Wednesday, February 29, 2012

It was in the Korean television series, City Hunter, that I have known this dazzling actress in the person of Park Min-Young or Kim Nana in the series. She is beautiful, stunning and gorgeous. She played the role as a bodyguard of the notorious high officials of South Korea and a “driver” for Lee Min Ho (Lee Yun Seong in the series).

She represents the kind of woman in the society today as so silent but with dignity. She is keeping his love for Lee Min Ho but highlights of actions are manifested in the way she reveals her feeling through actions. She is simple and true. She is poor but brave. She is not a quitter, instead she works her job well in for it keeps her from living and surviving. Now, she encountered Lee Min Ho or Lee Yun Seong (name in the series) who is “insensitive”. Lee Min Ho is unpredictable. He wants that the Kim Nana will please him in many aspects. But that is not always like that, she thought.

I can see the person I am in the persona of Kim Nana in the series who finds ways in order to bring home food for the family. She is a dignified creature with strong determination to live life the way she thinks of how she handles it. I like the personality of the character portrayed by Kim Nana in this series. It shows how the woman should be respected and protected. She is not the same as the other woman in the series. Kim Nana is adorable. Her smiles capture many eyes from men. Her personality is beautiful. She is determined no matter how bitter the world is. She is simply a woman who wears hope and courage to go on with life in spite of the problems along the way. Kim Nana really shows her best in the City Hunter. I like her role and the way she acts. She is just so natural and pretty inside out. I can see it in her eyes. That is why, I admire her for being so simple and elegant.

City Hunter is a good Korean television series which introduced action, quest for justice and fighting for it, but most of all it centered in love. And Park Min-Young is such an inspiration because she stands as a representation of many emotions that women are feeling for searching the truth, living in spite of no parents and in waiting for love.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Medicines are everywhere. It is available to you. It is accessibly available online. It is much more available to us. But how knowledgeable are you in terms of buying medicines?

First, check the expiration date.  The prescription from a doctor would tell you that is the right medicine for your illness. Then, you go to the pharmacy to buy the medicine which your doctor prescribed. But before you hand the medicine home or take it, you need to be sure, be direct and be very vigilant to know the expiration date. Expiration Date marks the day the pills will expire and is no longer in use.

Some medicines are very expensive. Other pills are not. If you are not that meticulous enough, you directly buy medicines without looking at the expiration date, oh my! The efficacy of the medicinal span of the medicine has its limits. If it is already in its deadline or if it is about to expire, you should look for another medicine of the same kind. Better buy a medicine that secures the effectiveness of healing your illness basing on its expiration date.

Next time and there will be no other next time, I hope, please see the expiration date. It is located anywhere in the product’s label, in the box or in its bottle or cap.

It is expensive to buy medicines. Do not be wrong to purchase them for you will end up losing more cash.  That is why, you should always check the label.

Second, know the formulation. It consists of the amount and the content of the medicine in mg. Like for example: Each 5 mL (1 teaspoonful) suspension contains: Dextromenthorphan HBr – 10 mg, Phenylpropanolamine HCI – 12.5 mg, Paracetamol – 250 mg.

Third, see the indications. It indicates for what illness the medicine is for. Just like this example: For the relief of cough, clogged nose , postnasal drip, headache, body aches and fever associated with the common cold. They also help decongest sinus openings and passages.

Fourth, know the dosage and administration. It informs everyone the right measure of intake for all ages. For example: Orally, every 6 hours, or, as recommended by a doctor.  For children, 2-6 years – 2.5 mL (1/2 teaspoonful), 7-12 years – 5 mL (1 teaspoonful) and for adults and children above 12 years – 10 mL (2 teaspoonful)

Fifth, be aware of the contraindications. It reveals the contra or the avoidance of the take of medicine due to its limitation, that is, if you take too much dosage, it can cause or trigger the condition of your body. Statements like these are present in this category: Hypersensitivity to any ingredient in the product, patients with severe coronary disease or cardiovascular disease including myocardial infarction, severe hypertension and ventricular arrhythmia.

