Saturday, May 30, 2009

Our home is the place where life's comfort brings. It is the place where we can rest and unwind from the stress that the outside world put on us. Our home is our shelter where we could eventually lean and start to live. The whole vicinity of our home reflects the personality that each member has. As much as we give personal care to our body, we must take into account to beautify and clean our home. Just like our pathways. This is the most accessible part of our house that we pass through every day. Pathways should also be cleaned. We can have landscape design of our pathways so that the beauty of it will always remain. We can maintain the cleanliness and design through landscaping for the reason that as we walk through our pathways, it feels like it is welcoming us home. Landscape design is also needed for the proper aura of our home.

News: May 31, 2009, Philippines

United States Defense Secretary Robert Gates will be in Manila on May 31 to June 1 to discuss bilateral security issues with his counterpart Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro.They will meet on Monday morning in Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon City. Gates cited was the bilateral and multilateral cooperation on maritime security and anti-piracy. He also mentioned the common effort being undertaken by the international community in fighting pirates off Somalia, and in helping secure shipping routes in the region. For more... You can visit the website at

My family and I always watch TV especially when we are having our pastime together at our home. Entertainment is in our roots and we don’t want to miss single information from watching TV. For us, choosing Direct TV is our best choice of bringing entertainment to our home. It is like a part of our routinary activities everyday. DIRECT TV has a wide and clear coverage of directtv satellite tv that captures the real package of live entertainment. Directtv satellite offers more programming and equipment of directtv satellite tv whether you choose various television preferences. They also offer free installation and free equipment to cater our needs. Moreover, they also offer Free DirectTV DVR Plus, Multi -Room System, 100 percent digital satellite, programming discounts and local networks available. They are number one in customer service as well. With these guaranteed service and assurance, entertainment is more possible for me and my family. With the growing technological advancement, my family needs informations that will ensure us with learnings and facts through entertainment. Furthermore, watching TV is considered to be a learning task where most of us are perceiving and grasping informations through observations, emotional reactions and getting updates of what is the latest and of what is going on with our environment and the world. I am very sure that Direct TV reaches home, the best entertainment ever especially for my family.

Having pets at home is a relaxing feeling after a hard days work. Pets like these four puppies of mine really help me in many ways to release the stress I feel from the outside world. It is like having them as a home. My puppies loves to play and chase after me. I also play with them too. I make sure that when I go home, I spend time with them. It is a wonderful feeling that when I reach home from work, they bark and wiggle thier tails as they welcome me home. How happy am I that I have these four, cute and playful puppies who would give me such pleasures. I frankly can testify that they are the best puppies in the world.
I named these four puppies as Nicole, Vanessa, Clinton and Jack. Eventhough they are different in some ways due to the way they act and play but still I treat them equally. I never hesitate to feed and bathe them. Just like I am concious of my health, I give much effort to treat them with love and care. For me, they are like a shelter where I find a home.

Friday, May 29, 2009

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I see life in the faces of nature. Nature such like this that views the levels of mountains from the low to the highest one. Just like life, we experience various trials and problems in life of different levels and depths. It is a test for many and a challenge for few. Seldom you think that you will not find light in spite of the many facets of life's trials and problems but you are wrong, in times of hardships, you will surely gain light. Almost all the people in the world hate problems but we have to set that life displays numerous, countless problems that we might often think that there is no easy way around. It is true that there is no easy way for things that you really want but there is an easy way for you to fix or work for it. God is the answer in everything and anything. Make God your first choice in whatever you do because He will surely make your way in light amidst the darkness. Make God your life.

Stress makes us look old and unhealthy. I have experienced too much stress almost everyday because of work and not having proper sleep. I have great problems regarding my eyes especially when I am very stressful because I have wrinkles, dark circles and bags. It bothers me a lot. Almost everyday I encounter various persons because I am a business woman and I have to deal with my customers. I am always concious with my eyes because there was a time that my customers told me that maybe I have to rest because while we were talking, she noticed that my eye bags are heavy to look at and she thought that I lack enough rest and sleep, which is of course, the main reason for having that stressful eyes. That is of course, a bad impression for me especially that I am a business woman and I really have to be concious of my poise and looks. I tried lots of products, but I tell you there is just one brand that I am 100 percent guaranteed especially when it comes to wrinkles, bags and dark circles of my eyes. I use the best eye cream named Dermajuv Eye Revolution Gel. It really works for me. I apply it before I sleep at night. I am happier now because of that eye cream. Now, my customer takes no worries for me. I am looking younger and more healthier. The best of this product is you can see the result within 3 to 5 days. I am happy that I use the best eye cream for my wrinkles, bags and dark circles of my eye. You, too, can have great experience like me. Use the best eye cream for all your problems with your eye such as wrinkles, bags and dark circles.

Here are some of the beutiful quotes and sayings that I want to share with you:

1. How faithful the Lord is. He said, "I will not leave until I have finish giving you everything I promise you." Genesis 28:15.

2. Everything that god allows you to come into your life is with a purpose. He uses even the deepest hurt and the greatest error to mould us into a person of worth and value.

3. In times of confusion, and in times when you are running out of choices, be reminded of one thing: PRAYER CHANGES EVERYTHING!

