Saturday, June 29, 2013

Last Friday, my teacher in Related Learning Experience 20 discussed to us about Comfort Measure (Non-pharmacologic) or Traditional/Alternative Medicine and there is the part that she discusses about prayer, faith and spirituality prolong life of persons to live here on Earth.

Been struck about the statement, I recalled thinking about my grandmother who is already 93 years old now that indeed, this statement is a "fact".

My grandmother is so religious. Almost everyday, she goes to church to pray. She even goes with her group of friends. They call themselves, "Couples for Christ". They do conduct house-to-house prayer meetings, etc. Even though she can't walk fast, she still takes the steps to pray in the church and even go there everyday.

Every morning, she used to say her "Novena" prayer before she goes to church. She is a Roman Catholic just like me. Her religiosity keeps her the faith to stay alive even longer. I can see that to my grandmother. Her faith is immeasurable that she almost pray everyday. She is positive on things that no matter she is old, still she holds on to life in spite of her condition.

In prayer, there is faith. In faith, there is always that positive feeling of self-worth and hope that no matter what happens, everything is going to be fine. It is because of her prayers to God that my grandmother boost to happily live even though she is old right now.

I used to see her worry-free. She can afford to smile. She can even tell stories of her past which I find interesting. She can give us morals and even try to follow-up us regarding school.

The positive aura and mood of my grandmother lifts us that in spite how uncertainties trigger life, still there is a hope for us to move and stand living.

My grandmother's spirituality leads her to see life and deal with it with no grudges and pains. And I want to be like that especially when I am at my peak. Though, I am not that religious as her, I do pray on my own everyday, but I have learned that keeping the faith to Christ is always what makes a happy life defines to rule within. In prayer, fears, depressions, anxieties and even worries will be all washed out. What shines is the feeling of contentment, hope, happiness and perseverance that in spite how the world trembles to rattle in wrong situations and unexpected approaches, still the kind of deep faith in God maneuver to give us the determination to attack life light and with hope.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Attitudes vary from person to persons. The way I deal with people makes me treat them the way I want them to be treated, but being compulsive, I do not.

Due to the fact that being a leader takes much effort for me to be the best at all sorts of things. I want that best to bring to my group and to the individuals who do I encounter. Oftentimes, I do admit that bringing the best in a person or in any situation that involves the participation of the other people would make me label to them as being "perfectionist".

To be the best is not in a manner of excessive perfectionism. I have recognized me that my friends would label me as such because I am always making that "best" be in the top priority and to be able for us to attain the kind of best that I want in a group, probably, it intimidates them.

I do admit that I am compulsively demanding for the best. Other than the meaning of compulsive afar from the best, then, that is not what I am.

Being a leader always makes me able to think quick and instill the decision-making at the level of high. Others may find me too compulsive that in a way that I am in the point of telling them that the manner of doing it is like this, which, I do believe they are not in par of what I am suggesting them to do.

It is so hard to live in a world that being the best of me doing things and telling them is the reason for others to create their minds of me being compulsive. It just boils down to one reality that in this world, everything is not what it seems to be.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Discovering myself that I can do more than what I usually know is a kind of self-worth that formulates to define the real me. My mirror would always say that indeed I am useful. 

Before, I used to be shy, timid, passive and fearful in daily approaches of living. It seems like that my friend and my only best friend is myself and no one else. But that friend that I consider in myself is a shyful one. 

Time changed as I am also changed, from being shy to super active, right now. That is what I have discovered in myself. 

Before, I used to be so fearful that when situation calls for immediate action regarding showing one's talents and potential, I was like the most frightful person in the world. I don't do things the way others really do, with their guts on. 

It was then that I have realized that I don't really want to be impotent and stagnant of myself being passive all the time. I said to myself that I need to overcome my fears and start building and defining myself everyday. The zest of self-worth in me gradually forms. I have wonderful friends who would always encourage me not just to sit in the corner,but rather to do something about life, to get involved and be involved. 

I always be with them. I take the chance to discover myself in them who always encourage me that I need to bring out the best in me at all times. We present dance presentation in huge crowds. We sing live songs and put that music on while people are jamming with us. We take seriousness in all matters of school works and community activities. We involve ourselves and our lives revolve around the wider scope of our wants. 

Now, reflecting to go back, I am so thankful that my friends saved me from being timid to active. My friends encourage me that there is always ways and quitting is not a fad. My friends taps me all the time that there is no room for sadness. Life is wonderfully crafted and mixed. 

What I do always remember is that, "I don't care what the people might say or will say, life must go on. It is my thing that matter most." With that, I was able to find and define myself.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

From the discussion that my Instructor in Maternal and Child Care taught us with the topic of the Male and Female Reproductive System yesterday, there is one realization that I have learned - How cells, sperm and ova, when they met and fertilized turn out to be a one single human cell that ignites the beginning of the story of life. This makes me realized that life is indeed so wonderfully planned by God.