Sixth, be aware of the warnings indicated. It presents the awareness that the use of the medicine is not appropriate if you are pregnant or if you suffer from other kind of diseases. Such sample statements will be seen in the label: Use with caution in patients with high blood pressure, toxic goiter, benign prostatic hypertrophy, heart rate irregularity, glaucoma and in those taking antidepressants.

Seventh, be reminded of its caution. It is the reminder that everyone should be aware of. In this part, it appears as like this: Food, Drugs, Devices and Cosmetic Act prohibit dispensing without prescription.

A good and effective medicine has all the stored information in its label. Plus, there is this portion that reveals: Please see patient information leaflet for complete information. There is a small paper inside the box that tells all the information about the medicine.

There is this words like: Keep the product out of reach and sight of children. Shake well before using. Store at temperatures not exceeding 30 degree Celsius.
All these and more are the vital things that patient and customers should be aware of when buying medicines. Good and effective medicines are the ones that reveal in public all the information about it, no matter if the contradictions are that serious or realistically shared without doubt.

It is best that the patients will know everything about what they are taking than to remain ignorant of not knowing about it.

Cecille Ann Gregory, writer of this blog

Sunday, February 26, 2012

This world is full of beauty. That is exterior beauty. But when I say, “She looks pretty. She is sexy and her dress fits her.” That is again, exterior physical beauty. When I say, “She is loved by all the people because of her exuding beauty.” That is another kind of beauty.

Beauty for some is to be fit and sexy, to walk elegantly and to dress like a princess. But what really defines being beautiful?

Being beautiful commonly corresponds to womanhood. Physical beauty maybe the target. But do you know that we are all beautiful, men and women, young and old, rich and poor?

There goes the saying:  Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Yes, it is true. It is in the eyes of the inside of the beholder.  

Believe me, I have been to various extreme exposures to make-up, elegant dresses, extravagant shoes and accessories and expensive gadgets (cell phones, bags, etc.) and sophisticated car. I have spent numerous thousands that to sum up, it will reach millions or even billions now of my spent of the stuff that can enhance and help me to become beautiful. I have enjoyed the bliss of my so-called “short happiness” of beauty. Until I came to the point that all that I have earned turned out to be a big mess. I end up penniless. I can’t give maintenance to do my addiction on fashion and total make-over.  I appear ugly and irritated of thinking about the past. I am not happy.

I directly gather strength from amusing myself that I still have enough even though that I have almost nothing. I couldn’t able to maintain my pleasures. I am always in tears and sometimes getting upset of the choices that I have made.  I turned regretful.

But through years of recovery, I stick to what I believe that someday I will be okay until I have realized that beauty can also be spent in simplicity and it can be found in the heart of the beholder.

I have realized that I am not alone in this struggle. I stand tall and I regain myself believing that I will be okay. Then I have realized, that my heart of being generous makes me wonderfully beautiful. It is my heart that stands after my fall, what makes me beautiful. It is being strong that after what I have gone through, I still think positive. That’s what makes me more beautiful.

Being beautiful is not just about the dress you wear, how many shoes do you have or how to fix your hair. It is more about the inner you. The way you show your love and care to the people, even though you don’t wear make-ups, you don’t wear beautiful gown, even if you are just wearing slippers,  that makes you beautiful.

Being beautiful is having a good attitude. You don’t need to wear a mask for you to be beautiful. The way you show your real self in the crowds define who you are and what you really are as a person. How could you stand to live by luxury if you are always thinking about your mask – your make-up, clothes and cars? They are superficial. They never define you. Material things can’t bring a person to a better end, but instead it will transport him into a more jealous and sinful world.