4. If God answers your prayer, He is increasing your faith. If he delays, He is increasing your patience. If He doesn't answer, He is preparing the best for you.

5. I love mornings. It makes me think of the value of life. It asks me to live not yesterday's sorrows nor tomorrow's dreams but today's blessings.

6. Major premise: "Our feelings come from our thoughts." Conclusion: We can control our feelings by learning to change one thing, THE WAY WE THINK.

Explore. Nurture. Experience. Cherish. These four things are the best wants of mother all over the world for their child. Most mothers nurture thier child to explore the world through thier own little ways of experiencing what the world gives them. Of course, they want all the best for thier children and that is why, they take every chances to let the child grow, live and experience.
With these visions, child music education came into existence with lots of things that they store for the proper nourishment and development of your child through child music classes and baby music classes. It is a desired fact that most children perceive things with fast memory while they are still young. That is why, nurturing them with good learning skills will fully develop their mental, emotional, social, intellectual and physical needs. Of course, the first aspect of learning for a child to develop is their listening skills. It is through auditory discrimation and auditory perception that the child can fully understand the world where he or she is in. Much so, senses of touch, taste, smell and sight will then coordinate with each other. The way parents engage their child in different learning activities while still young will positively result for healthy lifestyle of the child and his proper development. Every child has the right to live life to the fullest as well as a child has also the right to be educated. With the proper guidance and supervision of their parents, the child will really excel in all aspects of learning. That is why, child's life is like an investment for him and his family on what he will become when he or she grows up. In the future, he will know the proper way of dealing of the world and the people around him. That is why, it is better to let them explore and experience those learning skills in life. It is for their future.

In this fast pace of technological advancement together with the rising economic crisis that all the world experience, practicality is the main asset to set one's oppurtunities in life. It is a must to save and gain much earnings fom our savings. We cannot deny that all the commodities are getting high and the price of each item is causing to get high in a minute or days. Where to find money in order to buy the things we basically want to buy like food, shelter, clothings and others. Of course, we can't compromise our education for that matter because that is the only real fact that we could help sustain ourself in the future. The important thing is always be ready and have that reserve savings for the future. In that manner, we see life as simple as it is.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

All lands and its dominion here on Earth are owned by many individuals. That is the right that has set for us. Having land properties are the fruit of our labor and sacrifices for so many years of savings, hardships and hardworks. It is our utmost investment that our family has planted and built. Buying and selling one's properties is a realization of our dreams to extend further progress in life. That is why, there are Land for sale, ranches for sale as well as Fishing properties for sale.

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As I do my routinary activities today like praying in the morning as soon as I wake up, preparing my meal and going to work, I realized that I should make things in order. Just like the task given to me today, I find many things that pops on my mind and as a result, I don't understand what is the first thing to do because I find most of them interesting and I should prioritize first the most needed work than the least one. I should finish the easier ones than the most difficult one. Eventhough how tough things got me this day, I ended my job well but quite time consuming. I have learned today that I should set simplier goals to do than to work on the difficult ones first. How about you? What good things you learn today?

Everything in life has its own purpose. Even the single and simple thing like bowls are having tremendous purposes of one's living. It is very useful for our needs. So every thing is created with a purpose and I am bringing that big purpose to you.

The wonderful discovery of Crystal Singing Bowls which is found in the Tibetan peninsula, particularly the Himalayan mountain region. No wonder that is considered as the most unique bowls ever made especially used for Yoga relaxing mind exercises. The Crystal Singing Bowl made by the natives of Tibet and Nepal. It is designed to well suit your needs. Furthermore, caters to offer the various designs of bowls to create a beautiful song perfect for meditation and healing. While you relaxes your body and mind, the Crystal Singing Bowl is the prime and important thing that you will need. Get the best bowl at

Everyday, we experience different moods because we don't exactly know what are the things that we might encounter or the events that will come our way. But there is a sure way that will boast ourselves up and that is to SMILE. If you are a problematic person, it is your lose if you frown everyday because in the first place it is your choice. Therefore, make that SMILING your primary priority and you will see the wonderful experience that the world will smile back at you. Have a SMILY DAY!

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Getting into the usual thing everyday seem boring to do. To make yourself feel at ease and with gladness in your heart, it is very important to break the usual thing by making it colorful through spending your time doing things that you really love to do. Just like when you are tired of work and you need to relax, you can play computer games or have check the net or either make some personal writings about the significant experience you can write for the day, that indeed will really break the usual busy day that you have. Getting into the right choice of living is the perfect match for your enjoyment. Get that old usual stuff by simply doing to do the things you enjoy.

Monday, May 25, 2009

I love the sunset. It symbolizes a new beginning of life as we start a brand new day. It also symbolizes hope and chances of every oppurtunity that will come our way. I work everyday and everyday is a new day for me. A day that I set for my goals, plans and visions to fulfill. Just like this sunset, after every challenges and problems, you will find light.

The Earth is now a garbage of all kinds of pollution. It destroys the environment as well as the atmosphere. Anyway, people can save our planet if only we give much concern about it.

Plant trees, proper disposal of waste and strict disciple are the best solutions to protect the endangered environment.

