Thursday, April 30, 2009

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Development of a child is from the womb of the mother until he grows up. Taking into account that it is a very important role of the parents to nurture the child with the proper nourishment as well as with moral guidance. Take to consider these aspects of a child to be developed:

1. Physical - This composes the whole physical strength of a child.
2. Mental - This refers to the thinking state of a child if he is able to cope with the existing approaches in life.
3. Social - This refers to the ability of the child to mingle with various aspects of personaity and deal with them.
4. Spiritual - The act of the child to be closer to the Almighty and know the importance of his beliefs to be able to practice his faith.
5. Moral - This refers between choosing what is right or wrong. It is the desire of the child to know what is proper and improper for him to weight things out and to gain lessons from them.

These are some of the aspects of development that take into bigger account for the parents and the persons who impart to share to make life a positive difference.

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A child learns to do things by actual doing, not by memorizing the rules or watching others. In other words, we don not learn things in a passive manner.

Individual learns through experience and assimilate values from it. Learning process is essentially experiencing, reacting, doing and understanding. Self-activity is a requirement in physical, emotional and social growth and development of an individual. Learning is an active, dynamic and adjustive process. It can be said that learning is best when it utilizes the theory of self-activity.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

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Creativeness is defined as the ability to express oneself in some basic elements in many human endeavors, such as art, music, literature, and performance. Children are endowed with some creative ability to some degree. Learning is effective when the child is free to create his own responses to the situation he faces. When a child is free to make his own originality, then and only then creativeness be possible. A child’s permanent conception of working into a situation is looking into it and not to take back upon it. In other word, he if facing it. It is not a thing in the past. He works out in all the situations until he finds refinement in his goal that will lead to more purposeful outcome to his personality. It is only then that one finds the meaning of life if a child has freedom to create his own works of expressions.

Health is wealth and therefore prevention is better than cure. The whole world is alarmed of the serious, existing problem that spreading this day, the monstrous killer, swine flu virus. As we all know, news reported that these virus affect hundreds of innocent children and families all over the world. We don’t want that this killer will harm our loved ones especially our families. To keep the virus from spreading, proper washing of the hands is a must. Furthermore, swine flu kit is available now for the safety and prevention of this disease. We don’t want such great phenomenon to harm million of lives. The only instant and sure way is to foster prevention tips.

The most common method of studying the process of learning is through the association of ideas, stimuli and responses. People learn and remember those things which are alike, which are striking because of their differences and which occur together in space and time.
Parents teach their children to associate spoken words, letter with sounds and pictures, words with ideas and ideas with each other.
Every stimulus takes a response. This is a delicate part in the learning situation because whatever the teacher impart or set, the pupils will grasp and register it in their minds and oftentimes imitate it. That’s why, positive stimuli create advantageous response.

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It was Chuck Wicks & Julianne Hough who were voted out yesterday. I really thought that they would stay longer but it did not happen.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Studies revealed that person’s first attraction of an individual capture most of his skin. “First impression lasts!” This is what most of the people regarded beauty especially with our physical looks. As we all know, our skin is essential to our survival. It forms barrier that helps prevent harmful microorganisms from entering the body. It also protects the vital structures inside the body from injury and from the potentially damaging ultraviolet rays of the sun. That’s why, any variety of the skin can become involved in various skin diseases. A clear example is adult acne. Acne occurs when a hair follicle becomes blocked, usually by keratin-containing dead cells, preventing sebum from reaching the surface of the skin. Bacteria that normally live in the hair follicle break down the sebum behind the blockage, producing chemicals that cause inflammation in the surrounding skin. The result of this inflammation is a pimple. Are we just going to disregard the damage it causes to our beauty? What if our self-confidence and self-esteem will be affected for having such skin diseases? Remember, our everyday living affects the disposition of our life. Don’t let adult acne ruin such pleasant living. Furthermore, experts give fabulous solutions to whatever skin diseases you suffer. Your importance is their main worth. Anti-wrinkles, acne treatment and anti-aging skin care products are made especially for you. Make that first impression lasts. Call skin experts now!