As a person, you don’t need to worry much about how to be beautiful. Just tie your hair with a hairclip, wear a modest dress, carry your smile and be with people, are just the things that you need to do. You don’t need to be desperate in order to be accepted in the so-called peer pressure, fashion pressure. It is you. You should love yourself and loving oneself is displaying a happy disposition of life. You don’t need to be a “social climber” to be included in the list of The Most “Wealthiest” Persons in the World. Just a slight make-up and proper dress is enough for the getup. You don’t need to exaggerate yourself in order to be accepted. What is important is you, your attitude and how you properly, modestly behave and collaborate with all sorts of people in the world.

Being beautiful is being successful. Beauty defines success at all times. Look at those dignified persons in your country, in your community, even if they don’t dress well, but still they are loved by everyone. Their wings soar high. What make them so? It is because of the honest words that are coming from their mouths. Their generosity spread the touch that defines love. Their intelligence is ceaseless. They never stop doing good for humankind. They are so perfect, carefree in everything that they do.  It is because of their beautiful inner self that shines the glow in them. They never lose a battle. They always shine. They are extraordinary. They are rare.

Being beautiful is being positive at all times. The way a person maneuver his life and how he handles it, can lead to an end that he pays the price. People have the instinct to set his mind. He is the controller of what he thinks. The person in him will be measured in how he sees life in the manner of how he handles it. A person who is optimistic is not afraid to try. He is not afraid to lose. He is not afraid to be hurt. He is not always worrying on things. Instead, he will always say, ”There is always a good way.”

Let us face life. Life has lots of pains, trials, tests, hurts, scars, turmoil and frustrations and needless to say, regrets. But what an optimistic person does is to find solution in every storm. He doesn’t give up in all battles. He is not afraid of the dark. He is strong and persevering. He is hopeful and determined. That’s what makes him beautiful.

Being beautiful is being forgiving. Take for example, you have not patched up with your “mortal” enemy since you are young.  We, persons do have conscience. If you are not conscious or you will not feel the sweet embrace of forgiving, you will carry the grudges of not being able to forget until it is too late to ask for forgiveness. That what makes in ugly.

Forgiveness hosts beauty because when you do forgive the person who commits wrongdoings to you, you will be relax and happy to proceed with your life. You will live a life free from any hurts. You will be glamorously journeying in a light heart and with a good spirit. Your soul will be contented and satisfied. You can smile for the rest of your life.

Being beautiful is being true to yourself. You don’t need to pretend and tell the world that you are okay, which in fact, you are not. You don’t need to overly be conceited on things that you are not capable with. You don’t need to be much proud of the things which you don’t even own. You don’t need to spend too much on useless things. You are you. You know what you really want. You have the power to define what you can do and can not do. You have the instinct to go on with life that is free from lies. You need to be transparent. You need to be fair to yourself so that you can love the real person you become.

Being beautiful is being respectful. Respect is what we all need to change the way we think. To respect is to give recognition, to give space, to not maltreat, to unleash the cruel acts and rest to seize. Respect is to be felt not just shown. If you carry the respect in you and to the people in your surroundings, it will bring out the best in you. Being respectful harms no one. It is a right that should not be forgotten.

Being beautiful is being contented with what one has. Beauty is there now in you, if you let it in. You should not find it because it is already in you. You just have to polish it in reflecting. Be fixed. Be true of what you want. Be contented because a person who says he has already enough is a person who finds contentment in the self and in everything that he attains in life. Being self-contained is something that you should fill in yourself, but to ask for more than enough is jealousy and insecurities. You don’t need to spend more on luxury. The true wealth is you. Be happy and be contented. You don’t need to rely on material things to fill the emptiness of change. You just have to be fixed and be satisfied.

We are all beautiful. The kind of beauty that we carry in ourselves defines the kind of perspective we think we are. Build a life that is not pretending for everyone calls for being beautiful. Free your mind with insecurities because you are carefully made in beauty. Be satisfied and contented with what you have for in asking more, you will not reach contentment.

Everyone has the right to be beautiful. Just find the real meaning of beauty in you. But I tell you, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! I hope you get what I mean.