If I am to go through basing the root existence of the presence of sperm and ova, and if I am to go deeper on my findings on where they are really coming from, it all boils me up to the point that God is so amazing in His creation because such sperm and ova as they unite and fertilized turns life.

How majestic is God's power is that in many and any ways, He finds all things at its proper planning and place.

Every man exists on his time. The moment sperm and ova are fertilized in the mother's womb and life forms for this fetus to fully develop inside the mother, then, that fetus exists in his time. It would not be yesterday nor tomorrow, but today, at this very moment.

The elements present in the sperm and ova exist when we base it scientifically in the sustainable forces of the hormones and the blood vessels together with the fluid present and there is the factor of preservation in order not to trigger the developing human cell into a fetus. All these elements that compose a fetus comes in the power of God. There is that Being who makes everything in the process of the existence and developing of the fetus that would cater to explain the power that God has bestowed for each and everyone of us.

Life is so mysterious, but out from life's "mysteriousity", I know everything is in God and only God knows everything. We can not fathom it.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Frankly, I am so excited to visit the community and have activities for them. I would like to take part in helping them soon.

Community works are indeed exiting. It has been a long time now that I wasn't able to reach out in the community because of school. I am sure that once I go there, I would be able to understand more about life and their living. Then, it would always let be reminded that being with people are the best and important things in life.

It is a nourishing experience that my numbers of friends will be stretched this time. I will then be able to get closer with the different kinds of lifestyle people do have in the community. That is what I love to discover.

I love to have a duty in the community and I am excited of it!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sometimes or shall I say oftentimes, I feel like I am not free. It is not because that I don't want to do what I really want to do or I don't want to say what is on my mind regarding something. It is because understanding is so powerful in me. It has huge room in my personality. It boils me down, thinking that if I say what I really want to say to others and they might get hurt if I tell them, then, I would probably hurt them so much.

It has been always in me that instead of me telling them what is on my mind, before words will come out of my mouth, I will always think over and over again, "does/do this/these word/s would bring chaos to them?". I go back, tracing what cause their reaction. I go through details of why are they reacting that way and how would I deal with the situation.

It is always in me that I impede from telling what I really feel, if I get tired or not about the situation because I do pretty understand that people reacted in many ways are based on how they view life in their own perspective and going through understanding them is the best way for me to attack the situation.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


School is fun. There are challenges that I find in schooling. Some of those challenges are ups and there are others that downs me. But school is life. It can not be perfect.

I was enrolled yesterday. I am now in my 2nd year as a Nursing student. I would say, my First year is a hectic. I got lots of things to do. I performed demonstrations on different procedures, doing countless assignments and projects, studying more for the quizzes and exams (not covered and covered), etc. Those days were also the tough days for  me. My eyes strained at those time. I never rest my eyes for many times due to the kind life that I have, studying, reading, studying, reading, etc.  I was like a "zombie", waking up with shaky minds. I lack sleep and rest.

Now, I would love to discover what my second year would offer me. Of course, if my first year is worst, probably, I would expect that my 2nd year would be "overly" worst. As I always conditioned myself of expecting the worst and hope for the best, that would probably always the highlight of my schooling years now that I am going to enter my 2nd year as well.

School offers the kind of stimulant that pressurizes or set the tones of our moods. School is indeed life. Arleen

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

People are putting its head with the Pacers vs Miami Heat and the whole world is watching the game.

My sister's bet is Pacers. My friends gambled for Pacers. My neighbors cheered for Pacers. And I am with them, but what went wrong? 99-76? The world world is shattered with the result. This does mean that Pacers are that weak to combat and doesn't have super-strong force to fight with the opponent? The results shocked everyone and it is devastating.

Well, what I have realized out from this game is that, not all the time winnings are for those who are famous and highly-recognized. "Give chance to the others", I suppose would also a big consideration especially in the sport as this.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The morning pats me to wake up. The winds drift its sting of fresh air into my whole body. I can feel its sweet caress. The sun is about to rise. My story begins.

I washed my face. I have eaten my breakfast, brushed my teeth and then here I am again, sitting in my favorite, small chair, leaning on the table and write, write, write.

This morning entitled me to write even more. There are some things that I want to say. Ideas, one by one comes in my mind and I am so excited to write them down.

My world revolves in writing. This is my life and it is inseparable in me. It is like, it runs in my blood. Now, I read them.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

It is the determination, the kind of pursuance that one has to endure when you want to shape up.

To shape up needs a lot of time and effort. There is no constant change of one's body if you are not exerting hard labor to work for it. As the saying goes, "No pain, no gain". Indeed, it is true.

Shaping up is not about just mere thinking and illusioning about beautiful body shapes of men and women and dropping to appreciate them as, "Wow, I was like them when I was in my teenage years." Now, you are in a dilemma. It is your time to work it out. Shape up needs "I" and not "we".

It takes hard work in order to gain good body shapes and a healthier you. Shaping up is not just for other's benefits. It is for your own good. It is for your own benefit. In the end, who will take the price? It is not them. It is YOU!