FAKE. It seems that I am against the world. I am very much upset, mad, extremely angry and I always cry. Eventhough, how much he defend himself, even how much I love him (more than myself), I don't have any choice but to let him go and face the reality that our love is just until here. JUST UNTIL HERE.

Maybe it was a mistake for letting him go but I think that is the most proper decision that I should do. I am on my way now of healing and I am gradually gaining back my strength with the help also of this book, The Woman Men Adore and Never Want to Leave. I read some of its articles that help me much to gain my emotional vigor and strength.

I am not ready to love again for now. I am healing but I never close my door to fall in-love at the right time.

It is because of L-O-V-E that I still want to love in spite from an extremely BIG downfall. It is because 0f L-O-V-E that I learn a lot from LIFE.

I encountered a problem in a website just this evening when I try to open my account with the correct password, it was not responding. I find ways to retrace my account but it was always an error. Maybe someone has been using my account without my knowing. Who would that be?

It is really frustrating because there are important information in my file. I hope that who that is, may he will have the conscience. Wrath on him.

I am really, really mad!

I have been here in the USA for 3 years now. The fact that I am far from my family in the Philippines makes me lonely. Communicating with them is really needed for me to check them out how they are doing. Eventhough, Internet, phone calls and text messages are some of the possible ways for me to correspond to them, I never disregard sending them mails also to express my heartfelt love and care for them through my written letters.

There was a time that I experienced back-to-sender mail when I tried to send them Christmas cards though postal delivery. I was sending it on a November and it reaches back to me at December of 21st. I was expecting to greet them "Merry Christmas!" through a letter on a December which those letters should supposed to reach them. I was so sad that the address that I have written had errors on the zip code. Instead of 8703, I have written 87003. That is of course, a big difference!

Address Verification is what I just need in order for me to check properly the address of the sender which I send those letters. I paid almost $200 for all of those and it end up unsent.

I realized I have to check the address verification in order for me not to waste too much money when I send letters next time.

That is why, I am more cautious now. Even if I send letters to my cousins and friends here in the USA, I will make sure that I have gone through address verification in verifying the address of my friends and cousins (if those where exact) so that it will not waste too much of my money.

This is a BIG lesson for me!

I have seen the Miss Universe 2009 that has been telecast of the ABS-CBN Television Network just this morning. It started with a dance presentation of the 80 plus candidates from around the world, introducing their countries with alphabetically with their desired customes.

It was a high lifting experience seeing the beauty of these elegant girls. After the presentation, the judges were being introduced. Then, the most awaited part comes with the proclamation of the 50 candidates who will fight for the title of Miss Universe 2009.

I was waiting for Miss Philippines to be on the list but as the second to the last call Miss USA, then followed by the last candidate (number 50). Unfortunately, Miss Philippines was not being called.

Of course, I was quite upset and I questioned, WHY...? WHY...? WHY...?

I know that Ms. Philippines has the beauty, the brain and the talent. She is brilliant. But no matter I want her to be included, I don't have the option instead to accept the truth.

Actually, I am very proud of her as she confidently and with humbleness stands to the crowd and represent the PHILIPPINES. Maybe for now, it was not her time. There are reasons for it.

I know that it is a lot of pressure to her but I understand the situation. It is not too easy to be there in front of the world with lots of beautiful competitors as well.

They are all winners. Furthermore, they all did their best.

It is not really that simple for anyone to represent a country and take the pride of its citizen to be proud. But there are reasons why this happen.

Still and will always be, I am proud of Ms. Philippines. There is no need for her to be worried because here in the Philippines, she is a BIG WINNER.

Friday, August 21, 2009

With the technological innovation and progress nowadays, people are jiving through this kind of instant, high-tech access. Just like this proposal that has been carried out by Department of Communities and Local Government on publicity for applicants to include web making publication mandatory for a period of 21 days to replace newspaper listing.

For me, this is a wise and practical way of planning notices may switch to web because it gives the company great savings from their budgets out from posting them to newspapers and it will be helpful for the people especially in the advertising firm to generate income in a most reliable and proficient way.

Furthermore, planning notices may switch to web is significantly beneficial because almost all the people from all walks of life use the modern innovation like the Internet computer system. And so this provides them with the instant access of learning and using the vital information.

It is a must that people will use the latest system of access today in respond to the growing technological advancement that has been set for this generation.

