Friday, September 28, 2012

The Brain

The discussion that we had just this afternoon talks about the topic regarding the brain. Here are the notes that I have written based on the discussion of the professor.

Neurological Examination
1. Mental status examination
2. Motor examination
3. Sensory examination
4. Reflexes
5. Coordination and gait

Lobes of the Brain
1. Frontal Lobe - regular and mediate the higher intellectual functions. Mild emotions, cognition, error detection and volition.

2. Parietal Lobe - collects, recognizes and organizes sensations of touch, pressure, temperature, pain, position and movement

3. Temporal Lobe - concerned with perception and recognition of auditory (hearing) and memory (hippocampus). ONe area, Broca's speech area - concerned for speech

4. Occipital Lobe - concerned with visual perception, visual memory, eye movement

Mental Status Examination
1. Orientation - oriented in time, place and person
2. Attention-working - repeat short list of object like naming months of the year
3. Judgement-abstrac reasoning or abstract thinking - interpret proverbs or problem solving
4. Set generation or immediate recall - recalls short list of objects after 3 to 5 minutes.
5. Recent memory - describe event that happened in the last two days.
6. Remote memory - describe events for the distant past.
7. Fund of Knowledge - test of knowledge
8. Mood - feeling
9. Praxis - ability to follow simple commands
10. Ability to language (receptive or expressive) - name simple objects like body parts, read or write
11. Gnosis or Gnosia - somatosensory
12. Ability to understand spatial relationship - ability to remember shapes and objects and their locations relative to each other in space.
13. Ability to perform action example brushing of teeth

Alterations in Mental Ability
a. Aphasia - inability to express; understanding language in speaking and writing 
b. Apraxia - inability to follow or carry out simple motor skills
c. Agnosia - inability to recognize familiar objects
d. Acalculia - inability to perform simple arithmetic
e. Dementia - impaired intelectual functioning that interferes reasoning and memory 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I thought at first that it is just a sort of a mosquito bite, but I was wrong. It turned out to be a very dangerous site for the spread of a kind of skin infection.

Seeing David suffering from boil pains me a lot as a mother. It is growing. It produces a lot of pus and I was always worried about his condition because he is sick. I went to the doctor just this morning and the physician told me that he got it from a kind of bacteria which can be found anywhere in a dirty place.

Our house is not dirty. I can assure of that. But maybe the environment cause transmission of the disease because he is schooling and I don't know if the place in school is safe for him. What I do know is that the school provides them with the materials, all complete. I just can't expect that he is having boil.

It all started with a scratch of the part which marks the bite of the mosquito. And I was totally in shocked because the small part grows bigger and has liquid part on it. There is something like an "eye" that is the port of entry of the bacteria and they said that when it ruptures, all those pus will go away from the said "eye" part.

I am totally worried because David has a high fever. Even though he eats a lot but the main thing that concerns me is that when that pus will burst out from his skin.

I pity a lot my son. I hope that the Lord will heal him.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My professor posed this question on his quiz last week and here is my explanation regarding the quote:

It was stated in the Bible that people die and not all can take after-life in Heaven during the Judgement Day of God. There are those who will be thrown in Hell and suffer the never-ending fire of death and there are those who will be happily in the Paradise that God has set for them in Heaven and there are those people who live an everlasting life. The way people shape his wealth for Heaven depends on the good acts he makes for others. Everyone calls to live but there are those who chooses to die.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our professor in World Civilization: Humanities (subject) shared important points for us to remember about the report that our classmates had last week. Their topic centered more on the "Rise of Europe" and here are the things that our professor shared to us.

*Rise of Europe - Blending of many cultures
*Medieval Age/Period - Opening of the country in its civilization; "Age of Faith"
*Clovis - king of the Franks. He was converted into Christianity because of the victory of the battle that he asked help from his wife, a Christian who made such condition that if he wins, he will then summit himself to be converted into Christianity and so he did.