Cecille Ann Gregory, the author of this blog

Friday, February 24, 2012

I have been using the Computer for many years now. My conscience dictates me to tell the world about the pleasures I enjoy out from using this advancement in the world of technology.

Most of the people nowadays are getting updated with the latest in technology and never to be outdone, the computer world tops the entire rank. Its wings reach even to the heights of the universe that many individuals are not left ignorant. The aboriginal people in any parts of the world are in the use of computers until time comes that no one will be left out of technology. But how far does computer give happiness to every person from all walks of life?

Because of using the computer, my boss is not getting angry if I can’t forward directly the mails or so. Computer helps make my work a lot easier. I don’t have to worry if the written texts are not aligned properly. I don’t have to erase them with pencils which leave marks of impurities. It is accessible to just click the keys and menus in order to change, add, delete, and insert something out from what I have typed in the computer simply because it helps me automate various tasks that I can’t do manually.

What I really like most in using the computer especially that I am working in the office, it helps me organize the data and information in a better way. I don’t need to throw away the papers right in the trash can because I just automatically press the keys and then the make-over begins. There is a system that I can get out from using it. There is a perfect way that I can initially have a blow of getting through the things done. So if my boss said that I have to finish the report within a minute, I can do so instantly.

When it comes to Mathematical calculations, the computer tells you what exactly the truth. It has much more computing and calculating power then an ordinary human. Just a mere drag and click plus the Mathematical equation, then all will go to its tally. Even within seconds, you can have the results and the rank. It is through the power of MS Excel that serves to rule the answer.

Unlike offices that does not reach the upgrade system and the use of the computer, piles and truck of papers scatters in every storage, in the cabinet, office filers and on the table. It is a waste in the eyes.  All files can be stored in one single place that leaves no trash in the surrounding offices. That is why, the use of computer serves as my storage of the important data and files. I can preserve, restore and hide files in the storage device or on the files itself in the computer.

Computer has speed, storage, reliability, consistency and communications like no other can do the things can easily done because when I have to research on some things, it helps me to find useful information using the Internet.
In this generation, the use of computers is widespread for this device is very useful in meeting the demands to live life easier, more comfortable, faster and reliable.

I have enjoyed all of those things that lead me to love my computer and the pleasure it brings for my life. I don’t need to work more on the make-over and to experience more stresses because computers help me in many ways of accomplishing tasks and performing my part as a worker.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

12th of January, I celebrated my 26th birthday. I am prepared to receive more surprises on that day, the expected sweet greetings – Happy Birthday Cecille!, the unexpected gifts, hugs and kisses with embraces, smiles, laughters and jocund voices, all those dominate the entire day.

But there is one thing that I have seen first right there, with my naked eyes, for the first time in my entire life, this elegant, extraordinary and delicious cake.

At first, I thought that it was just a mere ordinary present from my husband. To my surprise, my unstoppably praised, “Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! In fact many times. I am like a dog barking, “Bow-wow! Bow-wow! Bow-wow-wow!”
Wow! It is so artistic! It is so great!

I wasn’t not expecting to receive such a wonder that blast my entire curiosity. I immediately gave my husband my super hug and kiss. Then, I run through the cabinet, grabbed the camera and there you go, I can now have the memory of this.

The cake is so delicious!

Indeed, simple present but worth a lifetime mark in my long-term memory. Thanks Honey!

Indeed having lost a Mother is really painful. I have experienced that even more when my Mother was taken away from us. She died when I was just 19.

The feeling of deep miss and longing of Bobbi Kristina to her mother, Whitney Houston is a normal reaction of a child who undyingly long to have the care of a mother especially now that Whitney is gone. I can see in Bobbi’s appearances that she is really affected of the loss of her mother. Probably, no one wants that Whitney’s life would end abruptly. Even me, I was shocked and still can’t believe that she is totally gone now.

There are reasons that all these things happen. There is a purpose for its existence and termination. The answer lies ahead for Bobbi’s life and for the rest of Whitney’s family.

The feeling of losing someone especially when the person taken is a member of your family is so unbearable to accept. But time heals as what they said. There is its mutuality.

