Sunday, January 31, 2010

For years, historians have postulated that Leonardo da Vinci was really painting a self portrait when he created the Mona Lisa. But according to a very popular article from Yahoo News, the scientists believe that if the skull is intact, they could, in theory, compare it to the face of the Mona Lisa by creating "a virtual and then physical reconstruction of Leonardo's face."

Until now, a group of scientist are seeking permission to dig up the remains of Mr. da Vinci "to conduct carbon and DNA testing" in order to prove that if da Vinci is a portrait of Mona Lisa's face, reinventing to look like a girl.

Speculations, research and wide study of Leonardo da Vinci are left hanging - Does Mona Lisa a man?

Friday, January 29, 2010

According to Parent's magazine (December 2008; p.154), what may seem silly to adults is legitimately scary to children. Don't brush off his anxiety. Your child needs you to comfort and reassure him that everything's okay, no matter how absurd the fear seems to you.

Toddlers don't respond to logic or long explanations when they're frightened. Instead, use short, simple phrases he understands in a tone of voice that mirrors his distress. For example. point to the dog and say, "No, dog! Go away!"

When kids are sick, tired or feeling out of sorts, they may get upset in situations that normally wouldn't affect them. If you're going to introduce your child to a new person or experience, do it when he's not cranky, like after lunch or his nap.

This important fear-remedy will help children not to be scared and brush away those fear or anxiety. Little by little, it will help them build confidence.

How lucky that we are invited to my friend's wedding day this June 28, 2010. Yesterday, she went home, giving ahead their wedding invitations for me and my husband. Actually, Cristine planned last year of October that she will settle down to her husband, Robert Waldore who is living at Austin, Texas. That is why, the news is not new to me. In fact, Cristine plans ahead of time the various things that she needs to prepare for their wedding. She is actually so busy this day. She can't cope with dealing with various stuff and so, I initiatively help her.

Actually, all of us, her Filipino friends here in Texas (we're almost 32) will dominantly stand in the crowd for that special event in her life. Thus, I am very glad that they now decided to be as one. Cristine is 25 years old and Robert is already 37 years old and I am pretty sure that they are mature enough to handle marriage life. All of us are excited for her and I can say that she is totally right of her decision. What's leaving her behind, all are all fine and well.

My close, best friend will soon get married and I am always be that friend whom she can rely on. Indeed, I am very happy for her.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's not just moms who need folic acid when they are trying to conceive. New research from the University of California, Berkeley said that to help prevent birth defects, husbands should take their vitamins - and be sure to eat leafy, green vegetables. In fact, the highest intake of folate (the natural from of folic acid) were less likely to produce sperm with chromosomal abnormalities. Though women should get 400 mcg every day for protection, men may need more: In the study, guys who took between 700 mcg and 1,000 mcg daily showed the most benefit.

You don't call to be an expert pianist if you don't know how to play accompaniment piano. Before anyone can be considered an expert in the said field, he should equip himself with the needed skills and always prioritize in practicing. As the saying goes, "Practice makes perfect." Yes, indeed, it's true.

Way back before when I was in my elementary years, my mom always pursues me to keep practicing piano. Mother often says, hit the right key, know the pitch and familiarize the so-fa syllables as well as the time signature. Absolutely, mom is right. Not to brag, I'm a great pianist now. In fact, I've teach lots of youngsters whose parents want their child to excel in music.

It is the heart that matters most when you want to excel in the music industry. But to harness one's potential through training, you've got to know how to play accompaniment piano. In this way, success is just within your reach. Remember, "No pain, no gain."

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nowadays, it is so hard to find a better job especially when you are choosy one. In fact, there are many jobs available but chances are they offer only low salary. As a result, they end up having no job.

But as of my part, I don't want to always be in the house and have nothing to do. Instead, I want to work and work and work. Though, I receive small salary but this is of course okay rather than nothing.

I don't want to be impotently staying at the house all day long. In fact, I always find what work is available for the day. That is why, I always grab them.