*Medieval Period - "age of faith" because Christianity at this time flourished.
*Time of Pope Gregory the Great that Rome was in turmoil.
*Meeting of the Islam and the Muslim clash donated the exchange of culture
*Charles Martel - successfully defeated the Muslim at 732 period
*Charles the Great - reunite Roman empire
*Pope Leo III asked help from Charlemagne in late 800 which on Christmas day, he was declared as emperor

*Effects of Pope Gregory the Great's reign:
1. revived Christian community
2. lessened the struggle of power between the Romans and the Germans
3. united the Eastern and Western Christian world

Described the government of Charlemagne
1. assigned rulers in the local regions
2. employed Missi Domenici

Legacy of Charlemagne in Europe
-extend the Christian civilization

*Treaty of Verdun - Charlemagne divided the 3 regions
*Magyars - nomadic and short-lived
*Vikings - good in trading, great conqueror

1. Manor - heart of medieval period
2. Feudalism - started by Count William
There are lords, nobles, knights and vassals

Middle Ages
- monarchial form of government (king and queen)

Warrior or Knight
-intensive training
-only men but started at 7 years old
- 20 years old - installed knight ceremony

*Code - Chivalry (guide the knight); it's their code of conduct
*Pope - head of the Roman Catholic Church
*Canon Law - religious teachings of the priests

7 Sacraments
1. Baptism     2. Communion    3. Confession     4. Confirmation   5. Marriage
6. Ordination  7. Anointing of the Sick

*Excommunication - punishment of the people if there's violation
*Interdict - if the community happens to violate the teachings
 *Tithe - 10% of their income shared to the Catholic Church
*3 Religious Groups
1. Monks       2. Nuns      3. Missionaries

*Women before the Catholic Church - medium of temptation
*Women during the Roman Catholic Church are regarded like "Mary" and are called daughters of Eve
*Important woman is Hildegard of Bengin.
*St. Francis of Assisi - Missionary (Italian)
*St. Dominic - Dominican (Spanish)
 *Abbot Berno of Cluny - revived Benedictine Rome
*Preaching Order
1. Franciscans        2. Dominican       3. Bequines
 *Alcuin of York - run Charlemagne's school
*Aachen - second Rome
*State - Fief
*Eleanor of Aquitaine - 1st queen of France and England 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"How does the concept of Pope Benedict XVI about Eros and Agape grounded on man's substantial union?"

This question was part of our quiz in whom our professor in Philosophy of Human Person (subject) convey to us. Here is my answer:

If Eros, its physicality and Agape, its spirituality are not represented in man, thus they can't never be specified. Man is both body and soul. Man's body is represented by Eros and man's soul is represented by Agape (spirituality). Thus, man is both composed of these two dimensions, Eros and Agape which can never be separated. The union of these two dimensions defines the true nature of man. Eros can't live without Agape and Agape can't live without Eros. They are co-dependent with each other. That is why, marriage is saturated because of the marriage of both body and soul in man. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Once-in-a-lifetime events should not be harsh. They should be celebrated with love and happiness. Just like wedding celebrations that surely always embrace the spirit of how two lovers come to decide to put their greatest love to a vow before God and the people in front of a ceremonial blessing. Of course, with this kind of setting, it takes a sophisticated and quality wedding decorations for first impressions always last not just for the success of the celebration but for the visitors and invited very important persons to feel the rhythm of the wedding celebration.

Indeed, there is nothing more happier and the ever happiest moment in one's life of two lovers falling for love to unite into one. It does clearly proves that in life, there are some events that only marriage that through wedding celebrations can clearly be explained.

With all that has been set up and everyone is ready for the once-in-a-lifetime wedding celebration, then it always calls for the unique, elegant and ever manifested in creative crafts, wedding decorations. This adds more to the kind of celebration that spells like no other. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

It has been almost a year now that I stop teaching and I admit that I miss the kind of vocation that I have. Being a teacher is indeed the noblest among all the professions in the world.