We are constantly scanning the world around us to try and understand how it works. From this, we can then forecast the future and consequently decide what is possible as a goal for anyone.

A goal or objective is a projected state of affairs that a person or a system plans or intends to achieve—a personal or organizational desired end-point in some sort of assumed development. Goal-setting ideally involves establishing specific, measurable and time-targeted objectives. The process of setting goals allows people to specify and then work towards their own objectives — most commonly financial or career-based goals. Goal-setting comprises a major component of Personal development. Managing goals can give returns in all areas of personal life. Knowing precisely what one wants to achieve makes clear what to concentrate and improve on, and often subconsciously prioritizes that goal. Goal setting and planning promotes long-term vision and short-term motivation. It focuses intention, desire, acquisition of knowledge, and helps to organize resources.

That is why, set yourself goals that are achievable, and beware of falling into the trap of lowering your sights because you do not believe in your own capabilities. Help others set goals which gets them to where they can be. Your view of their capabilities as presented to them will heavily influence their decisions as to whether they can achieve things. To get them to act differently from their longer-term goals, apply short-term pressure.

When I was a kid, I used to play a lot of toys from varied variations. I play toys with my playmates and my classmates in school. There are lots of fun while playing with them. My mother was not irresponsible for bringing us to the world of fun because she let us enjoy the things we wanted like playing with toys.

I can clearly remember until now that my neighbor's kids and I were playing a dollhouse and part of the play is that we consider roles of a mother, a sister and a baby. We used to imitate actions from our parent as well as from our sisters when they are preparing food. Thus, we use the complete set of dollhouse food.

It is really amazing because we try to imitate and show gestures just like the way our mom and sisters are preparing food on the table. The we show actions like we are trying to eat them and drink water with those exciting food stuff.

Indeed, I find it enjoyable, fun and interesting.

Now that I became older and a mother of three kids (all girls), I never deprive them from playing with toys as much as they want because it is beneficial to them as well as to their development. They are just kids and they are more to fun, games, playing toys and others. It is a part of their growth. In fact, I love seeing them grow in their own way through making gestures and actions that manifest their childish acts of fun and enjoyment.

I firmly believe that kids love to play. This approach is part of their development and progress. It has been noted that kids who play with the use of different colorful objects of toys are able to develop their motor and cognitive skills. In this way, they are imitating the role of the people around them. They are doing some task that help them enhance and understand the nature of their environment.

This is a solid evidence that children (like my cute three little girls) are ready to the world of personalizing roles and acting the way they perceive things through the use of their senses with the available toys that I provide them. This is a big help for them to be able to express themselves as well as to socialize with other people at their age.

Furthermore, children who loves to play are great achievers in life. They are ready to face the world with its numerous challenges. Being discipline, understanding, patience and participative are some of the good values and qualities that children learn through playing.

If you want your child to develop his skills physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally, these dollhouse miniature is the perfect site for you.

Nourish. Explore. Experience. These three are important for the growing years of your child.

Be the first to let them involve and feed their potentials!

Did Lady Gaga steal her look from Irish electro ice-maiden Roisin Murphy?

According to Murphy who told the Irish Central that Lady Gaga did copied her style. Pictures show via courtesy of Idolator, a solid evidence that supports what Murphy has said.

Who are this two anyway?

Róisín Marie Murphy born 5 July 1973 is an Irish singer-songwriter and music producer, known for her electronica style.

Murphy first came to note as part of the electronic music duo Moloko. Murphy was brought up in Arklow, County Wicklow, Republic of Ireland. When she was twelve, her family moved to Manchester in England. Murphy embraced 1960s fashions from going with her mother, an antique dealer, to car boot sales and charity shops. She concealed her singing voice, not wanting other people to know she "sounded like Elaine Paige" when she herself enjoyed listening to the likes of Sonic Youth and The Pixies instead.

On the other hand, Lady Gaga is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (born March 28, 1986, is an American recording artist. She began playing in clubs in the New York City area while also working at Interscope Records as a songwriter for several established acts, including Akon who, after hearing Gaga sing, convinced Interscope Records chairman Jimmy Iovine to sign her to a joint deal with the label and Akon's Kon Live Distribution label.

Musically, she is inspired by glam rockers such as David Bowie and Queen, as well as pop singers such as Michael Jackson and Madonna.

Whatever the controversy among them, they are still different.

What do kids want to play?