Aside from these factors namely, intellectual, learning, physical, mental, emotional, social and teacher’s factors, here are also other factors that create or produce difficulties in the learning process:

1. Prevalent effects of goals, purposes and objectives
2. Malnutrition
3. Glandular disturbances
4. Parent’s misguidance, over protectiveness, pushing the children too hard and neglecting to give attention
5. Delitating illnesses
6. Kinds of relation between pupils and teacher

These are evidently manifested or observed when some of these cases result to pupil’s misconduct and poor performance in the instructional setting.

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It is a fact that physiological setting of the classroom is basic to the teaching and learning situation as well as to the growth and development of a learner.
Proper setting for learning is a worthwhile goal in acquisition of learning of the learner. Furthermore, the learner is ready to acquire when he is mature enough and believes that he can learn.
Respect for the integrity of the individual is essential in the pupil’s growth and development. The teacher can guide, support, direct and provide situations that may encourage pupils’ growth and development. In as much as learning in this sense is worthwhile.
Cooperation and competition is also a proper setting for learning. Competition can’t be eliminated in favor of cooperation. Both is essential to promote development of realistic goals. But care should be used because competition often exceeds the mild level most favorable for maximum growth and development.
Pupils must learn how to be receptive to learning. Each one must learn from himself. As the child learns his overt behavior changes with the kind of situation externally and internally.
Emotional tome is essential in the development of the individual. Mild approach and mild approval with a slight tension to action is conducive to individual’s growth and development.

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Life is a precious moment that has bestowed to us from the Almighty. Life embraces the beauty of nature and it all that it compasses. People from all walks of life live life according to how they are going to spend it. But have you question yourself- "How to spend life to the fullest?"
When we are still young, we tend to do things in our own childish ways but as we grow and learn from life, changes in behavior and perspective predominates. Life is a gift that sets abundance and love. As we, just spend our life once and never comes again. So every moment counts. Spending life is a matter of reflecting this saying, "Whatever you do, you will pay for the consequence".

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The key in directing and guiding learning is the understanding of the needs, motives and interests of the learner. The understanding and the proper use of motivational techniques bring interest, good morale, effective learning and a sense of real achievement to the classroom. Moreover, motivation is not a bag of tricks which the teachers use to produce learning. Rather, it is a process which belongs to the learner. Its characteristic is that they have an energizing function. They stir up classroom children’s behavior. Besides releasing energy, motivations display a character of directionality. In brief, motivation may be described as a process in which energies produced by needs are expended in the direction of goals.

Monday, April 27, 2009

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All differences between individuals may be best interpreted by the facts of heredity or nature, training and environment or nature. These are some of the cause of individual differences:

Race – There are some differences in behavior among different races. Traditions, practices and beliefs display obvious differences to people from all walks of life. Thus, it can be concluded that culture plays a dissecting role in influencing humans.
Heredity – If we inherit equally from our parents, we inherit unequally from our grandparents. The influence of factors inherits by a child himself from time he is conceived. Individual Differences in mental or physical trait is due to heredity and of course, environment.
Maturity – The maturity of every pupil varies along with development. It has been found out through psychological studies that girls mature earlier than boys.
Sex – The exact measurements of intellectual abilities show a relatively slight superiority of the women in receptivity of memory and relatively slight superiority of men in control of movement and in grasp of concrete mechanical situation.
Social and economic status – Higher intelligence is found along with better educational facilities. Therefore, higher intelligence exists in high rank economic conditions.

These causes are some of the factors that humans take to consider in understanding the behavior and nature of a certain individual.

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One of the significant features of education is the recognition of the great differences among children. Individual differences among people have been recognized for centuries. The early Greek scholars recognized individual differences in intelligence, temperament, interest and physical traits. Individual differences also involve the rate of physical growth, mental capacity of development, strength of emotions, quickness of thought, reaction time and the ability of individuals to respond to types of social conditions. Furthermore, individual differences among human beings may be inborn or acquired. Some acquired differences which education plays accountable such endowing human beings to their interest, ideals, conduct, character, habits and the like.
Knowing that each child is unique, it is therefore unjust to treat such individuals as though they are alike. Each particular pupil is a distinct personality.
Most importantly, knowledge of a teacher to improve education is to essentially recognize and understands the nature of individual differences.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

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Getting into the usual day is so common to feel. But today is not an ordinary day because the cold breeze really gets into my nerve. So cold!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

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I have been calling my family a lot. I just miss them and I hope I was there. I was planning to visit them next year but I don't think that will happen because I need to prioritize something else. They know what it is and they understand. Huh! The only thing I can do now is to support them and pray that they will be okey there.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Glass Tile