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Global Economic Crisis is felt by all countries around the world and hitting the local and domestic economic problems affecting the labor sector and business sectors causing social interest beyond the limits of our society. With the precent phenomenon, the great hallucost started to roll the condemnation, that people in all walks of life had no recourse in the diverse situation. It is very alarming problem that million are jobless; if job is available, cost of living is surging down very much low that a family can no longer eat three meals a day. The rich became more richer that they take advantage of the situation witht their high cost of commodities charged to their products. In some third world countries, like the Philippines, labor cost is very much low, no more minimum wage. Even in multinational companies, they give below minimum daily wage of 150 pesos or even lesser. The government should look into this situation and do something to improve the living condition of the people.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

This day, I come to appreciate the beauty of me. Not because of my physical looks but because I contribute a lot of my favorite working ability which is making compositions through writing. I was able to give insights and donate views on things that is of broad and of varied satire and issues. I achieve the best reward that I possess and that is the precious talent that the Lord sets for me. I appreciate the beauty on me now that I can see things which I am capable of doing and that thing is the thing that I love to do - writing. I am very thankful to the Almighty who shares lots of blessings and talents for me to share and impart to others, marking a great difference in their lives.

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Everyday we endlessly work, work and work. We never cease to stop working in order for us to survive. Life leads a lot of challenges that makes us to move and take a rapid action on matters that we find it relevant to our needs. But have we question ourselves, what makes life happy?

A happy life is a life that is meaningful and embraces the morality of living. We all have desires, wants and ambitions in life to pursue. Realizing it takes a lot of sweat, sacrifices and efforts. Most of us find happiness when we reach and fulfill our dreams into the wider world of prosperity and success. It is an obvious fact that people tend not to satisfy from wants of things and material possessions but whatever your heart desires, it comes to you the least you expect it. Just a big force of trust and faith together with great sacrifices are the main ingredients to make life a success. Above all, calling the Divine Providence, Lord Jesus is the best armour that brings a positive legacy that makes our life a lot happier every now and then.


In a world where we find ourselves more fascinated about views and opinions as well as the current events that are happening around the globe today, yesterday and tomorrow, it is worth asking about the most important aspect of consumer goods: entertainment. What makes entertainment entertaining? What is entertainment, anyway? Why do we need it?

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Anti-depressant are mood-stabilizing drugs used to treat a variety of conditions, including moderate to severe depressive disorder, anxiety attacks and post-traumatic stress disorder. These are beneficial to use to calm the feeling of the patient but they have side effects as well like nausea, diarrhea, agitation, headaches, dry mouth, blurred vision, drowsiness, dizziness, tremors, sexual problems, skin rash, weight gain or loss, hepatitis, heart attack, stroke, and seizures. It is your choice when to use anti-depressants and to how much dosage. It is therefore a must to consult a doctor than to self-medicate.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

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I love collecting inspiring messages because I can get learnings from them. Here are some of the quotes that I'd like to share with you.

1. Friends, a word worn out in use. Almost devoid of meaning. But I promise between us, "friends" will never be jusy a word but a truth.

2. Sometimes your existence gives hopw to a person. Your smile may be a pearl for someone. Your presence might be the desire of the one who loves you dearly. So value yourself, you exist for a reason.

3. A breath of prayer in the morning means a day of power and blessings. Let God's providence reminds you that He has prepared the best for you today.

4. Godly living means no regrets about yesterdays, no embarassment, no schemes for tomorrow.

5. Jesus is the arm that will hold you at your weakest, the eye that will see you at your neediest and the heart that will love you at your worst. Be strong God is with you.

6. Success in life can never be an accident. It is the result of right decisions at the right time. Champions are not the people who never fail but the people who never quit.

7. Patience is not only the ability to wait but the abillity to keep a good attitude while waiting. God makes all things beautiful in His time.

8. Love. Some say, it hurts. Yes, it does. Because LOVE is what Jesus did for us at the cross.

Wherever you are in the world, communication is the tool for understanding and sharing the gift of life. Through this, a lot of relationships were built and love takes its wing to the wider world of various beliefs and nationalities. We are crafted for the sole purpose to communicate to people and that is the prime purpose why came into existence. This site caters to suit your needs for you to reach out communicating to Jewish people. You will have the chance to know them, build relationships and who knows, he or she is the man or the woman of your dreams. That is very possible at free jewish chat. To start with the process, you are going to register at their site for free and then you can start chatting them. They offer services such as Jewish chat, Jewish webcams, Jewish chatrooms, Jewish chat lines as well as Jewish chatline. Knowing them is just a click away with your finger. This is the instant access where you know some Jewish individuals to make friends with you and learn from each other. Where else you could find such offer as like this? It is only here at Communication is a must at Register now!

Color reveal the personality of a person. But do you know what are the meaning of every color?