The kids furniture and garden hobbies are branded products of high quality items with the famous brand name LOHASRUS. The kids love to play with comfort by using the famous brand which is focus on safety of the kids, sustainability and innovation of the products.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

One of the main reason why relationship breaks is due to the sole fact that both people have no common interests.

It is through the sameness or similarity of both individual that they meet at a certain decision in whatever they do. They will surely find pleasures when they find what's important to their interests.

Do you want to improve your home?

A family home can be maintained to each facelift even it is already old and can be improved to modernize its facade and upgrade your home for whatever design you want.

There must be a periodic home inspection to be made and to see to it that your home is still in order. It is very important to have a Do It Yourself Home Inspection for the general check up of the entire house, to check all sections particularly the plumbing system if it is still functioning and the electrical system if it is still in good condition. It is much advisable to call for a licensed electrician to inspect the system which he can recommend for whatever finding he made.

One important section of the house that should always be maintained is the bathroom. A good Bathroom Design has a great deal for everyone. A feeling of full comfort for the bathroom that its painting should have a beautiful color and with tile flooring.

The licensed home inspector will give his general recommendation to improve one's home through Home Improvement Help that will generate a buzz. It is more important to improve and upgrade your home rather than to move.
Everything when moving is hassle.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I am a person who doesn't give up. I just keep silent always. I think well of what is proper and what is the best thing to do. I don't take with less options. I scrutinize things that it may be beneficial for me and my family as well.

Giving up is not my attitude. I live up with my standard. That standard that judges no one. I don't take chances on false belief and improper actions. I always make sure that what I do will lead me to its means and ends that are properly dwell in a place where I find relief, comfort, justice and rest. I don't compromise the happiness of my family with fake, unjustified actions. I always make sure that they are safe and okay for it is my PROMISE to my mother, that I will take care of them no matter what happens.

That is the legacy that determines me to try harder, work with patience and perseverance and keep believing that in every tunnel, there's always light.

I have been scared and have lots of those but losing is not my pride.

Practice makes perfect through realistic application.

Taking the chance to take the test whether it be a GRE Test, GMAT Exam or Patent Bar requires the need to be prepared and have the proper mind set are readiness with the aid of helpful CATPrep Testing Software.

As we all know, GRE Test or known as Graduate Record Examination Test is a commercially run standardized test that is an admission requirement for many graduate schools here in the US. The exam is primarily focused on testing abstract thinking skills in the areas of mathematics, vocabulary, and analytical writing. The GRE is typically a computer-based exam that is administered by select qualified testing centers.

On the other hand, GMAT Exam or known as Graduate Management Admission Test is a computer adaptive standardized test in mathematics and the English language for measuring aptitude to succeed academically in graduate business studies. Business schools commonly use the test as one of many selection criteria for admission into an MBA program. It is delivered via computer at various locations around the world. The exam measures verbal, mathematical and analytical writing skills that the examiner has developed over a long period of time in his/her education and work.

Furthermore, in order to be registered as a patent agent or patent attorney in the US, one must pass the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) registration examination, officially called the Examination for Registration to Practice in Patent Cases Before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

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If you care to successfully pass in any of the examinations above, you must tone yourself with proper preparations that will readily make you and your FUTURE matters.

Be ready and have all the needed preparation by using CATPrep Testing Software.

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I have subscribed through one of the sites that offers freelance writing. I fill in their forms. Upon accomplishing the form, the last step of the registration process is to download your CV. It was my first time encountering such acronym, CV. What does it mean? I have lots of guessing thoughts for its meaning. CV for Citation Verification, CV as Card Verification, CV as Catalogue Verification. I admit that I was so ignorant in those times.

I decided to have a chat with the company where I registered and happily, I was enlightened. CV is Curriculum Vitae. What does it mean?

A Curriculum Vitae is another term for résumé. It is a document that contains a summary of relevant job experience and education. The résumé is typically the first item that a potential employer encounters regarding the job seeker and is typically used to screen applicants, often followed by an interview, when seeking employment. The resume is comparable to, but substantially differs from, a CV.

Now that I have learn something very essential. I successfully log in and send my CV for the company to verify and for me to start my freelance job.

Thanks for the wisdom to learn and the courage to take wisdom.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Alone, lonely and feeling helpless?

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"Coins always make sound but paper money are always silent. Therefore, when your value increases, keep yourself silent and humble."

