Thursday, October 31, 2013

The world is surrounded with wonderful people. They are the shield in every sadness. They are the happiness in every loneliness and they are the ones who make life meaningful and worth living for. 

Friendship. It is the key to a happy life. In this world, there is no point of being lonely, instead there is a huge point to be with people. 

Extending one's circle of friends is not only limited to a specific country. Nations can make everyone's life meaningful. Everyone can befriend people from other countries, from one country to another, from a near place to a place where one needs to ride by plane or ship in order to reach there. 

Friendship is a solid evidence that can't be bought by any material thing even money. It can only be attained by talking, smiling and building trust. The key word is "communication". That is why, is making this kind of extraordinary connection between you and me for in this world it takes two to tango. 

The start of love is friendship. The start of building a family is through knowing each other. The start to live a happy life is through building love and trust. All these can only be attained in 

Life is filled with meaningful and realistic happenings because of!