Friday, August 31, 2012

The only sure way to build understanding in everything that you read is to go over the most important thing - Getting the Main Idea. It does not take an expert to do this but it all boils to the kind of determination and technique in determining which is the main idea.

Before, I am not like good in school for my study habits are that poor. I always get a very low score and I am oftentimes in the lowest rank in school ranking of students. But I am having that chance to improve as I have realized to help myself attain a higher grades in doing the right job in anything that I do, and I find it in Getting the Main Idea.

When you read an article, story or anything that leads your interest in reading, comprehension or to understand is very important so that you will know and learn the most vital information and go over them while not that sure neglecting the flowering part but let them stay as is.

In getting the main idea, you should first read the whole text. And while you have your second reading, jot down the most important thing that talks about the central point of what you have read. You have to go over the topic sentence or the topic alone and them from the topic or topic sentence, stems down the roots of that stem.

You don't have to consider the flowering parts since it will not lead you to a more comprehensive ideas but it will just surely gives you an added information that will not give the most focus point. Try discarding the flowering parts or the unimportant ones. Concentrate more on what is the best and the most vital, the central topic that leads to the main thought of the article.

You will then find out that you have just have the short notes out from what you have gathered. You will then realized that in getting the main idea, you will have a good study habit that perfectly leads you to a high mark. Positively, this technique has helped me a lot in many ways and I don't find it regretful. I was successful because of the strategy and the technique in gettting the most important thing in note taking. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our teacher in Chemistry told us to think about a kind of Investigatory Project that would help people know about new discoveries that will serve as a big benefit for them. I have come up with the idea of making a useful soap out form a guava plant for people who are prone to acne and other skin problem. Here is the short overview of my study:

Background of the Study
It has been viewed that nowadays people are focusing in herbal plants for natural treatment of any forms of health problems. One of the examples is the guava plant (Psidium Guava Linn). Based on research this plant is good for healing and treating wounds and other skin infections especially acne. For this main reason, the group wants to make soap out of it for we know that it is very effective. Our study refers to a plant that can be made into a bathing soap. We want the people to find treatment on acne that is regarded as the common skin problem especially among young adults.

Statement of the Problem
Guava extract is good for skin. It gives beneficial effect that boils to the answers of the following questions:
What components of guava that makes fight acne?
How effective are these components that it can treat acne?
How this component does work in order to give people’s acne problem a solution?

Guava leaves is a good treatment for acne.
The guava components are good for skin problem especially for acne.

Significance of the Study
One can make a bathing soap with guava leaves extract for acne. This plant is common to our environment that it is as available as it is also easy to cultivate. It contains many healing components that are good for treating acne.

Scope and Limitation
The study of guava leaves and their extract is very useful. It has the ability to treat, cure, disinfect skin problems and is a capable plant for acne.

Platform Beam Balance
NaOh (Sodium Hydroxide) 150 ml Solution
800 g of guava leaves
Stirring Rod

Decoction of Guava Leaves
You should prepare the 800g leaves of guava. Put it in a basin for washing to remove the dust and some small insects found in leaves. Prepare the pot and pour it with water, then boil it within 15 minutes to get more extract. Get the extract and put it in a beaker. You must get 400 ml of guava leaves extract.

Making of the Soap
Prepare the NaOH 150 ml solution and the oil. The guava leaves extract is also prepared. Mix it with NaOH, oil and the extract between 2-3 minutes by continuous stirring until foamy emulsions will produce and transfer it to the molder. Just be sure that you will not inhale the fumes. Do not touch the NaOH and do not surprise in tremendous heat produce.After placing to the molder, cover it with cloth. Demolding the cloth will be 3 days after.
Applying to Acne:There will be volunteers. Soap the acne, leave it within 3 minutes. Rinse it with water and dry it with a soft towel. Use it within 1 week or 7 days. Observe for skin improvement especially on the disappearance of acne within that week. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Part of the quiz that I had with my Philosophy of Human Person subject is to discuss briefly about what I know about Aristotle's Doctrine of the Mean. Here is my answer:

Aristotle's Doctrine of the Mean simply emphasizes to live life with or in moderation. That one should clearly give love or live life not to the extreme. That persons need to reserve a portion of himself to God. But there is a great question about Aristotle's concept of idea because no one can ever share in moderation especially in loving God, family or friends. That, in this case, we have to rely on the provision of the natural law when we do things. We should do an activity which is in accord to perfect virtue that every human activity is filled with various happiness that defines his absolute being. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Based from what I have taken down during our discussion of our Pharmacology in Nursing class, here are vital information about anti-infective agents that I would like to share.

Anti-infective Agents are drugs that are desinged to act selectively on foreign organisms that have invaded and infected the body of a human host.

Antiobiotics treat bacterial infections.
Antivirals, antifungals and antiprotozoals treat infection caused by protozoa including malaria
Antihelmintics treat infections caused by worms.
Antineoplastics treat cancer disease caused by abnormal cells.

In 1920s the discover of the use of first drug to treat infection was discovered including penicillin.
Paul Ehrlich is a scientist to develop a synthetic chemical effective only against infection, causing the cells not human cells.
In 1935, sulfonamdes was discovered and introduced.

Those anti-infectives which interfere with the biosynthesis of the bacterial cell wall without interfering the host are the penicillin.

Sulfonamides, antimycobacterial and trimethoprim drugs are anti-infectives that prevents the growth and develepment of the bacteria.

Aminoglycosides, macrolides and chloramphenicol are anti-infectives that interfere with the steps involve in protein synthesis.

Fluoroquinolones are anti-infectives that interfere with the DNA synthesis in the cells.
Antifungals and antiprotozoals are anti-infectives that alter the permeability of the cell membrane, allow to leak out, causing the death of cells. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Drugs needs to be checked before it is to be released to the market for people's use. But there are those what we call Controlled Substances which this drugs are with abuse potential which can trigger the health of the people when used.

That is why, Controlled Substances Act of 1970 emphasizes that:
Schedule I (C-I): High abuse potential and no accepted medical use like the heroin, marijuana and LSD.

Schedule II (C-II): High abuse potential with severe dependence liability like the narcotics, amphetamines and barbiturates.

Schedule III (C-III): Less abuse potential than schedule II drugs and moderate dependence liability like the non-barbiturates sedatives, non-amphetamine stimulants and limited amounts of certain narcotics.

Schedule IV (C-IV): Less abuse potential than schedule III and limited dependence liability like some sedatives, anti-anxiety agents and non-narcotics analgesics.

Schedule V (C-V): Limited abuse potential like the narcotics for antitussives or antidiarrheals.