Some people find peace when they already achieve what they really wanted in life. Such wantings from having a luxurious home, big business, exotic cars, good health, proper dispositions in life and a happy family centered in God as well. I think this is the main goal why people always dream and work so hard.

In another case also, people are also a nagger when he has few in life. Such scenario can be seen if he has no home yet, no cars, with just a small business, lots of kids to raise to, no better jobs and unhealthy family lifestyle. While he is always battling to survive from the grievous economy, of course, opportunity knocks. This great avenue may bring him into success and fortunes. But does he keep his silent when he attain his means?

We can't deny the fact that everyone in this world really wants "happiness" in living. Such happiness that are best attain when having and meeting with all the material things and basic necessity for us to live. But the way we do, keep our feet on the ground or shouting to the world about how rich we become is a matter of personal instinct.

Therefore, we can't escape from this reality that we talk too much if we have less and we keep silent if we have some and we attain them.

Which of the two you are with? Ponder on this.

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Subic Bay

One of the beautiful place that Philippines is proud of is Subic Bay. It is located in Zambales, Philippines. Its shores were formerly the site of a major United States Navy facility named U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay which is now the location of an industrial and commercial area known as the Subic Bay Freeport Zone under the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority. Also in the bay are Grande Island, once home to Fort Wint, and was later turned into a rest and recreation island for the U.S. Seventh Fleet.

Subic Bay is considered as the second home of the Americans in the Philippines.

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It rains hard. It feels so cold. I just remember the old usual days. I used to play under the rain. But not now, I am older now. Hehehehe.....!

Monday, August 17, 2009

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"As much as you want to plan your life, God has a way of surprising you with unexpected things that will make you happier than what you originally planned."

In life, we want to attain things that would make us happy. Wealth, elegant mansions or homes, cars, numerous businesses and others top the list of person's desire in order to gain security and happiness. But are all these things make a person satisfied and in great happiness?

Let us take a look about the precious gift this Earth could ever have. LIFE.

It is inevitable that people from all walks of life regarding LIFE with pleasures and "material" happiness. They find that through the attainment of such "wealth" (as what they supposed to think...) is the end and means of their lives. People always feel that the attainment of truer happiness in this world can be best attain with all these material possessions.

That is why, people never miss in line to work hard and much harder in order to live in the world of "paradise". A world with superficial happiness.

No matter what we plan with our life. If we plan to be the wealthiest person we wanted to be and be the manager of numerous businesses, no matter what we want (with no greed and selfish acts), those things comes in the right time.

We never hold the path of our life. We can't say that we will be like this and have like that. IT ALL COMES IN THE RIGHT TIME. And that time is in God's time.

What should we do then?

We should ride with the flow of our life, unchained it with too much imaginations and daydreaming fanfare fantasies. It doesn't mean that we should not dream. It further doesn't mean that we should not find ways to work things out.

We work, we do , we dream, we try but whatever the consequence that lead us to its purpose, then that is the sole point that we should understand and learn from LIFE.

The only bottom point that things may happen as not we planned and no matter we plan, it was not a realization or it is a realization in any means, it is because that we are not the HOLDER, the MOULDER and the MASTER of our live. All starts, planned and ends in God.

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BER is near and what does it means? Christmas is approaching. No wonder that the weather is getting so much colder as December is coming. Here I am just sitting on a chair, surfing the Internet, feeling cold and almost trembling to death... I am so excited that BER is near. Next month is September and 3 months after September, my favorite month... DECEMBER! Yahoo! Hurray.....!!!!!!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Proper Advice

You cannot teach people anything. You can only help them discover it within themselves. - Galileo -

This quotation is really true. When a person seek advice to other person, it is a must not to suggest on what should the other person do. Counseling is not more on giving ways to do instead it is a matter of letting the person think on some possibilities for him to think it over and work it out.

Just like for example in this situation:

Person A is asking help to Person B about what should the better course he should take in college.

Person A would probably say:

I have a problem. I am confuse on what should I get from college. What is the course that I will take? My parents wanted me to be a nurse but I don't want to because I can't be able to reach its standard. I don't have the proper memory and I know nursing takes a lot of memorization, remembering those medical terms and terminologies. I want to be a teacher but the problem is when I graduate, do I find a better job with high salary? My sister wanted me to become a computer programming engineer because I will get high salaries from a company and it is the most high tech course now because all of the systems now take the use of a computer. What should I really get in college?

