Friday, May 27, 2011

“In every success, there is a woman behind.”

I firmly believe in the essence of this statement. That is what I have seen of President Obama and his wife, Michelle.

Let us face the fact that Barack is not ever successful in his political career without the woman who has the will and the love to be with him and his family in his life’s calling.

Michelle is that ever supportive to his husband. I always observe that, that when the two are having meetings and agenda in public, his wife is always at Barack’s side. That is the power of the woman behind his rising career.

It is really true that woman plays a vital role in the lives of their man. I am like Michelle who is there for my husband at all times, through rough, hard and blissful moments. It is our love that binds us together. And when problems arise, we talk it over at night when we do have our “we-time” and even when we are working far from home. The communication and the openness of being together lead us to deal and handle situations that effectively help us in all endeavors. That is why, problems are not so hard for us because we tend to help one another and discuss on things that matters most to our decision. Though we have multiple approaches and opinions with regards to problems, but still we do unite as one family and one shelter.

I am proud to all women, to all Michelle in this world who are always there for their husband and children. Their love centers on what embraces happiness and worthy living.

It is never hard for me to talk with my husband because we have this openness and feeling of self-respect to each other. That is why, I can see myself in Michelle Obama. The vigor, determination, love and understanding that she shares to his husband is the greatest gift of her existence.

Indeed, life of being a wife is never so easy but with love and openness to each other, all those worries and problems are no way out in destroying them.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I admit that for decades of Arnold’s life, especially those time that his acting career booms like no other, I become a fan of him. But sad to say that my feeling of siding him gradually lost because of what he did to his wife.

I never expected that such Arnold Schwarzenegger could make something like that to his wife and children. It never reflects to his personality, I guess. Thus, I can therefore say that looks are deceiving.

What I have then realized based on this realistic situation of the happening of Arnold and his family is that I can visualize that men (like those of Arnold’s nature) do tend to change, men can make family in chaos, men can ruin families.

Arnold reaches long way to go in his life and career. He is blessed with a good wife and wonderful children. But all of a sudden, it drops to zero.

I know that it is wrong to judge a person but I just can’t stop thinking about this scenario because it is really a big shock. Arnold is an actor, a politician and a “role model” to be because the happiness of his family lies the nature of a true home. But what he shown now to the public is the very opposite Arnold who seem inconsistent of his acts and will.

Holding political position is a big opportunity to be a good model to society because in the first place when one is in government, the people trusted him such a way that he is that good and can be trusted. But this aspect downs me because I am not really expecting that a nice and wonderful home has turned out to be not very fine.

I hope that both of them find the meaning of true healing, acceptance and forgiveness. I do hope that Arnold should always prioritize to do moral things than immoral ones.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Indeed, cats are man’s best friend. They are the substitute of the missing touch when people lack opportunity to care. They are the shelter of every longing heart. They are friends to all human souls.

This felt touch of care for one’s pet is evidently experience by Judy Pugh. This inspirational story is in whole detail by Liz Goodwin on her article, “Adorable lady finds missing cat during interview outside tornado-ruined home” last Fri May 20, 10:21 am ET.

This story is all about the woman named Judy Pugh whose house was destroyed by tornadoes that swept through Tuscaloosa, Alabama on April 27. According to the report, Pugh cheerfully told local station WIAT that she rushed to the hallway with her three cats when the mile-wide tornado hit. The roof fell on top of her, but miraculously she and two of her cats were all in one piece. She also added that she was telling the station reporter about how much she missed her third cat Cadie, whom she hadn't been able to find for three weeks but the cat walked right up to her during the interview. "I have everything I want now. I have all three cats," she said.
Pets always find who their stewards are. They are like humans who have the sense of recognition and whenever they are lost, they have this instinct of seeking the warmth of their owner. They have higher sense of perception. In fact, they can think faster than you could imagine.

That is why, pets are not useless. They are made with great purpose. Their existence limits not on a limited portals. They have this sense to belong.

Good thing that Judy really take care of her cats. The way she gives care to her cats are essentially nourishing because her cats always have this sense to go back to her care even in great disaster as like this.