1. Red
a. Light red - joy, sexuality, passion, sensitivity, love, indecision
b. Dark red - willpower, rage, wrath, tenseness, vigour, anger, leadership,
courage, yearning, malice, wrath
c. Maroon - indecisiveness

2. Pink
a. Pale pink - sweetness of youth, fragility
b. Vibrant pink - high spirits, energy, youth

3. Orange
a. Dark orange - autumn, deceit, distrust
b. Red orange - desire, sexuality, pleasure, domination, aggression, thirst for
c. Bright orange - tangy citrus, health
d. Pale orange - apricot, coral, peach and melon are sophisticated

4. Brown
a. Reddish-brown - harvest, autumn
b. Beiges and tans - sophistication, neatness, conceals emotion
c. Copper - passion, money goals, professional growth, business productivity,
career moves
d. Coffee browns - sophistication, richness, robustness, panache

5. Gold - wealth, god, winning, safety, masculine power, happiness, playful humour, prestige, wisdom, love of spirit, meaning, purpose, awe, spiritual love, quests of the heart, desire for power, mystic powers, higher mathematics, sciences, attainment, concentration.

6. Yellow
a. Dull yellow - caution, decay, sickness, jealousym aging
b. Light yellow - intellect, freshness, and joy
c. Ivory/cream - quiet, pleasantness, calm, understated elegance, purity,
softness, more rich and warm than white

7. Green
a. Dark green - money, ambition, greed, jealousy, heaviness, prestige, promotes
b. Yellow-green/lime green - sickness, cowardice, discord, and jealousy, nausea -
don't use this colour for promoting food products as
it's an appetite depressant.
c. Olive green - peace

8. Blue
a. Royal Blue - richness, superiority, cold
b. Dark blue - depth, expertise, stability, credibility (especially with gold),
intellect, wisdom, corporate colour, warmth, knowledge, power,
integrity, seriousness, knowledge, health, decisiveness, law,
order, logic, dependability, serenity

9. White - spirituality, goddess, peace, higher self, purity, virginity, reverence, simplicity, cleanliness, humility, precision, innocence, youth, birth, winter, snow, good, sterility, cold, clinical, sterility, clarity, perfection, innocence, virginity, goodness, light, fairness, safety, positivity, faith, coolness, charity, successful innovations, union, self-sacrifice, holiness, feminine divinity, pristine, chastity, positivity

10. Grey - security, reliability, intelligence, staid, modesty, dignity, maturity, solid, conservative, practical, old age, sadness, boring, practicality, professional, sophisticated, durability, quality, quiet, conservativeness, gloominess, sadness

11. Black - protection, repelling negativity, binding, shapeshifting, power, sexuality, sophistication, formality, elegance, classy, wealth, power, mystery, fear, evil, anonymity, unhappiness, depth, style, evil, sadness, remorse, anger, underground, modern music, space, high quality, bad luck, formality, reservedness, dignity, elegance, secretiveness, fear of the unknown, night, emptiness, dirtiness, sophistication, strength of character, dramatic, authority, prestige, grief, anger, reliability, strong, classic, strength, anti-establishment, modernism, serious


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The best thing for a pregnant mother is to deliver the baby properly and without any problem. The confusing part of it is when the mother or the father will name the baby. Frankly, I don't know where my parents got my name. I don't have any idea where they got it or who they refer to. Most parents like the name for the their baby girl as Nicole, Samantha, Victoria or Maria. But for me, Cecille Ann is the best name in the world because I was known by my friends as Cecille or it can lead to remember Saint Cecilia. Anyway, whatever that names are, there is a purpose for it but I hope that parents will not name their child like Stupidy or Baddy because naming names is also a big aspect to consider to boast the child's self-esteem and neglect to cause inferiority in them because bullying is a negative dehumanizing acts of causing harm to others.

Live corals and salt water fish are a match of indoor decoration of aquarium living animals. Some rare and exotic variety of salt water fishes fresh from the sea can be sold at dependable price. Colorful species are much in demand and costly that is very rare also to find in the sea. Some common fish abound largely elsewhere and could easily catch for the basin. Abundantly, varieties of common fishes are not much in demand for sale. Live coral and reefs which the salt water fish live underwater in serenity, which the aquarium serves as a sanctuary of reef saltwater animals. Buy salt water fish for your aquarium. It adds beauty to your home and explores the great wonders of nature’s living things under the sea. Live corals serve as the home of salt water fish. Moss that develop and grow give nutritious food for the fish. The aquarium with varities of fish gives joy and happiness to one’s heart. You have full admiration of bountiful blessings. Rediscover underwater living things and animals within your aquarium. Buy salt water fish for your aquarium that is available in stores. It is quiet and catching delight to have seafarer in the house. Experience the wonders of underwater animals right at your home!

My friends and I had attended a seminar last April. It is a 5-day seminar. That 5 days took me to get homesick. Though I experience being far from home many years ago as I had my education during my college years in a long distance place. It is those days that I really miss home. The feeling of emptiness being far away is a disturbing one because I am not at ease. I just imagine my bed, the TV, surfing the net, cook the meal and read books. It is just no place like home.

There are many ways to enjoy life to the fullest as we live just once. We never can turn back the hands of time if we want to enjoy life especially when we are at our old adulthood stage. There are many places to travel, reminiscing the gift of life and take each chance to breathe the wind of triumphant blessings. If you want to travel to Europe and experience the beauty of their place, then is the place to be. They cater the best reservations ever. If you want to go to Prague, then you can reserve at Hotel Prague, for Madrid at Hotel Madrid and for Barcelona at Hotel Barcelona. They take care of you and all your needs as you travel to their place. It is a fact that people nowadays, love to travel and it is reported that most of the tourist destinations of most travelers are headed for Europe. Obviously, Europe is regarded as a place for travelers to experience the package of excitement with their beautiful and historic spots where the existence of history and literature onset on their place. Everyone dreams of Europe and make Europe your dreams as well. Travel now!