There is no place like home and indeed, everyone always wants only the best for their homes. Just like me, I am looking for a better shelter. That is why, I prefer to get the best Contractors that will work professionally for my home.

The best thing about building a well-furnished house is that, it will take for that building to stand out for years that my children and grandchildren will benefit from it. Thus, if you want to sell your home when crucial times come and when you need too much financial support because of an emerging occurrences, it will directly be purchased at a fair price.

That is why, compromising the quality and durability of a house is like investing in a "non-sense" state of living. You will end up, furnishing again.

Therefore, to get the best things out from life and to enjoy its bliss, I make sure everything is totally okay and it always start at home.

Monday, January 25, 2010

I have been looking for a job this morning. I bring with me my important documents like my Transcript of Records, Resume, Application Letter and other important credentials.

There are lots of work available only if you are not choosy. Actually, I have passed my applications to many agencies and companies. I hope that I have a positive remarks of their call. I hope that I will be hired. All I want is to work and finding a job is not easy because some companies are looking for professional even I know that I have the knowledge and skills. It's only that I wasn't able to finish college.

I do hope, someone will hire me. I hope that there are no favoritism and racial discrimination.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Having a place like home is such a wonderful experience. But being far from one's own shelter is also a BIG problem.

I remembered way back before when I was still schooling (and being so far away from home), I live at Student Lettings in Leeds. I like the place because it is clean and spacious. I can freely and seriously concentrate well with my studies. The place lets me live in a place like home even though I am far away from home.

It is good to live independently and go to school without much problem. After all the stress that the school heads me, I am comfortably confident going always at the Student Letting in Leeds. The place is like no other.

Moreover, there are lots of things that I can do. It is limitless. It has all the things that I need. I am with great pleasure living in that clean house. Moreover, my parents are not worried of me as I am totally safe in my home - Student Letting in Leeds.

Every cell in our body contains DNA, a long molecule that carries the instruction manual which is written in 23 pairs of chromosomes for making us. Eventually, we have two copies of each chromosomes, one from our father and one from our mother. They are written in a code of bases, commonly abbreviated as A, T, C and G.

On each chromosomes are thousands of genes. Variations in our genetic code give red hair or blue eyes. But single-letter differences in the genetic code (e.g. a G instead of a C) in our DNA can also give us mutations that can predispose us to disease.

Most diseases develop from a mix of gentle and environmental factors, often involving multiple errant genes. Over the past, decade, scientists have identified in the chromosomes where there are differences in the genetic code that can be used as markers (called SNPs "snips", short for single nucleotide polymorphisms). Researchers have found that people with certain markers are at greater or lesser risks of developing particular diseases.

Genetic testing companies have developed ways to scan DNA to look for these markers. So if you with type I diabetes, for example, you may be at increased risk of developing the disease. The companies don't predict you're going to the diabetes. Rather, they tell you the average person's risk of developing the disease and how your risk compares.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I always want to watch movie and in fact, I always check what's the latest in the movie business. That is why, I go through searching and reading what magazines, the Internet and other movie sources spread about movies and its details. When I found out that it interests me, I order and bought some DVD in the stores and online. In fact, I collect some movie CDs and DVDs. Good thing that movie torrents store the vital information that I need to know about the latest in movies right now and the story behind every details of the film. What matters for me is how I learn from various movie interactions and the morals that I would get from watching such a film.

My friends get details for me as well and in fact, I share to them every piece that I know about which movie I recommend best. I just love movie and watching them is such a nourishing experience for me. I easily understand people's mood and actions and the way they react to things. I felt the deep emotion every time I see people and friends in great need. I weigh things out, deciding right from wrong and I am able to express myself through sharing what I thought and learned. It is just that I can't live without movies. Watching movie is part of my life.