With the long manifestations of Person A, Person B will just say:

What do you really want in college?
Gather the advantages and disadvantages from all of those courses that was mention and if one finds lots of advantages, then go for it. Remember, it is you who would decide after all because you are the one who is taking the risk in school and not them.

So this is the proper way of giving advice to someone. Do not gamble and waste your time giving options that would of course, make the other person (ex. Person A) not to follow them. It is best that you will serve as a guide to them, not as the holder of their lives and plans.

In this way, Person A will then clearly decide on what is proper and the best for him.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm sure u r fmiliar w/ da wy pipol do txtng n sum od mnners.

I had a bad experience when I recieved a text from a friend just recently that says:

hw r u? I hpe dat u r ok. I hve recevd ur nvttion bt i wil nt go. Jke! LOL!

I don't know if I am going to get mad or to be happy of what she texted me because I am pleasantly inviting her with my great will and honor to have her on my birthday celebration. The one that pressures me a lot is the term LOL!

I had a hard time understanding and decoding the meaning of the text (LOL!) because I admit, that it was my first time encountering such word. I don't know if that is just a make-face expression or something.

I told my other closed friend about this text and I eagerly asked the meaning of LOL!

I was really in the state of "Laughing out loud!" when I knew that it was not a big deal after all. It is just a laugh! Ha...! Ha...! Ha...!

It was that day that I found myself ignorant. Ha...! Ha...! Ha...! LOL!

For you out there, not to be embarrass of the texting mania terminologies, I will share some. Here are those:

*LOL! .............. Laughing out loud
•UG2BK . . . . . . . You got to be kidding
•GBTW. . . . . . . . Get back to work
•NMP . . . . . . . . . Not my problem
•PIR . . . . . . . . . . Parent in room
•GFTD. . . . . . . . . Gone for the day
•FYEO. . . . . . . . . For your eyes only
•BI5 . . . . . . . . . . Back in five minutes
•DEGT . . . . . . . . Don’t even go there
•BIL . . . . . Boss is listening
•PAW. . . . Parents are watching
•99 . . . . . . Parents are no longer watching
•PCM . . . . Please call me
•IMS. . . . . I am sorry
•TOY. . . . . Thinking of you
•KUTGW. . Keep up the good work
•CID . . . . . Consider it done
•FWIW. . . For what it’s worth
•HAND . . . Have a nice day
•IAT . . . . . I am tired
•NRN . . . . No response necessary
•4COL. . . . For crying out loud
•WRUD. . . What are you doing
•LMIRL. . . Let’s meet in real life
•^5 . . . . . . High five

Enjoy texting!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Pets are man's best friend. Just like human beings, pets need to be loved and cared for. They are part of our family. No matter how old they get or grow, they are said to be the babies in our family. Therefore, they should be treated like babies also.

Let our pet roam around the house, provide them with their comfortable bedding area with blanket and pillow, keep them indoors, cleaning their food areas, picking after their poop, giving them natural alternative medication for fleas, ticks and other pet problems, taking them to take a bath, dress them, trim them and let them see a veterinarian if they are not in good health are some of the ways that we can show the love and concern for our pet. It doesn't need anyone to be a pet lover in order to give that kind of care and protection for our pets. Everyone in the society as well as in the community has the ultimate responsibility of taking care of the pets.

There are also some things that pets share beneficial and therapeutic part to us.

Pets encourage social contact between people. Studies show that people with animals are actually viewed by others as being nicer, better people.

Pets comfort us. When a member of the family needs more attention, pets are particularly sensitive to human behaviors and often even anticipate it. They are incredibly observant of the most minor, nonverbal behaviors.

Pets provide us with much companionship. Our pets are always there for us and they are great listeners. They never judge us. In fact, they continue loving us in spite of our mistakes and flaws. They get the stress that we feel from the outside world. Just like when we go home after a hard days work, our pets welcome us in the entrance, waggling it tail, hop and even make a move to play with us. These of course, ease the stress we get from too much work and of having some problems.

Pets are like security guards. They never let strangers come into our house to harm each family members. Oftentimes, when they see unfamiliar faces, a visitor of the family or a friend, their initial reaction is to give a loud bark. This signify that they take active consciousness of what is going on in the family's vicinity.

Pets are beneficial to us in our healing process. People experience benefits from the visitation of animals when they are ill or in a recovery situation. Even looking at pictures of the sweet loving faces of pets can be calming.