Thus, whatever care one has given to his pets, it all comes back with great price, the price to recognize as a shelter, a home.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Today’s news calls for the rampant and impeccable spread of the factual truth about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s life regarding the cause that lead to the bitter end of his 25-year in marriage of Maria Shriver, with children who are already grown-ups.

Lots of information that has been reported and written about him, Maria and his mistress but all these information are for the benefit of the ever sizzling desire of the crowds especially to those juicy-catcher who avidly follow the whole story from its prime initial to the flow of today’s juice until the end of this story. But the questions circled more on the “mistress.” Who is that woman who allegedly makes love of Arnold and bears a child of his blood and “image”?

Some of the television programs and press companies are keeping safe the identity of the mistress and especially the child for the reason of privacy. I believe that this sensitive issue calls for the embrace of the child’s name not to put in stake for crowds to know because this might cause psychological problem in the side of the child because this incident is not something to be proud of. And the child is innocent in this matter.

It is not really the concern for everyone to go into further details involving the child’s persona because it is something like it is already “below the belt” thing. Part of the press’ ethics is to keep safe the sensitive area of the facts for the main reason that if this will totally blow out, unleashing all the minute details of the child’s life could hamper in total destruction his life. In the first place, the child is innocent and he should not be involved in this kind of issue. This incident calls for the mother of the child, Arnold and even Maria.

But there you go! The crowds are unstoppably throwing all the information they have gathered that the three and even most probably the child are exposed for the sake to be talked. The information that is scattering because of this unexpected happening of the ever-promising marriage life of Arnold and Maria is a big shock to their family and a big, unstoppable issue for the masses.

In this kind of scenario, no one can stop the press from scrutinizing and sharing the truth with its details. That is why, I can pretty say that the people live in different perspective and buying this issue is something that generates big traffic that really market huge sales.

The only fact that should take into big consideration in this news is the protection and welfare of the child because the child is innocent in this happening. It is best that the press should respect to the right of the child of not going into deep distribution of himself to others. Keeping the child’s privacy is a big gift that the masses could offer to the family since both are not in the “feel” for this issue and no one expected this to happen.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The day set forth for the process of healing as Maria Shriver is with friend Oprah who is celebrating the final episodes of Winfrey's eponymous show after 25 years.

Good that Maria has trusted friend like Oprah in whom she can open and talk things out with regards to her (Maria) husband’s unscrupulous cheating agenda.

Maria is still in the process of going through with the total heartache as what she said saying in one of the news, "This is a painful and heartbreaking time," she said. "As a mother, my concern is for the children. I ask for compassion, respect, and privacy as my children and I try to rebuild our lives and heal. I will have no further comment."

Indeed, this kind of happening is not a joke. It is heartbreaking. For the couple is standing strong and happy for 25 years, but it all ends in here. The culminating is so fast.

I know that Shriver can really get out of this in time. It is just so aggravatingly hurtful now because the happenings are fresh and of course, nobody is expecting that this would happen to their family. As I can view their relationship, they are that blessed and happy and I expect them to reach until lifetime.

Anyway, there are reasons for their total breakup that the couple could not preserve anymore to be living in a house together. But with Maria, good that she has lots of friends who would surely help her in the healing process. The presence of her friends is important for her especially in this heartbreaking time. I know that she can get over with this in time.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Various things in this world interplays with a big role that could change and save lives.

Just like this two-year-old girl, Katie Lolley who was diagnosed with a deadly cancer was saved by herflashing light on the Tesco £3 toothbrush.

The little girl insisted her mother to buy that kind of toothbrush because the girl is fascinated with its style. The presence of the light of the toothbrush signifies the time when the child will cease brushing his teeth.

It was a reflection that captured the detection of the child’s disease as she brushes her teeth in a dim light and all the reflected in the mirror is the glare of that affected eye. It is like the cat’s eyes. That prompts the mother to directly transport the girl to the hospital.

With a little use but donates huge functions, the toothbrush saves the life of the little girl. If it wasn’t for the brush, then the disease would have been detected a time or so.

That is why, no matter how minute things are, it donates help and huge functions which interplays of the life’s processes.

