Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cuba, according to report has been the major destination vacation not just for westerners but for people all around the globe. It has been viewed before that the relationship of between the USA and Cuba has some slight problems, but now, President Barrack Obama loosen travel restriction to Cuba.

Cuba displays lots of white-sand beaches and some other natural attractions that indeed the country is regarded as a good ground for travelers to visit.

Some of its beautiful places are like:

Saturday, May 26, 2012

This is a funny movie. It speaks about reality on what is really happening when a couple is expecting too much out from their baby and in fact it turns out not from what they have expected. This is such a revelation that what we want are those that we may not get (probably like that...).

"What to Expect When You are Expecting" is directed by Kirk Jones with stars like Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Elizabeth Banks, Chace Crawford, Brooklyn Decker, Anna Kendrick, Matthew Morrison, Dennis Quad, Chris Rock and Rodrigo Santoro play the major role in this film.

It is such a gorgeous movie that speaks about love, pregnancy, expecting a baby, preparations and all those stuff that get the couple be aware and worrying about expecting one. Mostly, I can relate to the facts that this movie reveals.

There's confusion, embarrassment, revealing looks and all those crazy things that couple feel when expecting for a baby.

This film is really amazing! A lot of truths portray in this film. And I was like laughing so much for some of the truths captured to bang me like I was in their shoe. Love this movie so much!

I pretty will watch this movie. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Obesity is not healthy. It is a habit that goes unhealthy.

I have experienced being obese which I do suffer lots of self-down esteem. I have experienced to be bullied for being so fat. I missed out opportunities because nobody wants to hire me. Maybe probably, they thought that I am unhealthy for the position which I applied. I am feeling hopeless but that does not stop me from loving myself.

When I was young, I seldom eat a lot. My entire eating habit rises more when I started eating sweets and lots of carbohydrates and after that, I found myself to sleep, right after I done eating. I know and I am that 100% conscious that I feel that what I do to myself is not a good habit anymore. But I do take more time to satisfy my eating habit more than to stop myself from eating.

Now, I am losing weight. It is all because of discipline. I started lowering down my tone as I learned that being obese is unhealthy and that I felt that I am not feeling beautifully happy when I should go on with this kind of habit.

What is on my mind at first is that, "Why should I not gratify myself from eating more, at least I ate not I die because I don't feel like eating." -That is the kind of mind-setting I have before. But now, I stick to what is right and proper because if I don't discipline myself, I will be the one to suffer. I will pay its price.

I get fat mainly because I love to eat. My eating habit is so "healthy" as what I thought. I decided to change myself. I need to grow healthy and I need to experience the great happiness of life in this world by satisfying my appetite in eating.

But the only thing about being obese is to truly make oneself put in a great decision of choice and discipline. That choice should always makes a person be exact and true to his promise decision. Discipline is a must in staying healthy. It doesn't have to do with parents which makes one obese. It is in the person himself, that is the solid truth.

How can someone blame parents for becoming obese? Oh common! Discipline really matters. 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

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I want to have this kind of garden. And thanks that I can possibly make it. 


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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let us talk about fashion.

The shoes and clothing you wear means a lot to your personality. In fact, it boosts your self-confidence, leaving you happy and self-fulfilled about yourself. And when it comes to that only miranda kerr fashion wins to the right choice.

There are lots of styles that has been flourishly capture the hearts of many when it comes to fashion. And people are head over heels over those items. It simply reveals that individuals are opting themselves with what is latest and "in" in today's generation.

When it comes to shoes, ash shoes and ash sneakers are among the best shoes that makes you move and go everywhere you like. The comfort of wearing these kinds of shoes vest you with the kind of satisfaction you can get out from your destination. It doesn't give no harm for it is best made in 100% of high-quality materials. On the other hand, it is perfectly made for all your journeying needs wherever you go and whatever you do.

It is a big fulfilling delight when you wear only what is best and the most durable. Through miranda kerr fashion, everything takes to a bigger happiness! 

Monday, May 21, 2012

It is widely awake for us to see the performance of Katy Perry on BMA 2012. It all blushes with blue colors like you are in a dream and she is having that sort of acrobat-thing clinging to the string and her back-up dancers do the same. I was like turning tornadoes as I see her roll over that rope and sing. Pretty amazing that she is not having a twirl.
But all in all her performance is great. It is like a fantasy that could really "Wide Awake" everyone to what she is implying into her song. While I was seeing her sing, I was amused by the kind of art that was put into it. The kind of cool colors with the heavenly bodies moving to and fro. It is something good for the eyes. So amusing!

But what is really incredibly good is that Katy Perry brought along with her, her grandmother. She is so sweet. 
How proud her grandma would be for her. Indeed, Katy Perry is also a talented artist. Actually, it is my first time that such an artist brings along with her her grandmother in a big event and that is pretty sweet.

A singer like Katy Perry is not just a woman with voice and beautiful look, I have realized that she is indeed a loving person. By just simply bringing along with her her grandma is something big for everyone. That is how much she loves her granny, I think.