I understand that Bobbi is in the process of coping with the change of her life especially that her mother is not anymore, personally with her.

As I cope with the lost of my mother, it took me almost many years until I understand the purpose of her disappearance in our lives. It is just on the first and the very moment of the instance, I want to get mad and burst like a bomb in tears every day. But now, I was able to accept the fact that God showed me the purpose of her lost. Though there are moments, many times indeed, that I questioned about her dying and why God let it happen.

As I strive to live my life, those pains and tears are converted into lessons and understanding the myriads challenges which can do it myself, alone, of not being dependent. I am learning to maneuver life independently. I become mature and open-minded to things. Whenever I heard of dying and I have seen those teary eyes of the people, I can say in silence that they will surely know the reason why such reality happens.

For me, the purpose of life is to learn from everything. Learning accompanies wide acceptance and understanding, embraced in trust and determination to do better and to do the best in whatever ways that life leads a person. It is not because that one dies and now is gone, the life of the other who is living also terminates. Life should always go on no matter what consequences and circumstances may be.

Life displays lots of lesson and to live with it, one should atone to heed in doing the good ways all the time.  

That is why, for Bobbi Katrina, life goes on. This too shall pass and I know someday she will understand that God puts meaning in her life.  She will surely find it.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I have read The Revelation to John in the Bible. I have known that it speaks more about the happening when the world will about to end and the consequences that will happen during the judgment day.  God reveals in the Bible the nature of His coming, that there are signs of destruction and the sinners who don’t accept Him will surely be punished. Those who believe in Him will surely acquire the Paradise that He promised us.

There are flood, typhoons, dimness of the Earth, famine, and plague, fighting among nations, more and more calamities all around the world. These all happens abruptly and God’s appearance in the Earth is like a thief that no one knows when. The only sole armor is the faith and trust in Him through our prayers.

As I was reading the pages of the Revelation, I said to myself in prayer that God hope you will never leave me, that I will be prepared when that day comes. I also stressed that God may you forgive me, help me to be ready at all times.

Of course, all of us want to attain life after death. No one wants to suffer the endless pain in hell. That is why, the readings in the Revelation to John clearly aware the people from all breaths of life to be ready and to accept wholeheartedly God in our lives. He is the only source of strength that will guide us in all the worst scenarios and the horrible happening in the world now and for the coming incidents that this world encounters and will about to face in the future.

It is stated in the reading passages the crucial events that will happen to men before the coming of God and there are many lives that will lost. The Revelation to John reveals the truth about submitting ourselves to God for it is not too late to change from our sinfulness. God only wants us that we will go back to Him and to turn away from our wicked intentions and actions. He wants us to pray and to believe in Him. There is no other wants that God wants us to do, but to seek His presence and to rely in His will.

But the only question that always makes a post now is: Are you willing to enter God into your life sincerely and wholeheartedly? Think about it.

Be Thankful

Be thankful for whatever you have right now is God’s gift to you.

Oftentimes I feel that the bliss of the Lord is always with me. Those impossibilities in this world become possible. It is like that all my dreams come true.

The world shows numerous pains and trials. Those uncertainties and storms blast like a huge typhoon that no one can stop. Its unceasing destruction impede unknown persons to go on without a trace. I have gone through countless tests and sacrifices. I stumble and fall from myriads of trys. I cried in loud tears as if there is nothing left of me. I have felt the feeling of lose and being alone. I have been to the peak of self-pity and said to say depression because of the turmoil this world showed to me. But what I don’t know is that those impurities form me wholly.

Ever since I was a kid, I experienced the exposure of numerous faces of life. There are those that make me totally down. There are those that make me laugh all the time and there are those that make me totally disturbed and rejected.

But I take grip to the Lord who never gets tired of lifting me up every time I fall. He is the armour of my spirit and my shield in whom I find my rest. He is the person who defines. He never leaves me. He never abandons me. He never quit to take the risk of His life for me. I owe Him my life. I owe Him everything that I have right now.

