Sunday, March 31, 2013

This is David, my son and he is so adorable and a happy person.

I am so blessed and thankful that the Lord has given us this angel who brings all the happiness in our lives. I couldn't expect that my husband can give me our beautiful baby boy because he is old as he is now in his 42nd. What a great God we have that He blesses us with this angel, David. And we are planning to add more babies after I finish my schooling as a nursing student.

This smiling face erases our boredom and tiredness. This smile reminds us to always work hard more and more. This smile brings us more to appreciate life and what it offers to us. This perfect smile always pursues us to wake up every morning with a delight in our spirit. This extraordinary smile serves us to love God more and be thankful for all the blessings that we have received and we will be receiving. This smile is so perfect!

We really love our David. That is why, we sacrifice ourselves to work hard. No matter how tired I feel because of studying, but as I picture David in my mind, it eventually turn my tiredness into perseveringly working hard and work at my best all the time.

This baby of ours is so amazing. We are happy that God has given us this angel. What I always pray to God is to keep my baby away from all harm and accidents, to make my baby super healthy and a happy, respectful person all his life. I always pray for his safety and may all his plans and dreams will come true.

David makes me more mature to combat life. David makes us more stronger to work hard everyday. David makes us wonderfully appreciate life and be thankful always to Jesus Christ, our Lord for all the things He showered us every now and then.

We love you son! We love you so dearly, David!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

A story can never be alive without the actors and actresses involved in it. Imagine yourself reading a story without persons involved. Probably, all you see is just a mirage of blatant, hollow space of imagination. Lifeless!

In the battlefield of the story, the leading faces throw to the characters. They are the persons, animals or creatures that are part of the story. They act, perform, appear and play their individual role. This gives the “real” feel of the story for most probably without then, there can be no story. They can be known and seen through their appearance, actions and displayed attitudes that others will criticize or appreciate them for such.

There are those protagonists. They are displaying the positive character. Antagonist, the negatives. There are Foil who act as adviser, friend, defender or just merely substitute for the protagonist or antagonist. The Background are those others who donate certain roles in the story.

Characters display series of developments of their roles. The Individuals are those that are round, many-sided and portray complex personalities. Flat, they do not change in surprising ways. Static, never change at all throughout the story. Round, they are more complex. Developing, they are dynamic.

The life of the story owes much to the characters. Their roles are based on real life or just mere supernatural imaginations to the one who made them appear such, the author.

Our body needs food in order to sustain to live our life. And there you have the food, the main concern now that needs to do then is to swallow them after mastication. 

Swallowing just like turning food into pieces has something to do with love. How? 

The digested food in order to properly be transported to the stomach, it has to pass through the esophagus, but it needs extra reminders from the swallowers, the people in order to master safe swallowing.

One should eat slowly so that the food in your mouth will turned out to perfect pieces, right enough to enter the esophagus for healthy transport going down the stomach. That is why also, one need not to talk while eating. 

One should avoid distractions while eating - remove loose dentures. You also need to sit up while eating as like you should position your head correctly. Use a teaspoon and take only one-half teaspoon of food or liquids at a time. And it is best that you only select foods and fluids of appropriate consistency in order to aid the delivery of the food properly in the stomach. 

These simple things are quite unreachable especially when one is hungry that grabbing to eat is the initial thing in one's mind, or if talkative that the mouth can't be able to shut up while it is full. This would lead to a great problem in swallowing. 

The only sure way to give justice to the food we eat is to deliver them safe and sound and to follow these essential tips to safe swallowing.

How can a long selection be short? How can a wide ideas be condensed without losing its important parts?

Summarizing gives us the idea to briefly made long statements short in which the main points are still there. There are no alterations nor deleted important ideas, instead it makes a precise and concise statement of ideas based on one's own words. Summarizing is well called by other names as precis, abstract, digest and synopsis.

When we say Precis, it uses reader's own words through briefly stating the essential ideas of a longer prose or verse. In other words, the ideas presented here are those that without comment or interpretation, but rather it upholds to embrace the presentation of the ideas using the same mood, tone and using the same point of view as the original text.

Abstract is for the summarizing forms of reports, journals, papers and addresses at professional meetings. They are mostly needed and used by specialists in numerous fields who may not have time to read all the studies being done in their field. 

Lastly, Digest is for article printed in a periodical and/or abridgment of the article. In fact, it stays sections of the article unchanged.

Summarizing can be fun. Once you have mastered it, it will surely make work faster and effective. That is why, in order to make summarizing an obvious talent and art in writing, one must select only the important ideas to be considered in summarizing. It is best to re-estate accurately each main idea, omit those umimportant ones, combine two or more sentences into one sentence and as much as possible, it should be approximately as one-third of the original text.

Always remember that when you summarize, take into account the very main thought - Be brief!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I have a taste of this wafer everytime I have my breakfast. I paired this with milk and it is so delicious like when you are eating this, it seems like there is no tomorrow.

It is not hard. It is so yummy. Once eaten, it is so soft and it seems like you are in heaven. It is the egg that is actually abundant of this wafer because when I take a bite, the smell of the egg is like the one that I am tasting a lot with its flavor as well.
This wafer has iron and other nutrients that is needed in the body. It is also best for my son. Once tasted, it seems like you will not stop eating.

This wafer is like a food for my hungry stomach always! 

Friday, March 15, 2013

I was just in the living room with David around the whole place playing. As I have read the favorite book that I love to read, I have noticed something extraordinarily a discover of my little David.

He is getting his notebook and with my pen on his hand. He hold it right! And I was like getting the camera quickly in order to capture this moment.

My David is so smart because he is learning to do things well even he is just 2 years old now. He can make perfect circles out from the way he used to hold the pen. And I find this stage of discovery that he is indeed learning everyday.

I used to write on my notebook. David's curiosity and observation on the way I write which he always see that make him imitate what I am doing and indeed, he does it well. I was so happy that my little angel really all the might to learn even at a young age. He is so observant and a discoverer.

It is such a nourishing experience for him and a wonderful feeling for me as a mother because my David is really that smart. And I am proud of that!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mostly, I rely on frying especially when I am on the rush for work. And it is a very sad experience that when I am in the middle of preparing quick, then the fry becomes totally horrible! The food is like coated with coal.

I am very much happy that I find the right solution of frying-free-horrible-sticking experience. This no-stick is just right for what I really want in frying especially when I am in the hurry of cooking the food. This is really a big help for me! And it protects my hearth because it is all fat free cooking for it is an Olive Oil. 

With this cooking spray, all my frying problems is wonderfully solved! This is truly amazing!