Saturday, November 26, 2011

The world shouts for PEACE.

People from all walks of life are clamoring for PEACE not war. But until when does this sweet “peace” be totally ours? Until how many years will people from various races be free from slavery and fightings?

Country like Syria is not yet in peace, or they are not experiencing peace until this time. The evidence reflected in full view of Saturday’s November 26, 2011 report as The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based Human Rights Organization in Syria aired that President Bashar al-Assad put an end to numerous civilians, 10 troops and security agents and several deserters last Tuesday in a military operation on an eight-month uprising against his rule. Damascus being the leader of the said uprising forward a note indicating reconciliation to the Syrian Government, but the later heed no action resulted to the extreme crackdown in the country.

This resulted to the heated arguments that prolonged and heightened until this time. We may call for JUSTICE. But they are not free from this bondage.

Many people lose lives. Many bloods remain and mark history. Syrian individuals fight for peace, but peace is nowhere to be found here in Syria for this time. How can people gain peace if pride overpowers humanity? 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Whenever I hear this song, it always reminds me of the best person in my life, my Mother who is not here anymore with us. 

I admit that part of me now accepts that she is gone, but there are some missing pieces of me that drops still and that is my way of believing that I can go home and when I reach home, I will see her smiling, waiting for me in the front door, ready to hug me tight. But that is just a dream. 

What's left of me now of her is this song that has always lingers on. I miss Mama!

"My Life" by Bette Midler

There are places I remember
All my life, though some have changed.
Some forever, not for better.
And some have gone, and some remain.

All these places have their moments
With lovers and friends I still can’t recall.
Some are dead and some are living.
In my life I love them all.

But of all these friends and lovers,
There is no one compares with you.
And these memories lose their meaning
When I think of love as something new.

Though I know I’ll never ever lose affection
For people and things that went before,
I know I’ll often stop and think about them.
In my life I love you more.

Though I know I’ll never ever lose affection
For people and things that went before,
I know I’ll often stop and think of them.
But in my life I loved you more.
I love you more.
I love you more.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I was awaken by the call of my friend this morning. She told me about the huge sale in town. She convinced me to wake up immediately for us to transport to the mall. And there I am, almost feeling sleepy, but forcing myself to wake up for the said "happenings" to jive and get involved with the so-called "celebration". 

As we are standing and forming lines, lots of people from various places catch up the juice of shopping. As the guard is telling us that in about a minute, the mall will be opened, people are marking faces as if they are in a race. They are positioning with vigor in facing the open door and quickly posed for readiness. I was like in the sleepy moment. Draggingly pushing my feet to stride steps and my friend is like, "Hurry! Hurry! We will be late to get discounted stuff!" And I was like, "Okay, okay!" 

Getting inside the mall, the people took huge steps to go directly to the places they wanted to be in. As if they already know what stuff that grably purchased. Others are murmuring. Others are enjoying and many are smiling, laughing and are very excited. 

But as soon as we reached the baby's toys store, I was making such a sluggish gesture, but when I saw that the books for children are on sale. My eyes are bulging and I did not hesitate to buy a dozen of its sets. It is just $12. Then, that motivates my senses to fully awake. 

I selected stuff for my baby and fortunately, I was able to buy them cheaper. It is like 25%, 50% or even 75% discount. I love this life. I was able to buy more for my baby and for my husband. I was able to purchase more household items and my favorite, dresses and dresses. 

Good thing that my friend called me. I was able to enjoy the worth of the Thanksgiving Day. I have prepared a small celebration for us family to enjoy this day. 

Now I know that indeed that is why, it is obviously a Thanksgiving Day!

Friday, November 11, 2011

It seems that this day brings out the feel for all the people in the world.

As I turned the television this early morning, I have realized that almost all the countries in the world are preparing for this day. Then, I have asked, "What is with this day indeed?"

Maybe for some who are that sentimentally would "feel" this day as something extraordinary, they would probably make this day not an ordinary one but they would prefer to make this day like extraordinarily different. No wonder they are always on the busy of making this very day like a Christmas Eve or a July 4th Day. I probably would say that almost all the people are busily doing that makes this day a busy and more significant one.

I have seen numerous people are going to the store to catch up for the celebration and they are buying all sorts of food in cans and in other varieties. Others are busily selecting clothes and fit them. Many went to the churches to pray. But there are still others who make this day as like an ordinary one. They just don't care or they do care but they don't just want to make this day as the main highlight of the month.

Then, I have asked myself, "What is with this day then?" And that is the moment that I am feeling it. That is the time that I do go to church. That is the moment that I do prepare something in the table for my family. But I do still feel that this day is just like an old, ordinary day. What I did...I invited my friend to be at home, but unfortunately they are busy with their works. I decided to have this day with my husband and my baby David. All are well. We are glad. We eat and drink. We talk and laugh. Maybe the spirit for this day makes me feel to "feel" what really is this day.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

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I dress my little David of a bat costume which he will be wearing at the Halloween party at my friend's house. To my amuse, I color his nose black, making him appear as rabbit.

I am totally in the discovery of my David, a bat-rabbit? That is pretty fun!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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