We are living in a material world. It is a complicated world for we don't know what lies ahead for us. We always work and do our best for the fulfillment of our dreams and to further strive in order to survive. As such the bottomline is we live to survive. But worrying a lot is not the final avenue for us to live life and what's next of this day. Don't you know that birds and some animals as well as the plants and trees live without worrying. They don't have hands and feet to physically do some work for them to feed themselves and we humans are bless to have those. But why they are still alive? Why do they stand even through the tough and plague times. Have you question yourself of that? Have you reflected on that thing a while ago or in time? The best thing in life is God. Imagine, we are here on Earth and always strive to work hard everyday for us to live. But why should we worry much? Of course, we don't have to just wait and wait and wait for us to be blessed with food on our stomach but we must and will recognize Him who do many wonders of this world. Why discourage of things? He is always there. He never fails. He is waiting for your prayer and He knows your tears. Have time to contemplate and be with Him for all your life and you will see the WONDERS of your life.

Friday, May 22, 2009


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Just this day that I encountered a lot of things which I found to be unusual. I don't know if that it is a bad luck or maybe this just a great awakening, a challenge maybe that I can learn to live from everyday experiences. I went through the market today and I bought a kilo of fish. Unfortunately, the saleslady said that the fish is 4$ a pound. I paid her with the said amount. As I was about to go our from the side, I saw someone selling the same fish with much lesser price but of the same freshness. Huh! I should have save about some bucks for it. Next time, I should survey first before I desied to buy because there are good things that store at the end.

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Lactose intolerance is the inability to mobilize lactose, a sugar found in milk and other dairy products because the required enzyme lactase is absent in the intestinal system or its availability to be lowered. To assess lactose intolerance, the intestinal function is challenged by ingesting more dairy than can be readily digested. Symptoms namely nausea, diarrhea, bloating, cramping and flatulence are expected to occur to those individuals who suffers lactose intolerance.

What are some products that have much lactose content?

Lactose is a water-soluble molecule. Therefore fat percentage and the
curdling process have an impact on which foods may be tolerated. Most diary products contain much lactose namely, milk, butter, yogurt, cheeses, sour cream and ice cream.

What one should do to prevent or minimize lactose intolerance?

When lactose avoidance is not possible, or on occasions when a person chooses to consume such items, then enzymatic
lactase supplements may be used. The enzyme, β-galactosidase, is available in tablet form in a variety of doses, in many countries without a prescription. It functions well only in high-acid environments, such as that found in the human gut due to the addition of gastric juices from the stomach. Unfortunately, too much acid can denature it is therefore should not be taken on an empty stomach. Also, the enzyme is ineffective if it does not reach the small intestine by the time the problematic food does. Lactose-sensitive individuals should experiment with both timing and dosage to fit their particular need.

I work 6 days a week. huh! I only have one day off but that's fine. They told me that they will hire a part time so that he/she could help if it's busy and so that I can have a 2 days off. I just want to watch a movie together with my husband or do some shopping.

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Arthritis is an inflammation of a joint characterized by pain, swelling and redness. It may start with a mild ache and stiffness that may later develop to severe pain and even deformity. One type of arthritis is Still's disease. It is an arthritis that affects children. It lasts more than three months. Symptoms of Still's disease include fever, rash, abdominal pain, enlarged lymph glands and weight loss. Lasting for several weeks, these symptoms gradually give way to joint pain, swelling and stiffness that appear several years. There is, however, a chance that the patient may develop permanent stiffness and joint deformity.

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The most important part when you are in for a job is having a cintract. A contract is a true significance that you are really a member in the company where you are going to work and it is the basis that you have the desired position for the term of service in the said office. Here are some things that you are going to consider when signing a contract.

1. Make sure that you get a copy.

Be sure that you get a copy of the contract in a safe place, for when there are some legal problems that might occur, you will have something for your defense.

2. Take your time.

Don't allow anyone to rush you. It is your right to thoroughly understand and the read what is in your contract.

3. Be sure all blank spaces are filled in.

Never sign a contract with blank spaces. If the matter is not applicable, you should draw a line through the space or put the bold initials N/A (Not Applicable).

4. Get an advice from an expert lawyer.

If there's anything that you don't understand, try to ask the lawyer for you to be clarified.

5. Read all the small prints. The terms and conditions must be spelled out clearly.

6. Any chages or increased costs for extra work should also be written.

7. Deal with only reputable individuals or comapnies.

8. Above all, before signing a contract, be sure that you really want the job.

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Why worry?!

There are some instances in our lives that we feel too much weariness and frustrations. But why should we worry? I don't know what I am feeling this day. I can't find any explaination regarding this matter. It is just that this feeling suddenly pop up in my heart. Why worry?! I don't know...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

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My pet cat.

I love having pets at home. I have pet dogs and a pet cat. But what I am fond to play with most of the time is my pet cat. As we all know cats are also known as domestic or house animals. They are friendly to humans in some ways. They are valuable for human’s companionship and they have the ability to hunt cockroaches, lizards, snakes and some other household pests. I love my cat. I feed her 3 times a day. I always make sure that she is not hungry. That is my pet cat. Her name is Miming.