Now, I can say that I can breathe from those turmoils that I have gone through. He is the reason that I survive. He is the reason that I live.

If given a chance to be the wealthiest person and who has enough in life, I would prefer to help people especially those who are homeless and needy. I would like to give back to the Lord all the goodness He is giving me. I want to share what I have to others.

Now that I am journeying with my life, I can’t say that all are in the happy situations for in life, it is a cycle of pains and happiness. But what lessons me now is that I can stand to what is proper and just, to what is appropriate and needed. I am that confident to find the meaning of life because I know that He will not abandon nor forsake me.

I just want to be thankful for all the things that He has done for me. I want to share my blessings to the others who are less fortunate ones.

I want that to happen. I know that someday, when I have all the money from the fruit of my labor, I will unselfishly give to others. I know that God will grant me that.

It is very essential that what we have right now, what we have gone through in the past, this present time and in the future, we always give gratitude to Him who is there for us always. In the end, there is no one left alone, hurt, in pain, lost and crying. God is with us all the time.

 Be thankful all the time.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The community of workers call for the best place to settle that embraces comforts and quality stuff. In order to join in the world of hectic life and busy appointments, one is better to indulge into manifesting things and accessibility to safeguard one's work through providing the best thing out in making everything possible, that even the work should not be compromised. In order to meet this kind of worthwhile demand and services, corner desks reliably lead workers to one's purpose in meeting the desired objectives of a day and meet deadlines that caters to help them further their work in a matter that will lead them to a progressive and happy working atmosphere. 

There are lots of reasons that every person really wants the best and only the best out from one's living.  It is the sole need of every individual to work with ease and to find comfort out from one's work. The only way to upgrade and help everyone in one' business is to seek the help of quality materials and facilities that drive and motivate them to lead in accomplishing one's goal out from their work. 

It is apparently a need that one is always in the quest of looking the best and only the best out from living one's life.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Six years ago, I was one of those students who participated in the class if our teacher displays good-teaching-bearing to us. On the other hand, if our teacher is ruthless then we showed inattentiveness. There are traits in a teacher that I do like and I dislike. 

I like a teacher who is cooperative, has a sense of democracy toward students, patience, kid, considerate but with limitation, fair, challenges students to think, interested to teach and shares his learning, has a good disposition, has a sense of humor, proficient in teaching a subject, flexible, shows expression of praise, approachable and encourages group participation. 

I dislike teachers whose traits are bad-tempered, intolerant, always scolding, unfair, displays favoritism, shows little interest, demands unreasonably, gloomy, unfriendly, sarcastic, unattractive, impatient, inflexible, talks excessively, self-conceited, overbearing, no sense of humor, unprepared in class and seldom gives tests. 

Those are the traits that I expect and not to expect from a teacher. I know that there is no perfect teacher but how he deals with his students or pupils morally and with respect defines the kind of person he becomes to his or her pupils and students. 

Therefore, pupils or students are not to be blamed if they show signs of disrespect sometimes to their teacher if they (teachers) don't display good traits in the class. In as much as also that teacher should learn that in order for them not to feel "neglected" of their pupils or students, they should learn to adjust to what suitable make-over in their attitudes that they should positively bear in them all the time so that they will be loved by their pupils or students in return.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I remember when I was young, my parents thought me Nursery Rhymes, Children's Poem and identifying pictures as well as real objects. I find those activities an enjoyable experience. In fact, my motehr made schedules to follow on what engaging activities we will do everyday every morning 'till afternoon. Those memorable moments are the ones that I will not forget until now. 

I leasrn how to read when I was 4 years old. I read Children's Story Books. It was so fun. There are lots of colorful pictures with the text written below the pictures. I love to read stories and Mother buys me books of all sorts at those times. 