That is why, the American Animal Care Center provides the need of care and love of our pets through providing them with services in solving pets' problem in health and others.

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Each of them is Jesus in disguise.
-Mother Theresa

In the beginning, God created us in His image and likeness. We are his chosen people to be the steward over all His creations. Because of sin, we are condemned to suffer ferocious death and endless sufferings. But due to His great love and mercy for us, He laid His life to free us from sins.

It is LOVE that runs the blood in our body. It is LOVE that wipes the tears in our faces. It is LOVE who heals the scar of our wounds. It is LOVE who reaches a hand when we are in suffering and it is LOVE that we suffer so much pain. But what is the truth behind man? Why man still sin?

Man in nature is rational. He thinks in accordance to his virtue and beliefs. He is endowed with great sense of humor and BIGGER minds to react to things in a manner he might or will think its best.

Man is ambitious. He explores and sees the world with all the pleasures of materials and superficial things around him. He sees life with lust and fake happiness. He wears the mask of make believe and the fancy truth of his imperfection. He selfishly nourishes his soul with money, cars, houses, wealth, power, lust and pride. He armours his arms with force and greed.

Man is radical. He is the fundamental icon of power and violence. In his arms, he can bring triumph to disaster. He can make rich people more richer and poor people more poorer. He can cause lots of painstaking lives and shattered tomorrows. He can drive people away from truth and justice. He can cause turmoil, plague, earthquake, typhoons and even death to family and friends. He can make lives for others in pain and misery.

Man is imperfect. He is imperfect to do better things for himself and others. He relies on others opinions and gather unpredictable facts that can ruin the lives of many. He is pretending to be the winner in all the challenges. He hides in his skin when wrath brings him to intense and sudden death. He forces others to please and follow his wicked ways and turn to sins. He has the freewill to do things, not minding if he hurts other people's lives.

Man is self-centered. He sees things for himself and what makes him pleasurable. He presents himself as the center of attraction from violence and injustices. He seeks refuge to those who extend help to him and those who never leaves his side even in cruelty and foolishness. He is egocentric. He wants things to be fast and having it without paying much sweat.

All the most grievous things that man do, he is always present. He is never absent in doing all the wickedness everyday. He is who he thinks he is. He is somebody in this world.

Though MAN is like these, there is still Jesus in the inside. A heart that forgives and heals the wounds of the broken patches. A hands that still reaches to save others from despair and misfortunes. An eyes that could see and tell the truth. An ears that judges no one and hears only what is pleasant. A mouth that tells reality and utter justice. A body that serve only Jesus. A soul that submits to His Holiness.

Though man is not perfect, but the great calling of man comes from this:


And again...It is all because of HIS GREAT LOVE that He saves us from sin.

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Everyday, people live their lives according on how they muster the courage to survive. Some busily work hard to attain their dreams, to reach success and succumb to failures and to despair. Others are striving in order to live life with full endurance amidst adversities and afflictions. Few just wait in line for "favorable" or "prosperous" possibility or probability for luck to land. Many still look with outward appearance in spite of the impudence of life's battle field. But what is the point of living while after all life is just transitory?

I remember the times when my mother is battling everyday from a cancer, Myoma, a benign tumor of muscular tissue. Everyday, every hour, every second, every minute counts. Her suffering from pain lasted for months that we could do nothing about it but to accept the undeniable fact that she is gradually lacking strength. It is painful for us seeing her suffer more and even more. It crumbles us in pain. All we could do is to pray and say our prayers. If only I could replace and save my mother from extreme agony of pain, I prefer it to have pass in me. But there is no other way, no other person, except her.

I admit that I come to the point of blaming God, questioning Him. "Why...?, Why...?, Why...?" Those times I was in the state of tremendous anger to Him. I know that those times, I am not ready to face the consequence of letting everything go, letting Mama go. I felt like He never listens me. He never hears me. He never see what our family and my mother have gone through. I hate Him at those times. I know that it is so ridiculous for acting so strange with anger and hate but that is the main feeling that tops my heart and my mind. I don't know what to do. I want to die and kill myself. I'm totally dying from ultimate pain.

There is no other way for denial to give way in my heart and my spirit but to accept the torturing and arduous fact that from that day forth, SHE WILL BE GONE.