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Bee Pollen

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Life is like a long, narrow road where everyone strives to take no matter how difficult the way is. Just like the long, narrow raod above, there are many holes and stones that makes one to travel in an unbalanced manner of driving one's journey. A disturbed road that makes everyone uncomfortable. Life is like a road that seldom doesn't have problems and trials. Such inconsistencies in life mould one to safety manuever its journey to where it should smoothly go and grow. Those trials and sacrifices that makes us whole will lead us into the brighter future and a mature, better person. Many people and almost all of us don't want extreme problems because we don't want to take things in a hard and much harder way. But there is light in darkness. Just imagine yourself living in a world without pains and sufferings. Are we going to grow and know life's meaning? There are lots of things that we need to do in order for us to be mature and for us to know the gift that the Almighty has given to us everyday. And having pain in life is a great means that the Almighty loves us dearly. Just remember, we are here in this world to help and love one another as He loves us. Take that long, narrow road in you and you will see miracles that will happen in your life.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

A great day!

Thanking the Lord for this wonderful day is the main important thing. Waking up in the morning is the imprint that He has given us another LIFE to live. That is why, being busy all the time is not just the thing that we should take to consider. Thanking Him is the best breakfast we can offer to Him.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

We are created here on Earth for a great purpose. You, me, they, us and we are taking part of that big responsibility that we too have to face in order for us to be useful in this Earth. We are called for perfection, though we are not perfect. For a lot of days, I have this question that always lingers on my mind. Maybe this a sign of being mature in the real sense. "What is my purpose here on Earth?" I have a sister who is having a serous problem. It is my responsibility to take care of her and to attain to her needs. I am really determined to help her but because of financial constraint, I need the help of some people that would give way to her fast and active recovery. For now, the only person I cling my deep trust is God and my family. Through her, I come to realize my existence and my purpose here on Earth.

Friday, May 15, 2009

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We have some uniqueness in life. The way we perceive things are oftentimes based from the teachings that life brings to us everyday. Due to this, we find some saying that we find it significant for our everyday living. Here are some of my favorites. Let it be yours too.

1. I will rejoice in the Lord. The Lord is my strength. Even in times of intense trials, we can ably rely on Him. Habakkuk 3:18-19.

2. We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works. Ephesians 2:10 Let the Master shine through you. We are His models.

3. The first sunlight to kiss your face is my prayer to God, requesting Him to take care of you and let you know how special you are in His eyes and mine too.

4. May God give you a rainbow for every storm, a smile for every tear, a blessing for every trial, a sweet song for every sigh and an answer for every prayer.

5. Everything that God allows to come our way has a purpose. He uses even the greatest error and the deepest hurt to mold us into a person of worth and value.

6. Put God on top of everything today and let Him take charge of all your plans. Then you'll see how beautiful His ways are and His unending love.

7. God is so wise because everytime we sleep, He gave us beautiful dream,s but He is even wiser because He let us wake up every morning to give us the chance to fulfill those dreams.

8. God isn't far away. He is in every smile, in every thought that gives us HOPE, in every tears that waters our soul and in every moment we feel alone.

9. Our faith in God is confirmed when we can smile even at the saddest part of our life, understand even in confusion, trust even in betrayal and love in fear of pain.

10. When life seems tough, go on. When things go wrong, move on. Bear in mind, God gives us strength to persevere, not to surrender.

Tattoo is a work of art that is written on the body. Henna is the paste that has been used for that art which is evidently used until this generation. Tattooing is a personal expression and self-identity. In connection to this, people from all walks of life find tattooing interesting and invigorating them. It is for this reason, that free tattoo chat is the place for you to meet people having tattoo on his body, be it a boy or a girl. In other countries, person s having tattoo in their body were regarded as the most furious and terror individuals. But actually, they are friendly and accommodating persons. It is just that the tattoo is their body labels them as such. Being a friend with people having tattoo on their body is a rewarding experience because you will get to know them, inside and out. Furthermore, that is the reason why came to exist. It offers these services namely, Tattoo chat, Tattoo webcams, Tattoo chatrooms, Tattoo chat lines, Tattoo chats, Tattoo chatrooms, Tattoo chat room, Tattoo chatroom, Tattoo chatting, Tattoo webcam chat, Tattoo chatline as well as Tattoo chat line. Moreover, they offer 100 percent free registration to members who will register. Remember, we are created to communicate and correspond with people in the world, whether if they are of various races and nationalities. Have a chat with them now! They are good and admirable individuals. At, you are a tattoo in my mind!

What a day!

It is really a hectic day for me but in spite of how busy I am, I manage to do things this day. Glad to know that almost all the things today are in great peace as I do them, it's all finish. I don't know if this is a miracle. Yes, this is really a miracle that the Almighty help me get through it. God works in mysterious ways which we cannot see until we appreciate it as we as in serenity.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Earning a degree is an asset that gives a greater avenue to some job opportunities as one finishes college years. The purpose of learning, going through massive trainings in school is to prepare us to the wider world, the real world of facing life especially in looking for a job. That is why, Candice Crawford prepares her way of facing the world of employment as she will graduate this May. Her course as a broadcast journalism major and a minor in business pave the way that will really contribute positive marks in the working industry. Her goal is to establish a career with a reputable journalist upon graduation this coming May. This attributed to her ethics that she will really do her job for the service of the people and her countrymen as well. It is a fact that competition in the field of the working industries is obvious but she has the desire and the determination to do her job with utmost sincerity and dedication.