But the "Wide Awake", that I find too amusing and entertaining to look at.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I love Jessica Sanchez and I want her to be hailed as American Idol's winner. But again, it all boils down to the number of people who will surely vote for her.

Jessica Sanchez has the musical wit. She hits every note perfectly well. She can sing any kind of music whether it be mellow, slow-rock, RnB, pop or just about anything. She has an amazing voice. She is a talented girl.

I love Jessica Sanchez being a Filipino-American. I can't deny that I am a Filipino in blood (but now, a US Citizen). I want her to prosper in her chosen career in singing. I want to see more of her after AI because I know that this girl will surely reach far.

Considering that she is just 16 years old. She is exposed to different singing contests that boosts her self-esteem and develops her to be a real good singer.

I love Jessica Sanchez for I can see in her that part of a Filipino. She is always wearing that perfect smile everytime she is up on AI's stage. Eventhough the judges' comment sometimes are not that pleasing, but still she could afford to thank and smile. That positive attitude is worth the winner.

I am always looking forward of her ever since she joined the AI. I found her talent really amazing and it is one of a kind. But for the result of AI, whether she will be the one or Phillip Phillips, everything comes and happens for a good reason. But I know Jessica Sanchez will soar high after AI. I can feel it!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This is the ultimate, amazing performance of Charice. Oh my! I get goosebumps. How extraordinary that such a small body can burst out big wonderful voice, hitting at the right keys. This is the ultimate performance that I got from Charice. I played it all over again. I love to see how the crowds show admiration of Charice performance. Charice is indeed a true talented person!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

This video is ever so inspiring. It is coming from the story of a mother Lacey Buchanan whose son, Christian suffered from Tessier Cleft which he can't stop opening his mouth and he can't see because his eyes are not even developed.

This news was viewed in the famous site today and I was really touched because Lacey is a great Mother who never quits to face life's challenges and battles in spite of the condition of her son. It brings me joy and inspiration that I should not give up in life because there is nothing to lose. Lacey simply tells everyone that we can do all things possible in this world. Her story is a reawakening for us in many angles and in most of our lives that even she who has a son having a serious condition never gives up in life and that she strong to face them.

Lacey is an example of a true Mother who showed unconditional love, loyalty and care. Her situation is not easy for others but she manage to be strong and always hopeful. I know that there are lots of people who never have experienced the way Lacey did or they may have experienced the kind of weight of her situation but Lacey shows to us that life is still beautiful and worth living for.

We can't deny the fact that many here in the Earth are born normally and without any physical problems but deep inside our heart and soul we are drown with unending problems and overly burdened with bunch of trials. We have different stories in our lives. We struggle to face them everyday but those people who are winners in their battles are those that are not coward to face them. It takes much courage for Lacey to face the battle and I simply say that she is a very strong woman. She is simply amazing!

Friday, May 11, 2012

There you go again! Jennifer Lopez splashes a big blast to everyone as she performs live on-stage with beau, Casper Smart in American Idol.

How would you react to this video? Is it glamorously daring, wild or just simply too lovely. It's up for you to decide. But for me, it's is something hot that the two performs well especially that part when they both have their performance. Well, as for J.Lo, she got it all!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I have gone through hearing bunch of songs from Charice, my favorite singer. I come to go searching for infos of her because I just thought why she is something like changing her aura now. The Charice before in physical looks is not the same of the Charice now that I knew before.

Finding the answers of the extraordinary of her, I come to know this song that I got into understanding why she is turning to a new perspective in life now. This song reveals the big revelation.

Lost the Best Thing

Take back my tears
Every useless one that I ever let fall
Don’t tell me you care
All that you’re good for now is “See I told you so.”

Till the very last lie
You drew me in and I guess that’s why
You never knew that breaking my heart
Was stupid to do, stupid of you

And you just lost the best thing that crashed into your life
And if you’re done pretending then get yourself a life
Cause payback here I go I’m taking back the perks that you’ll never know
And you just lost the best thing that crashed into your life

I take back my heart
Every reckless beat it ever skipped for you
Good for a laugh guess for a moment there
It kept you well amused

Till the very last lie
You drew me in and I guess that’s why
You never knew that breaking my heart
Was stupid to do, stupid of you

And you just lost the best thing that crashed into your life
And if you’re done pretending then get yourself a life
Cause payback here I go I’m taking back the perks that you’ll never know
And you just lost the best thing that crashed into your life

Count your mistakes
Cause boy this one’s a big one
Can’t get it back cause the moment’s long gone
Look for me look for me look for me

Ohh, do you even know what you’ve done
You just lost the best thing that crashed into your life yeah

And you just lost the best thing that crashed into your life
And if you’re done pretending then get yourself a life
Cause payback here I go I’m taking back the perks that you’ll never know
And you just lost the best thing that crashed into your life

And you just lost the best thing that crashed into your life
And if you’re done pretending then get yourself a life
Cause payback here I go I’m taking back the perks that you’ll never know
And you just lost the best thing that crashed into your life

Friday, May 4, 2012

"To educate is to prevent the risk of health problems."