This we can say that things, no matter how small, are useful and functional.

The movie that made me really know Cameron Diaz is from the shots of “My Bestfriend’s Wedding” which also stars my all-time favorite Julia Roberts. But I couldn’t stop wanting to know more about Cameron as her beauty exudes like the others.

She is having a comeback with big films which I pretty assure that it will really be a blast. “Gambit” and “Bad Teacher” are two films which generate to explore my zest in seeing films as it is filmed by Cameron.

I ever wonder how this beautiful lady maintains her wonderful physique and healthy lifestyle. I could see that she is exercising a lot because her body speaks for itself. She is endearingly sexy and gorgeous.

She is setting that good example to many to be healthy and feel naturally beautiful. Her personality invites everyone to perfectly make great things for the self in order to attain healthy body and mind.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I have been watching Meredith Vieira in all her reports on screen and she is pretty a hard worker and a devoted person of her work. But what happen as one of the news said that she is going to leave the program. I was desperately sad about it.

That is why, I have read more details on this news but when I have learned that the dominant cause of her leaving is that she would like to spend more time with his husband, Richard and kids Ben, Gabe and Lily, that is the moment I stop speculating.

Indeed, family tops the choice when one has to give up everything just for a moment to settle and work things out for the sake of the family. There is no question with that when matters deals with family. And no matter how busy life is for all, there is always that time to reflect to give ample space for the welfare of the family especially when one is that too hectic and devoted enough on work, work and work.

I can relate to Meredith’s experience that I pause for a moment and ask myself if I am that selfish enough of not spending time with my family that I am too much busy of work and everything that concerns my work. Of course, I need money, that is why, I am working hard but sometimes, cases permit me to stop and think much deeper that I have to devote time for myself and for my family as well. Of course, I am not that inhuman enough not to feel those things that try to stir my mind.

That is why, now that I resume in my work, I always spare time for my baby and my husband with all the things that concerns communication. That in spite I am that hectic about schedules, I can do manage to budget my time from work and family.

Of course, I am not Meredith who has all the wealth in the world. That is why, I prompt to work but I see to it that I am spending time to communicate to my family everyday.

Monday, May 9, 2011

The system of the body reacts to immaturity when the one’s condition is not that appropriately activating to normally coping to its processes. The only option is to fix the problem that makes it incapable. In order not the problem to fully aggravate, one needs the help of the experts.

One of the significant indications that man is really bearing that “manhood” in him is evidently seen in his capability to produce sperm in order to bear a fetus while it meets with the egg in the womb of the mother. But not all men are capable of producing such sperm especially when they experience premature ejaculation upon sex. It is just an indication that their sperm count is not that normal.

Due to this problem, health experts find it appropriate that penis enlargement of men is the initial process in sex that reaches the destination of normal activity when men are in arousal with their partner. This state of condition will surely donate huge portion of happy sex life. But there are men who are not capable in such approach which lead them to face much health problems. The only way that they can fully achieve the “manhood” in them is they need to see an expert who is having that knowledge about their total penis enlargement problem.

With the help of today's technology, there are multiple alternatives that help men to meet the manhood in them. It is just essential that they need to rely on the expert.

I have read news about this extraordinary person with diverse talent. He is the star of the most-viewed film “Harry Potter” and of course, the film garnered high rank in the film industry when it comes to its income.

Of course, Daniel”s popularity and best acting in “Harry Potter” earns the credit of being one of the top person in the film industry who made him at the top of the rank list as huge earner, in the 5th placewith a fortune of £48 million, according to UK report.

It is undeniable that the acting of Radcliffe in “Harry Potter” stirs everyone’s mind to actively follow whatever series in the film is coming into. In fact, I am one of those viewers who are in line even when the first edition of the movie has been released in the wide screen. I was there seeing the film and until now, I am loving to repeat viewing the movie at home since I bought the series dvd of it.

I can see that just like me who is eager to know the story, many viewers are excitedly watch the film. The long line and the various faces made me realize that this movie will surely generate huge income. That is a fact since Daniel Radcliffe earns more than just many other artist in the movie industry. No wonder he is that famous now.