The teacher must understand the basic principles of learning. These following general principles of learning are presented for the proper guidance in teaching.

1. Learning is facilitated when the teacher provides the learner with the proper stimuli and guides, and uses the principle of conditioning and associating those learning functions that need to be made automatic for most effective learning.

2. Learning is facilitated by the ;aw of belongingness. When the learner perceives the relationship of facts presented, the speed of learning is greatly increased.

3. Learning is facilitated by the law of effect. The law of effect pertains to the influence of satisfying or unsatisfying feeling tones that accompany a response and either strengthen or weaken that response. When the learner finds the correct answer ti a question, he feels pleased about his achievement and the connection is strengthened.

4. Learning is facilitated with the law of exercise. Practice and exercise are so common that they are universally accepted as an active means of learning. Lack of practice or exercise cause memory of learned materials weaken and in general, the longer the periods of disuse, the greater the loss.

5. Learning is facilitated by the law of readiness or mind set. Learning does not occur unless the learner is ready to act or to learn. When a person is ready, he learns more effectively and with greater satisfaction than when unprepared.

6. Learning is facilitated by motives or drives. Needs, interests and goals are fundamental to the learning process. If the individual has to learn, he must have some goal to be accomplished. Learning is best when the learner knows and understands his motives in learning.

7. Learning is meaningful if it is organized as such a way as to emphasize and call for understanding, insight, initiative and cooperation.

8. Learning is considered as the acquisition of knowledge, habits, skills, abilities and attitudes through the interaction of the whole individual and his total environment.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word "rustic"? Simplicity? Ideal? Sophisticated work of art? Well, those are the words that best describe the word "rustic". Yes, it is true that rustic furniture were made and crafted for the simple and sophisticated work of art for you to feel the warmth and comforts of living. That is the main reason why came into existence. When it comes to rustic furniture, don't think twice. Http:// is the place that brings life to your home!

There are some other forms of visual aids which can be used to stimulate students' interest and to facilitate their understanding. These are as follows:

1. Demonstration - dramatization and lecture-demonstrations are good examples.

2. Laboratory experiments - experiments conducted by the students in the classroom through the direction and guidance of a teacher.

3. Field trips - science study trips, excursions, visit to factories, museums, government institutions, and to places of historical interest fall under field trip.

These are valuable visual aids in teaching and learning. Those forms of audio-visual aids are useful in literature, natural science and social sciences students. They are used to visualize and vitalize education.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Do you know that Florida is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States, bordering Alabama to the northwest and Georgia to the north. It was the 27th state admitted to the United States. Much of the land mass of the state is a large peninsula with the Gulf of Mexico to the west, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. With the existence of the state’s bountiful existence, Kissimmee came to exist. Indeed, there is no place like Kissimmee Florida! It is the center of progress and just minutes south of Orlando. If you want to travel at Florida, do not miss the great chance to explore their wondrous place. You will surely miss 100 percent of your life if you miss to visit them. Furthermore, authentic small-town charm, theme park thrills, outdoor adventures, challenging golf, tranquil beach landscapes and other vacation places are some of the enjoyable experience and once in a lifetime chance for you to travel in Florida. You can shop, play sports and have some recreational activities with family and friends at Kissimmee. In addition, the beautiful and clean waters they have indicate the wondrous places for you to unwind and spare time creating great experiences. Kissimmee Florida at gives informations on this following places to enjoy - waterparks, free attractions, Universal Orlando Resort, Arts and Culture, Walt Disney World, SeaWorld Orlando, Heritage Trail, Spas, World Class Theme Parks, Festivals and Events and some luxury activities. What could you ask for more? Don’t miss the whole of your life at Kissimmee Florida!


Accountability of one’s action depends upon:

1. Intention. A person who wants to do something simply “to get away with it” hardly has a pure intention. The following questions may arise: Why do I want to do this action?, Is my motivation selfish?, Is it for the welfare of others?, Will this action help me grow?, Have I considered all the date? or am I acting impulsively?

2. Knowledge. Ask these questions: Does this action of mine measures love?, Do I consult people in authority when I am not sure of my action?, Am I updated in my knowledge about the current issues on the great moral debates of pre-marital sex, mercy killing, drug addiction or abortion? or Do I ask the Holy Spirit to guide me in my actions?

3. Freedom. When all is said and done, then I am free to follow my conscience. When I am free of what I intend to do, I am fully accountable of my actions.

For the sake of simplicity, freedom can be divided into two: Inner Freedom and External Freedom. Inner Freedom refers to the freedom we all can possibly be and External Freedom refers to the freedom of action, the freedom to do all we can possibly do.

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Many household rely on charcoal for their energy requirements due to the rising cost of fuel which makes charcoal a good substitute for our immediate requirements.

But here is more economical if you know how to make charcoal.