Dr. Cooper says, "Gratitude is one of the major predictors for an authentically happy life." Aaron Cooper, Ph. D. author of I Just Want my Kids to be Happy!: Why Shouldn't Say It, Why Shouldn't Think It, What You Should Embrace Instead reveals that when you give your child something that's a want - a video-game console, say - as opposed to a need (like a warm winter jacket), make sure he thanks you for it and understands that it's a gift. You can teach gratitude in a lighthearted way. Most important, make time for everyone in the family to talk about what they are thankful for where they could share what they appreciate. That is the value of expressing gratitude and teaching then to instill the proper value towards the family and other people.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Last Christmas, we had a party at my friend's house, just near here in Katy, Texas. Part of the Christmas celebration is the exchanging gift. There are various gifts which were prepared by my friend as a sort of her surprised present for all of us. As the party goes along, I was thinking how she had all those that she gave each of us. And we are almost 27 in all.

I was not expecting that day of receiving a surprised gift from her. She gave me a ceramic mugs with the post of my picture on its view. I was so surprised by her wise idea. It is indeed, an extraordinary gift.

That is why, every meal when I saw the mug, I am always reminded of her and the party. I just wonder where did she get my picture which I myself thought that I was so beautiful with it.

She just gave me the idea that I am thinking of having like that gift for my husband this Valentines Day. This is indeed romantic!

Indeed, special ocassions are not a worry because I can pretty make that day wonderful and beautiful, celebrating it with happiness simply by spending it in a special way through making it simple things. The ceramic mug is perfectly a very good idea!

I just love eating pork. That's why, I can't stop myself looking for another taste of its kind to cook and on serve on the table. My new discovery, Fruity Pork Stir-Fry.

In large non-stick skillet over medium-high heat, cook 1 lb. pork tenderloin, sliced into 1/8 inches pieces, 3 minutes stirring occasionally. Remove pork from skillet. Add 1 red and yellow pepper, seeded and sliced, and 1 bunch scallions, cut into 2 inches pieces, to skillet. Cook 3 minutes. Add 3 apricots, halved, pitted and cut into wedges; 2 Tbs. Szechuan spicy stir-fry sauce, like House of Tsang; cooked pork and 2 Tbs. water. Cook 2 minutes, or until heated through, stirring occasionally.

It feels great to travel light with no worries which I shoulder everytime. That is why, protecting oneself from getting the best insurance is like assuring the future and safety of our lives.

Insurance is very important because we can't predict what will happen in the future for us. Every aspect of our lives need insurance. Take for example when you own a motor. That important thing that is always beneficial for you especially when you go places and meet appointments. In order to secure the right living of having the pleasure of owing a motor, you need the proper gadget, defense that what might happen to you if risk arises. That is why, secure yourself with motor trade insurance. It is possible for you to give yourself that lifetime ease and comfort before anything might happen in a negative way.

People from all walks of life use motor everyday. And taking the risk of danger and problem is inevitable. That is why, it is best to have the lifetime assurance of longevity and comfort without compromising your safety. Motor trade insurance explains.

It just not counting lives, it protects everyone's life!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I love my Chevrolet. That is why, in order to protect it from acid rain, smog, tree sap and bird droppings, I protect it with clay bar. I don't want my car be left untreated with these contaminants. Furthermore, protecting its paint is my sole priority. Clay bar is the answer! It absorbs the harmful contaminants before they can ruin the integrity of my car.

Seriously, it's cool to protect my car. It looks as if if is always of its first buy.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

That's why, they've specifically engineered these areas to withstand such car daily abuse - oil change and tested then over and over for a proper tune up. Because a car shouldn't just last. It should conditionally functions good and well all the time.

The all-new Acura Integra has just arrived. But remember, earning the admiration of the Acura Integra is just a simple task. Houston auto repair is the answer. With them, it's an experience that captivates your assurance and trust like nothing else. This smart choice is a perfect deal.

The Acura Integra has the advance style, safety and performance that won over the experts. And for proper tune up - oil change, Houston auto repair is the perfect place to be. Oil change is a tasking job, so better trust the expert, they know what's best and only the best for your Acura Integra.

Indeed, you can say that it's a whole new way to make driving fun.

Hard days.