Going back to school is another adventure and a discovery. I have meet new faces, new friends, new atmosphere and of course, new teachers in whom I got all the new information in learning about the second course that I take now, Nursing.

It is quite not a familiar type of going inside the room and then, sitting in the corner, waiting for the teacher and in discussions, listen and take down notes. These things I remember doing when I was still in my college years the most. But now, I am not the teacher anymore. I am now the student.

Of spending time to capture all the vital information that I should know about Nursing, I have come to realize that being a student is not easy. Aside from the many assignments, researches, reportings and exam, the 75% quizzes display a huge impact on my grades, and so, I always take time to make it a point that I will not miss to study any of my subjects. Sleepless nights and long hours of study, I lay almost everyday. That is why, pimples are scattering everywhere on my face. Indeed, I can say that I am a student, a real student.

These things that apt me to do because I don't have a choice makes me to really do and exert more efforts everyday. I am aiming to be the best. I don't want to be half-cooked in my learning and knowledge. Nursing has always been my choice of a course and a profession someday that will lead me to love it and be my vocation. That is why, I devote more time to really burn the evening candle just to make sure that I have a good grades and I do pretty well understand what my teachers taught me.

Indeed, school is a lot of fun! 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Philosophy is a humorous and fun subject for me because I was able to understand life and everything that defines about man and life. It is an in-depth knowledge that I have because our professor is really an expert in explaining every topic that makes me atone to get to be more interested in his discussion everytime we have my Philosophy class.

"To exist is to stand out."

Man is a being in the world. He is fundamentally related to his body. Man exists both body and soul which makes it fundamental. Through his body, he is exposed to his own existence as a human being.

In this manner, our physicality makes it dominantly the reason that we all exists with body and paired with spirit or soul. This makes us all stand out among any other creatures in this world, making humans the highest regard of man's existence in this world. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I have prepared questions which I can use in review for nursing board exam. This is my way of refreshing myself from the lessons that I have in nursing.

1. Introduced the "Health Promotion Model of Nursing".
a. Nola Pender
b. Callista Roy
c. Myra Estrin Levine
d. Martha Rogers
e. Imogene King

2. Introduced the "Theory of Transcultural Nursing"
a. Hildegard Peplau
b. Dorothea Elizabeth Orem
c. Jean Watson
d. Joyce Travelbee
e. Madeleine Leininger

3. Introduced the "Adaption Model"
a. Betty Neuman
b. Dorothy Johnson
c. Florence Nightingale
d. Nola Pender
e. Sister Callista Roy

4. Introduced "Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory"
a. Jean Watson
b. Dorothea Elizabeth Orem
c. Martha Rogers
d. Florence Nightingale
e. Imogene King

5. Introduced the "Systems Model" or the "Behavior System Model"
a. Callista Roy
b. Betty Neuman
c. Madeliene Leininger
d. Dorothy Johnson
e. Hildegard Peplau

 6."The Conservation Principles, A Model for Health" was introduced by
a. Martha Rogers
b. Joyce Travelbee
c. Josephine Abaquin
d. Myra Estrin Levine
e. Imogene King

7. "Cultural Care Diversity and Universality Theory" is from
a. Madeleine Leininger
b. Betty Neuman
c. Joyce Travelbee
d. Jean Watson
e. Florence Nightingale

8. "Systems Framework and Goal Attainment Theory" was known by
a. Jean Watson
b. Joyce Travelbee
c. Josephine Abaquin
d. Imogene King
e. Hildegard Peplau

9."Behavior System Model" was introduced by
a. Dorothea Orem
b. Dorothy Johnson
c. Faye Glenn Abdellah
d. Florence Nightingale
e. Hildegard Peplau

10. Introduced the "Maternal Role Attainment Theory"
a. Nola Pender
b. Margaret Newman
c. Helen Erickson
d. Patricia Benner
e. Rosemarie Rizzo Parse