There is always that sweet fruit of price after hard works and sacrifices. Everyone in “Harry Potter” is doing its best and I am sure that the other casts of the movie are receiving much as well just like what Daniel receives.

Indeed, the film is a big success!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Guest post written by Steve Peters

The weather is finally starting to get warmer. I've basically put my heavy winter jacket away and have started wearing a light coat when I go out and to run errands. The weather has already got me fantasizing about summer and spring, and I cannot wait for warmer weather to come! I am an avid beach camper, and waiting for the winter is really hard for me. One of the things I love most is traveling to the coast and finding a good spot to setup and tent by the ocean. I usually find a state park. I think that's the best way to go to the beach. Staying at resorts is nice too, but the experience is much different. It always goes my soul some good to go camping.

This week, I need to call the sears cabinet refacing Sumter people and then stop by the house. After that, I am going to take the wife and kids someplace for a nice little vacation. This time, I might actually go to a resort since it's a little colder...but for sure, it won't be long now till we go camping again.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

I have read the news that was publicized in the Internet this day. It is all about the family of bin Laden, the family members that are being so alarmed in spite of their being good because they are part of the family and they are bringing the bin Laden’s last family name.

There is Carmen bin Laden, the wife of Osama’s brother, Yeslem. When she was interviewed, she said that the name has been very difficult to carry because of Osama's actions. There is Osama's brother Khalil who shortly after the 9/11 attacks, the family fled their Florida vacation home under police protection under fear of reprisals. There is Wafah Dufour who is the daughter of Osama's half-brother, Yesalm bin Laden. She was born in California. She received a law degree in Geneva before completing her masters at Columbia University in New York. She told the news that it is like every time she meets someone, she has to move a huge mountain that's in front of her and sometimes she gets tired of them.

Basing from what they have said and uttered, their profession and the way they are, they are not cruel. They live in a harmonious life that is free from wars and fighting. It is just that because they are bin Laden, they are not excused from all sorts of news and speculations from different minds, who in the person of Osama bin Laden has brought their names in somewhat-like stirring the minds of many, if they are that trustful or not.

On my part, I feel really sorry for them because they are nice persons. They are not like Osama. But their last names and as part of bin Laden, they are somewhat walking around the world unsecured and fearful because the people always bring more questions about the acts of Osama and they would probably think that they are like Osama.

Well, it happens to everyone. If someone in the family does something bad, it ends up being sent through the whole family and everyone with the last name.

I hope the world is not that judgmental. But I do understand that people react in the manner of bringing doubts everytime they hear the name bin Laden because of its notorious acts that brought destruction to the world. But I know that all of this will pass and I know pretty well that those bin Laden family, especially those names mentioned above are peace-loving individuals. It is just they are bringing in the tide of wind that cause one big speculation from the cause of just one person.
I think the world is not that close-minded enough to them because there are those people who are having deeper understanding and trust to them.

This too shall pass.

Friday, May 6, 2011

I do quite not like the video that I have seen first about that second single of Lady Gaga’s “Judas” because it demoralizes the image of Christianity. Is this the way of Lady Gaga to be well-known and gain more audience out from the video that she is presenting? I mean there are lots of concepts that she could portray out from that song.

I am a Christian Catholic but the way Lady Gaga’s interpretation of making that video is really an insult because it is not good and it doesn’t show respect for us people who are Catholics. If she wants to market huge sales of her album, I think she would do more on the realistic factor and not making joke and nonsense interpretations of the song which involved Jesus and God’s life in a wrong manner. It is really ridiculous and disgusting. If Lady Gaga always connotes to be unique, she should not demoralize what is moral. Now, there is always that sure fire that she is the one causing her misfortunes.

Being Lady Gaga should not always imply into destroying the morals of the beliefs of the people because she is a person, a temple of God. It is not cool and intelligent to do such video that tries to make conflict with us, Catholic believers of her. Being Lady Gaga should not always mean that she is really born that wild, that way the she is stepping into the rights of every Catholic. She should have shown some respect and morals. She should have changed the concept of the video, not like that. The song can be modified in a way of not harming conflicts among common beliefs because in the first place, what she does is not good in the eyes of the Lord. And for me, as Catholic, she showed no respect.