1. Gather and mix materials consisting of plant namely grass, leaves, twigs and seaweeds.
2. Stock and allow the materials to decay partially from 3 to 45 days.
3. Spray, wet and sprinkle with tater the stocked materials constantly.
4. Mixed them with pulverize coal, if desired.
5. Allow the materials to pass through a palletizing or extruding machine.
6. Sort out the pellets.
7. Dry and pack them in sacks.

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Disease and dirt are usually associated with bacteria. This is because harmful bacteria are responsible for many serious infections such as diphtheria, pneumonia, tuberculosis and cancer.

However, there are useful bacteria too. Bacteria found in the human stomach helps the body metabolize vitamins. In addition, some vaccines are synthesized from bacteria. They are also being used in industries. Bacteria are needed in softening hemp so that it can be thinned to threads. They are also used in tanning leather. That is why, bacteria are also responsible for breaking down some substances to form another substance.

Useful bacteria are responsible for decomposing organic matter in the soil. The organic matter serves as fertilizer for the plants. Nitrogen-fixing bacteria also convert nitrogen from the air into a form plants so that it can be used.

Therefore, not all bacteria are useless. Some are even useful for our health and for the industries.

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Body odors are produced by the bacterial activity that flourishes in moist and warm parts of the body, like the underarm, where perspiration cannot evaporate promptly. That is why, body odors are not produce by perspiration. Perspiration in itself is odorless.

Commercial deodorants help eliminate the odors namely powder, cream, liquid and aerosol sprays. They should be used immediately after taking a bath. Bacterial growth is less likely to flourish in shaved underarms. Hairy armpits collect perspiration and increase the number of odor-producing bacteria. Deodorant soaps are also available. There are certain antiseptic chemicals that do not kill but inhibit only bacterial growth.
Furthermore, body odors can be eliminated by frequent use of soap and clean water, and by wearing clean clothes.

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Voluntariness of human actions involves knowing what on prizes, choosing those things which one cares the most and integrating these things into one’s life. A person’s behavior has a strong impact on the strength or weakness of a community. Human behavior is transformed into actions translated from seven processes grouped into three categories:

1. Choosing

a. freely
b. from alternatives
c. after thoughtful consideration of each alternative

2. Prizing

a. cherishing, being happy with the choice
b. willing to affirm the choice publicly

3. Acting

a. doing something with the choice
b. repeatedly in some pattern of life

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The Natural Law

a. Man is rational.

He uses his reason to discover many things about himself and the world he lives in. It is the power of rationality which makes him figure out problems, discover laws within nature and improves this lot as a man. It is the ability more than others which helps man to progress.

b. Man is a unique individual and a social being.

He is unlike any other person in the past, present and future. He has to live with others and it is only through associating with others that his uniqueness will shine. Persons can only become who they are when they relate with other people.

c. Man is a body person.

He becomes himself through the body he has. He experiences reality through his desires and drives his feelings, likes and dislikes. His body is part of material creation and through his body, he has to manifest his relationship with the rest of created reality.

d. Man is historical.

He has continuity of his past, with his roots. Each of us is a genetic blend of all who preceded us. The way God written into the nature of things is the only way by which man discovers who he is.

e. Man is free.

He has the ability to choose and direct the future. He has a certain amount of freedom to enable him to choose between good and evil and he has the free will to follow through his choice.

f. Man loves.

This is one of the greatest proofs of man’s freedom. He can willingly desire the good of the other person or willingly desire evil of the other person. Love is the highest form of choosing because it is choosing for other people. This ability of man to love is innate to him and denied to plants and animals.

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1. Develop good work habits

a. Provide work suited to the various children’s abilities so each one can complete his task.
b. Keep the children busy. Boxes, sewing materials, scissors, paste, paper, picture games, toys and blocks are very important for the development of the child to read.
c. Help children become independent in their work.

1. Set a problem and give no direction.
2. Let them get and put their materials and books.
3. Let them follow directions and finish their work on their own initiative.
4. Set the model of accuracy pf interpretation, phrasing, expression and pronunciation.
5. Try to maintain pupil’s interest and attention through sustained motivation.

2. Provide many and wide experiences
a. Give attention to birthdays and holidays.
b. Let children bring objects from home and tell about them.
c. Study intensively one thing which children are interested in and which has real life value.

3. Train children to be attentive when in a group.

a. Have two or three children tell a story; one child starts, the others continue.
b. Gather children together to talk over a picture, to discuss objects, or show what they have drawn.

4. Develop ability to recognize likeness and differences in words, word forms or other forms.

a. Paste words under pictures on a sheet. Have a duplicate set of words or cards in an envelope. Children match words in envelope with words under the picture.
b. Ask children to listen for words that sound alike. Have them say these rhyming words.

5. Provide experience with materials and techniques of reading

a. Point to lines of poetry from left to right as you read them.
b. Let them underline the word from left to right rather than draw a circle around it.
c. Let them paste pictures or color cards in a L-R order on a wall pocket.
d. Let children trace words or letters from left to right.
e. Arrange pictures in sequence from left to right.
f. Move fingers along from left to right in looking at picture books and nursery rhymes.
g. Direct attention to reading symbols from left to right as you read them.

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