Because of my love in reading, I find it a pleasure. My readiness to read when I was young is motivated. I learn to engage in varied activities using toys, pictures and alphabet blocks. I learn how to identify things through listening and seeing them. I can distinguished actions that direct me to form clues so that I can identify them. I leaned how to pronounce words properly. I learned how to sort things from its forms, color and shapes. I learned to reason out and judge things from what is right to wrong. 

Those preparedness activities that my Mother taught me lead me to love reading. I even read books every now and them. In fact, I have collections of them. This love of reading gives me an edge among others. I am happy that my Mother equipped me with everything when I was still young. I can say that I am successfully happy and I find contentment of myself now that I am facing the world all alone independently.

I can't believe it that Whitney Houston is gone. Now, I just play all over again her songs and the one that I love the most from all her songs is the "I Look to You".

^This song inspire me to move on in life despite of the trials and tribulation that one experiences out from life. Whenever I feel the weight of the world in me, I always listen to this song and I gain back my strength.

I miss Whitney Houston so much!

Friday, February 10, 2012

The pleasure I attain from reading delivers me into the world of thought, fancy and imagination. It enables me to see the details of every bit of life's breath and what composes of it. 

Reading means many things to many people. For me, it is rewarding, nourishing and transforming.

Rewarding. Discovering the answers to every question about exitence makees me a nw me. This boost myserlf that I am rewarded about the fruit out of reading. The learning gained, the knowledge imparted, the skills deverloped, the wisdom revealed and the fulfillment of the self flourish to form the whole me. It s the satisfaction gained that makes reading rewarding. 

Nourishing. As reading is an active conversation between two individuals, the author and the reader, it simulates further to unravel the mysteries of nature. It takes man to feed his mind and fill his soul with clearer, deeper understanding of life's realities. It invigorates the physical, social, spiritual, emotinal and complex processes to simpler and understandable concepts that donates communicatin. As wersons learn many tiings in reading, it quenches the curiosity aspect of human instince of fully cope with the daily living into a life of wonderful transformation from rags to riches. That feeling of being self-fulfilled brings a person's meaning about one's life into cleare view and perspective. 

Transforming. When one reads and will read and will further read more, it transforms him from nothing to full, from scratch to wisdom, from poverty to bounty, from impotency to active life. It is through reading that one acquires to learn and develop one's skills that lead the person to live a life that is free from insecurities and worries. Reading defines the person's ezistence that he will have comprehension of what is going on aruond him. He has the power to perceive and react to every situation. He will gain the integral evaluation to know the better from the best, the right from the wrong. The formation of constructive mind transforms the person into a useful individuals and a great asset to the society. 

When I unceasingly read, I am happy. It satisfies and encourages me to always be positive in life. It quenches my inner soul to dig much deeper the meaning of life. It transport me to discover the mysteries of the world's "whys" and "ifs". I always give gratitude to every reading that I do because everytime I rad, it adds meaning to my life. 

Reading is fun. It is the fulfillment that can't be taken away from you. That is why, never stop reading. Those details that you have read may not be useful now, but in everyday consequences as we marvel life, the learned information from reading will be then applied. Reading is life. Reading is totally fun.

Happy reading!

Monday, February 6, 2012

"Do not love sleep or you will grow poor; stay awake and you will have food to spare." Proverbs 20:13

I was struck by this line in the Bible. Oftentimes, I prefer to sleep that to work. I prefer to be sitting on the couch and watch TV. Sometimes too, I just want to be at home doing nothing. But now I have realized that I need to get up and bar the door. I need to move, to work, to find ways, to wake up. I need to earn money in order to live. After all, life is death if one always go and prefer to choose on his comfort zone. I need to excel, to be of use, to make a difference, to go life the way it is. 

There is no bright future for lazy people. Money, getting them is not like a get-rich thing that constantly land in one's hands without going hard labor. To have money, one must sacrifice to work. One must know the fruit of his labor. 

Life is not easy. I have realized that I have to do more and give more, show my extreme best in order to live and to rest my life in God for He knows everything for me. 