For me, maybe Lady Gaga’s interpretation of “Born to be Wild” is totally that type who doesn’t show respect to cultures and races. I see her as brilliantly intelligent in music but it is my first time that I was so discouraged of what she is doing.

I never expected that Lady Gaga’s being “wild” is this kind of immorality.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The very important aspect of the meaning of life is to impart love to everyone especially to those who we consider our love. It is the sole right for all of us to live in a life without portals of limits as people do share its meaning.

It has been an accepted fact that there are facets of relationships that need to be well understood by everyone. I am referring to the sense of the relationship that only gays are connected with.

It is acceptable in our society nowadays on matters that concern about the life of gays in which they have the right to love guys, that way that they are revealing to the huge audience of being true to themselves. It is respect for the rights of those we consider "third sex" that is being reflected here and everyone now is taking into their world's consideration.

Feeling that kind of love toward the same sex is a fight for what they are showing into the world. Sometimes that struggle is so diversely a sacrifice but the sublime bottom of it is that there are like them who are always questing in looking for their freedom, the freedom to love the person they like. Because of this atmosphere, they are regarded and accepted in the sense of all human aspects of thinking that such people like them needs not to be devoid and outcast by society.

That is why, in today's generation, the full-pledged acceptance of the kind of individuals they are and the nature of their likelihood are well viewed through the efforts of making known the gay dating sites. This sites speak and defend the right of all gays in the world to let their love flourish like there is no borders and limitations.

That is why, the freedom to love and the right to be fairly treated in love is a big aspect that people do understand each other. Whatever races they are, there is only that rendezvous on where to dwell for the right site.

Indeed, gay dating sites is a home for gays who want to show the world how real they are.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Wedding of the Century displays not just the personalities of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge but it also captures in the wide screen the maid-of-honor in the person of Pippa, the sister of Princess Kate.

Pippa is beautiful. I think, for me, she is more beautiful than her sister. She look so great of her dress on that wedding and her smile is extraordinarily captivating. No wonder all the people see sections and know about “Who is that girl?” Until now, I have seen huge searches on the Internet about Pippa Middleton and it seems like she ignites more followers.

Indeed, Pippa Middleton is glamorously beautiful. They are much compatible with Prince Harry, but there is no chance because they both bond in one family now.
Maybe if Princess Kate wasn’t have known Prince William, how wonderful idea that fate could have driven Prince Harry and Pippa together. That is if fate could have driven them.

Anyway, I have read information about Pippa, sad to say that men could not have her because she has already had a boyfriend in the person of Alex Loudon, a banker like her.

Out of the many guys that captivates the beauty of Pippa, I found in her that she is that kind and good. I can see that in the ways she reveals herself to the audience.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We can’t deny the fact that the death of the No. 1 terrorist in the whole world, Osama bin Laden,speculates many questions that circled the minds of the people. Indeed, it is not that easy if one of its members (American) has died in that 9/11’s attack and the family would really want to see the whole video or even pictures that bin Laden is 100% killed or is surely died already.

The grief and the loss of the loved ones on that time in September 9’s terrorist attack in the US loss a lot of people and it is deeply felt that concerned families are in the extreme revenge of fighting back for justice. Americans want assurance of that scattered news that bin Laden is already dead because they want sure evidence for their peace and contentment that this cruel person really died.

I have understand the side of the people for wanting such a crave as like this. But the government is really on the side of making every move secured and confidential because of this “heat” issue that would drive others to outburst negatively.

I am sure that the government is true to their words and that they are also sure of bin Laden’s matter. They are resting the people assured that they have done what is successfully justifiable and now the sweet revenge is their triumph.

Of course, no one would want to keep a snake successfully victorious in all its bad intentions. In this world, there is that always that sure factor that justice will always seek its victory and it always prevails.

Therefore, those persons who are planning cruel acts of whatever forms of actions will not succeed of their cause in the later end. They will pay for what they have done.

I hope that minds should always stick to this principle so that people will not that dreamy enough to make bad actions because in the greater sense, they will not truly succeed. They will even pay for their price.