It is extremely raining and I don't like it. It deprives me to do what I want to do. Hope that tomorrow will shine.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Online Game

Pleasure is what I enjoy best especially when the call arises, much more if I am having a good time after work. My break is to play online computer games. In fact, I almost spend lots of hours to play especially when the time gets too competitive and encouraging. I don't want to lose the game. As a result, I play it with purpose, to much as possible. The only things that this game keeps my nerve to experience truer challenge is that I play not with just main playing, I play because I get the right reward. I get paid. In fact, my officemates are into this too. Indeed, I was not wrong of my want to buy cheap wow gold. It keeps me going and I just love it. When I go home from work, my main thing that keeps me going home fast is to play, play and play online games.

Good thing I immediate work it out. So challenging!

Special Day

Tomorrow is a special day for both my husband and I. We are very excited to celebrate our birthday. We are of the same date. We just want to celebrate the moment for the both of us.Though I am far with my family in the Philippines, but still we can still spend the this time together. I will call them then.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Auto Parts

I just love my car. Actually, it is my investment. I know pretty well that having such investment like this (owning a car) is not as easy especially when I need to maintain the right function of all its auto parts for me to transact business and go to places anywhere I want to go. It needs regular and weekly check-up and test as well as monthly assistance as well. Frankly, it is tasking but it is worth it because it dwells me to good times of contentment. That is why, I need the right access of everything that I want for my car.

It is my investment and I need to sustain its functionality. Everything I need is actually right here.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Do you want to own this kind of insulated lunch tote? This is just probably what you need. It is made with colorful designs and quality materials that is perfect for your kids. If you ever problem where to place the snacks for your kids, then this is the right storage. You can place every food here - chips, sandwiches, canned milk or others. I am pretty sure your child will enjoy eating their food especially that they have the right placement of their food for them to atone eating and avoid escaping their snacks. This insulated lunch tote will help your child attain good eating habit because everytime they have to bring this in school, even a look of this bag reminds them of food. And thus, kids love eating and eating is their habit as well. As much as they play a lot, this insulated lunch tote gets them going without skipping schedules of eating their snacks. This is actually the perfect choice for your kids!

Thus, every thing needs to have proper storage. This laundry bag is some of the styles and examples that are available online. It keeps your things attended by securing the proper placement for your used clothings that need to be laundered. There is no hazard keeping your used clothes that need to be washed because you just need to have it, comfortably bringing it with you as you transport to the laundry area. This is indeed a wise choice of making things in light storage.

If you are in zest of traveling or going to places, then this personalized duffle bag is exactly what you need. It keeps your things intact and avoid loses. Having this is like you are carrier a light gadget of things that are together placed inside. In fact, this personalized duffle bag is the most used bag mostly by travelers.

Thus, if you want to personalized each items, you can do so. You can have your name sewed in it. Great idea!

Did you ever stop to think that getting your clutter under control can actually help you lead a healthier, less stressful and more productive life?

There are methods for controlling clutter everywhere in your home. Instead of taking a modular approach to your organizational needs, the closet company explains that the company takes a customized approach to make life simplier.

Closet company should focus to develop a meaningful use of space in your environment. Visual tools show you the different options for your space, keeping your specific storage needs as the priority.

To accomplish an optimum result, you need a good designer. Someone that will listen to a client's problems as well as their goals and then think about how to make it work.

While your wardrobe may be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about closet organisation, closet company offers solutions for just about every space in your home, from the linen closet to the pantry, garage, home office and more.

Whatever your organizational challenges, closet company is there to help you as evidently as much as they help me organizing my wardrobe.

Perfectly, it makes my life easier and comfortable.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The trademark of a certain company or any person portrays lots of the institution where he is working or the dress that he wears on. But for me, I love being expressive through the T-shirts I'm wearing. It is not merely the shirt itself that makes it unique and informative about me. It's the message that goes along with it. This is my way of making myself known in a way that people will label me as me. Thanks to custom logo design that makes me known where I work and gives me the identity where I belong, for indeed, I am very proud of being one of the worker of one of the prestigious hotel here in Katy, Texas, Omni Hotel that credits me the name that I am bringing and wearing everytime I work in their institution.

With much prestige, I am glad to be identified and make known. I say, "I belong!"