I give smile to her. I tell her that everything will be okay. I give her a massage in the hand, holding her tight and sing her songs to at least I could alleviate the feeling of pain out from what she is suffering to. But again and again, over and over again, I know she will be gone.

It is so hard to accept and to know that the one I really love and I truly love will soon die in a moment or a day to. It's hard. I can't describe the feeling of making a consciously artificial show that she will look well and will be okay. The pain is excruciating me. I am the one suffering more and more though I never want to see her I'm in anguish of extreme pain.

Now that my beloved mother is gone, I realize lots of things. New beginning, a new chapter for us our family that is full of happiness and giving-and-taking with each other. We take good care of ourselves and our family as well. There is LIGHT after total darkness. We face life and throdling it with all our strength and vigor that we have learn from our GREAT, LOVING, SUPPORTIVE and HARDWORKING MOTHER that no precious gold or gem nor wealth could ever replace her.

This time, I have known God, my Saviour, our Saviour more and more. I now understand life and face it with brave and good heart. I take with full responsibility of being the ate(eldest sister), kuya(eldest brother), mother and father to my 3 sisters. I promise to them that I will never leave them. It is a PROMISE for a lifetime, even until I die.

Now with much pride and great gratitude, I thank God for giving Teresa Rasonabe Abucay, my beautiful and wondrous Mother to be the MOTHER for us 4 and a husband to my father, Teofilo. She is a woman with great courage and love. No one could ever replace her in our hearts. She will always BE REMEMBERED.

Now that she is in Heaven together with the Lord, we find peace and we are happy to know that she is also with us in good and better times. Missing her is always a feeling here in our hearts but letting her go is the feeling that we accept now and that we are ready to stand in our own and to tell the world that we are the PRODUCT of our GREAT and LOVING MOTHER.

We love you Mama Teresa!

Life is just passing here on Earth. We never know when will our life's story end. It is not our choosing to terminate the breathe of our life, it is HIS. Though it's a hard feeling to loss someone in the family but TIME promises its healing.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I love traveling to places and my Chevrolet car is a great help for me to reach my destinations. I can drive with confidence and with great happiness. It made driving for me such a pleasure.

But there were times that my car will not start and it made my day bad. Probably, the car parts are destroyed.

It is so hard to look for a taxi, a cab or a bus for me to reach my destinations. It wastes my precious time and pollution, I hate it. Dust, smoke and heat are unavoidable when I take a ride, not being able to use my car. That is indeed disgusting!

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A lonely day.

It has been a lonely day today. Less vehicles passing through the streets. The people are inside their homes as they watch ABS-CBN Live Telecast of the burial of the respected and well-known personality who fought for democracy in the Philippines, Mrs. Corazon C. Aquino.

We grief to her loss. All we need is acceptance of the truth that she is no longer with us.

We will miss her!

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The road to success is far and wide. There are many uncertainties and pains that one will experience and taking the risk of facing it is a MUST to do.

Life doesn't promise us with a life full of comforts and never-ending happiness. Of course, problems arise every now and then in deep, deeper and deepest degree. There is no such thing as impossibles in spite of the crucial and tragic situation that the world faces everyday. It is the struggle to survive. It is a matter of faith and not of just mere words without "bread".

Life shares and displays a lot of things that are wonderful and beautiful and it is through FAITH that life will transform into a BIG POSSIBILITY.

Acai Berry

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Every day is a new pages and chapter of our lives. It is a book that has been recorded in time. Just like a book with its pages from 1 and so on... Life takes the beginning and it will close to end.

Today is the last day which we take the last glimpse of Mrs. Cory C. Aquino, the President who fight and restore justice and democracy for the Filipino in the Philippines. It has been those past years, 1983 and 1986, that History marks the uprising of the quest of fighting the truth and justice for the freedom of each Filipino people. Now, the great triumph of being a free country is forever an emblem of in each Filipino's heart that will never be forgotten even through generations.

Now, the day sets for Mrs. Cory C. Aquino to be with the Lord in Paradise.

For us Filipinos, we are so thankful for her for bringing in our country the peace, justice, and democracy that each Filipino dream of. We owe a lot from her. Her presence is the legacy that mark in the hearts of every Filipino to fight and further fight for justice.

We all wish that may her soul will rest in peace. Thank you and goodbye!

I love watching movies with different themes whether it's a comedy, adventure, love, heroism, hatred, suspense, drama, action but not horror movies. I admit that I am scared to see horror movies. But this doesn't mean that I don't have the nerves to see them, it is just, I don't like it.