Now, I have learned why my parents work hard for us. I have realized that they unceasingly do everything to give us brighter future, to bring food on the table, to give us the best shelter and clothing. Now, that I am a Mother, I stick to what values they have thought me. I am motivated to work and work for the sake of my family. Laziness has no space in my life now.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Reading the Bible and accepting the teachings of God nourish the spirit. It adds spiritual upliftment and emotional confidence as we do our everyday lives. 

People are composed of body and spirit. Bodily components are our plysical, emotional, mental and social needs. Our spiritual needs are the ones that help also all those 4 components function well for a weak spirit dwons the soul. 

I have read the Bible in the Book of Proverbs, but I was struck most by this line, Proverbs 13:10 that says...

Pride only breeds quarrel, but wisdom is found in those who take advice.
Sometimes I am in the "higher ego" of dominantly want that my decisions will be the ones which will always be followed. I don't hear my husband's side. I don't want to hear other people's advices. For how many decisions that my side were materialized, it gives me the blow of happiness for I have found that it results to something good. But just like life takes deeper tests, there were those decisions of mine that were failed which made me shameful and regretful. 

I have realized that the rule that "two heads are better than one" is still the best policy. Now, I am learning the big lessons out from my mistakes. I will not argue with my husband when we plan or decide on some things. I openly listen to his side and I patiently accept what is on his mind. Oftentimes, we do give and take. In this way, we create a good atmosphere of respect and love which strengthens more our relationship as married couple.

Indeed, the best book that guides our lives is the Bible. I have learned a lot form It. It directs me to the right path and great realizations out from the wrong decisions I have made.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I went through evaluating the right book for my baby David. There are lots of children books that I have found and I scanned over them. There is this portion on the book that seems a "probonu" part of the book that I have selected for David. This shares about the tips of selecting the best book for children which can be found in its introductions. For every beginning, introduce the conflict, event, climax, resolution and conclusion of a story, people should be aware of the signals that arouse children's thinking ability. It should be that for every part, the signals should be: 

Beginning - Once upon a time..., One day in the life of..., There was once..., I am..., In the old, old days...
Introduce the conflict - But one day..., Suddenly..., It was...until...
Events - And so..., Because of that..., However..., It happened so...
Climax - Until finally..., He/She had to decide..., Would he/she...
Resolution - And so..., At last..., Finally..., Alas!..., Eureka...
Conclusion - In the end..., It was..., After that..., Here ends the story of the life of..., This story teaches us...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Babies need food. As early as an infant, from the moment I gave birth to my baby, I feed him with my milk. But as he grows older as 8-month old, I alternately give him my milk, baby's powdered milk and of course, cereals. He starts teething. As a result, I think that he can start eating cereals. Actually, the time I introduced him the cereals, the unstoppably ask for more. Cereals approve his palate. 

Now, my friends asked me about my baby's fat body. They told me that maybe his weight is not appopriate for his age. He looks fat. I am thinking that too. Maybe he is obese. Thanks God, his doctor told me that it is normal for my baby to gain weight for the main reason that I give him more food. Now, I don't have to worry more. Good thing that my baby eats the right cereal.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

There is always a time for everything. 

When I was a kid, I act like a kid. But now that I am a Mother, I act with full motherly responsibility. 

Being a Mother takes 24 hours of the days, for the whole lifetime's effort. Managing the home, taking care of the children, planning with your husband, earning for a living, it takes total, full-time responsibility. 

Now, having baby David, it is like instantly doing everything for the sake of my baby without feeling the pain of working much. Whatever jobs (that is not immoral, not illegal) I take. I even plan to go back to school because it is so hard to work having no degree for those jobs that earn a lot are those with professional marks. 

Whenever I take a step out of the house everyday, this is for my David and my family. My husband has the job, but being dependent of him in all the finances can't really help. So I work hard to earn much money for my David's welfare. And I will never get tired. 

Being a Mother really takes full responsibility. It makes us mature in many ways. Nothing is more regretful if we can see how successful and happy our children are in the future because of our love and care.