Ever since before, health awareness are disseminated to the people. In fact, it was pursued by the religious orders especially the priests. And the people believed him for they know that the teachings of the priests about health power that God bestowed them. But prior to their coming, "quack" doctors or local doctors are already had been healing the people from their diseases and illnesses. They are believing in the superstitious beliefs and practices in healing the people. They forcibly make patient believe that the cause of their illness or health problems are due to the fact that they are being witchcraft or sorcery that made the patient panic. "Quack" doctors perform rituals to drive the evil spirits away from the patient's body.

Now, Health Education is not like that. In fact, it is more than than. People are not blind to dwell in false beliefs and practices now. They positively rely more and rest their trust to Science. That is why, because of the coming of the religious sisters and the priests, they pave ways for continued nursing care through educating people about the importance of taking care of their health.

But what diversely make Health Education worthwhile now is the presence of nurses, doctors and health educators and health experts impart to the masses on things that pertains to taking care of their health. They share their knowledge to extend help in prolonging life and better keep the patient life in safe and not in risk.

Because of the help of the modern technologies and other modern health paraphernalia and equipment, the healing of patients that the nuns and priests has been started extends more to the modern world that the use of these technologies help keep life not at stake but with hope.

Health Education spreads its wings to the highest extent of bringing the universe into its plan of care by informing everyone that their are various alternatives, greater solutions and extended hope to live a longer, healthier and more meaningful life.

Because of today's modern world of medicines, various medicinal discoveries like the over-the-counter drugs, the regulated drugs and even the herbal medicines all hand-in-hand make new things work positively in order to heal people from any forms of diseases whether acute, chronic or malignant. Even in prevention, there are suited medicines that calls for the healing.

All the people around the world provides concern and care to numerous individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, color and sex to vest the high-standard of cure and not the false beliefs of supernatural healing.

Health Education is made available to everyone, for them to be informed, to be vigilantly aware, to take active care and prevention, to prolong life, to satisfy the need for a harmonious and happy lifestyle and living, to upgrade and enhance oneself of the modern world technologies that  keeps health at most priority.

All the more in life are here for us to fully measure and give the sole highlights that keep everything in order, in good condition and in proper care. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Communication. That starts everything.

People is a social being for no man is an island. He needs to commune with other people in order for him to live and to enjoy what this world possibly gives.

Just like dating, it is the most expressive form of communication. It can diversely reach to all races from all walks of life even in just a minute or hours to communicate. Then, the connection goes along with constant call and chat online.

We revolve around the world in business. We can't do things and connect with people not for no reason but for a huge impact of knowing, learning, sharing, uniting as one and even in love.

Actually, we are not alone. That is a common fact. We are not isolated. We are not lonely. We are capable to transform our lives by making friends all around the globe. That is why, the presence of the dating site is created for you and me, for connection, for friendship, for love and even for lifetime marriage. Who knows, the man or woman you are looking for for years are just located on the opposite site of the globe.

Life is about taking chances. Even the way you aspire to follow your dreams or ambitions are part of positive taking chances. How much more if you are dating online.

It is love that inspire everyone to connect and keep in touch. It is love that lets people to think of him or her desperately. It is love that makes the world go round. And it is you who can make it happen.

There is no use of being lonely. 

Taking Health Education subject is like nurturing my skills to be like a teacher, a health educator.

My Health Education teacher posts this question as part of the quiz that states, "In what way will the teaching methods guide the teacher for effective teaching learning outcome?"

In my own point of view, teaching methods serves as a measure for teachers to effectively carry on their lessons  to the students in a more nurturing environment. It directs, motivates, evaluates and even positively criticize them to assess their teaching strategies, teaching styles and techniques to suit the capacity, the kind of learners, the environment where their learners belong and the availability of the resources their school has.

In this generation where everything can be push buttons, education is also upgrading to its system. If a teacher has no huge knowledge about this day's generation of technological advancement, then sure he goes behind in the new things to discover. He is lagging. He will not grow. Whereas, if he is the kind of teacher that opens his mind to new teachings and innovation of today's generation, then he will not feel the jet lag.

The teaching method envelopes the teacher to become productive. He will not leave stagnant from what he learns traditionally. We will become a better person he can be as a teacher for he knows how to understand the needs of every learner.

Because of the individual differences and the multiple intelligences of a human being, the teacher needs to cope with what calls for ultimate ignition to facilitate active retention and learning of the students.

Because of the teaching methods, this alarms the teacher to fully love teaching more than himself. He will be nourish with more wisdom and approaches that he might seem awkward to practice and inculcate in his teaching for being the transformer of knowledge.

Teaching method play a huge role in the evaluation, assessment and realization of teacher for their active participation in the response of students, the learning process and the learning styles as well.

The role of a teacher is so diverse. It will extend until lifetime.