What good thing I get out from watching movies is the realistic feeling of empathy. I am sensitive and feeling-absorber person. Whenever I saw movies that is emotional and deep, I feel the feelings of every character. This helps me to fully understand life and to be aware of things that I deal with other people if this will be pleasing enough for them or not. In other words, I adjust to the attitude of various people that I know and I encountered with.

The vibrant reactions on every faces, the stare and the looks of each character, the movements and the voice make me conscious that there are things in real life that I should be aware of and take active considerations to. Frankly speaking, watching movies make me what I am now in terms of how I consciously react to things and understand everything that goes on with my life and other people's lives. That is why, I am very happy that watching movies for me can be made possible through Watch Free Movies online. I don't have to pay much installation bill from cable companies if I prefer to subscribe to their services because I have at hand, fast and easy access of bringing movies within me through using my laptop. With just a click, I can directly see some of the movies I want to watch. Moreover, I can be able to watch the favorite part of the movie all over again. Using Watch Free Movies online updates me on what's the latest of today's movie line. It is not a hazard and this help me save money out from paying too expensive entrance fee in theaters.

Watching movies is such a pleasure for me as I have Watch Free Movies!

Today, I don't know how could I express my deepest gratitude to God for blessing me with good things and plenty. Being in the 45th rank of Teachers who are applying in the public school is like passing the Teachers Licensure Examination. It is such an honor for me. A lot of teachers tried their very best just like what I did. Luckily, it is God's will. This is the wonderful gift that I have received this year. I hope that the Lord will help me to really be in the public school because passing is just the one of the step of the big opportunity of getting the chance to really teach in the public school. I will do my part. I hope that the Lord will let me in.

I really love teaching and I consider it as my vocation. I hope that the Lord will give me the opportunity to let me teach in the public school. I will do my best and I know the Lord is at my side always.

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I have applied for a position in the public school as an Elementary Teacher last March of this year. I have gone through lots of process upon completing the requirements and I have given my best in the demonstration, panel interview, examination - English Proficiency and Computer Exam. The process is quite hard. I had experienced how tough it is. There were about 90 teachers who applied in our place.

Just this day, I received the GOOD NEWS from a friend who have gone just this morning at the office and told me that out from 1000 plus of Teachers who applied in the public school, I am at rank 45. This I didn't expect a lot. All I did is I showed my best and I pray.

I am very thankful to God for this blessings. This is just the beginning of my triumph. I will work hard for it and I am making it now.

Thank you very much, Lord!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Are you familiar of blogging? Do you want to post some of your personal views, commentaries, daily views on events and issues? Do you want to earn extra income out from blogging? How should one start to begin posting blogs? What is blog anyway?

A Blog is is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Others function as more personal online diaries. A blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, Web pages, and other media related to its topic.

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

"God never created a trial that's bigger for anyone to handle. He created trials for us to realize that nothing is BIGGER than God."

In life, there are many external and internal forces that weaken our faith and trust in God. What is the purpose why we are here on Earth and why we come to exist? What is the purpose of our existence?

Most of us when we suffer extreme hardships that we feel there are no options to survive and there are no ways to find better solutions to problems, we then said, "I would be happy if I was not born here on Earth."

We can't inevitably make things and escape things to happen because those are already written even in times when we are still in our mother's womb. We exist with great purpose. Our existence is the measure of His unending love for us.

Just take a look. There are many people around the world that are unfortunate to spend life with happiness and there we are, experiencing the bliss of a happy living. There are those who have no homes but still determined to survive. Others and many of them are being neglected, cast away, mocked, extremely hurt, maltreated and were judged, but still they stand dignified.

There are those that are battling to face life with serious illnesses and sudden deaths but still they are hopeful that one day, life for them will be full of new beginnings and success.

So why are people oftentimes complaining? Were in fact, there are those who suffer more than what they are experiencing now.

What would they want life to be? Life with "sit and eat" habit? with expensive house, numerous cars and great sofas...? life with pleasures and lusts...?

If these are the case may be, then, it is even worst for them to attain the true meaning of their existence. Remember, we are here with BIG, BIGGER and BIGGEST PURPOSE.

There is ONE TRUE LEGACY and the best assurance that God leaves us. It is the spirit that we should not worry because He promise us that He will not give us trials that are bigger for us to handle.

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