How many of you read efficiently? Students must have a clear picture of his reading goals. Here are the some of the guidelines to effective reading:
1. Improve reading comprehension and rate. Acquire the skills needed to read materials that vary in difficulty. Adjust his reading speed to suit his purposes and the nature of the materials he reads.
2. Prepare for specific uses of reading: extensive and intensive. Skills in reading newspapers and novels may differ from those needed in reading experiments, reviewing for examinations or preparing term papers.
3. Grasp learning content so as to gain information on various fields: the humanities, the arts, the sciences, etc. A good conversationalist keeps himself inform of the latest events in the community, his country and the world.
4. Use reading to improve skills in listening, speaking and writing.
5. Be an independent learner through the use of effective study habits at home and in school.
6. Refine critical thinking skills by evaluating and appreciating what he reads.
7. Have fun by reading. Read different materials that bring him pleasure, make him laugh and help him relax.

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Study Skills

Academic ability consists of various skills and abilities, called study skills. These abilities are associated with learning, remembering and using information and ideas taught in school. They can be described as acquiring, recording, organizing and synthesizing. Many of these skills are available in business and in other activities outside the school.
Study reading is active reading since the student’s thinking is extended as he reacts to, interprets and is challenged by what he reads. The reader challenges the writer when he evaluates and decides whether (1) the assumptions set forth are accurate; (2) the evidences are adequate; and (3) the information given is relevant to his purpose.
A student who efficient study methods have in a true sense learns to learn. He has not changed his innate his capacity in learning but rather discovered to get the maximum mileage out of what ability he has. The student thus becomes more efficient at mastering academic content because he has learned to concentrate, to organize the material he has read, to employ mnemonic aids and to follow study with review and self-testing. Such a person has learned to learn in an effective manner that which he intends to learns.

Friday, April 17, 2009

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It’s all free! It’s all for you!
There’s a saying that goes, “No man is an island.” Do you want to wear that frown in your face all day long? Imagine yourself living in a world alone, isolated, lonely, companionless or forsaken. I am sure you can’t picture out such situation. Do you want to be forever lonely and getting bored with those old, usual sad days? Cheer up! It’s all 100% free. Free Interracial Dating travels you to the world of happiness, unleashing the emptiness you felt inside. Exercise and stretch out those 60 muscles of your face for you to smile everyday, meeting people from different races, different cultures, and of various personalities and nationalities. Free Interracial Dating gives you all the instant access that will meet you a lot of people - Black, While, Gay or Christian Interracial singles all over the globe. And guess what! Who knows? You will meet the man or the woman of your dreams. We all need to connect and communicate with people. Take every opportunity and learn from them. You deserve not to be lonely. Don’t give such loneliness a space in your life. That’s why, Free Interracial Dating gives importance to your worth. With Free offers like Free Registration or Membership, Free Chats, Free Accounts and other Free Dating Services. It is all made possible for you. So register now! It’s free! It’s all for you. No place for you to be lonely. They care for you.

It is a kind of a scenario that oftentimes when there are an examinations, quizzes, or tests, students try to memorize the important details of the text rather than understanding them especially when the teacher tells the examinations will be tomorrow and the same thing happens when a pupil or a student is studying in the “eleventh hour” and tomorrow will be the long quiz. Of course, bad results of the grade will that student gets. There is a saying that goes, “Practice make perfect.” In reading, the practice there is the reading of the text with deeper understanding. It is so useless that we spend hours and sleepless nights to study or read without even comprehension. It is like you are just playing not with heart and taking all these things as a “joke”.

It does boils down also to discipline. The more the child is expose to reading when he or she is still young, positively, that child until he or she grow up really brings the habit of good reading habits. A person cannot store knowledge in instant way because our brain needs proper nourishment and not as in a quick and half hazard way.


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Reading can be classified according to the rate of speed at which a person reads as well as to his purpose in reading. Here are the different kinds of reading:

1.Skimming is reading by the sign posts or clues in the selection. It is fast reading in which the reader reads headings and topic sentences and spot-reads parts of paragraphs. It gives the reader an overview of the material.
2.Scanning is glancing through a page to locate a particular kind of information. It requires the reader first to identify key words or phrases related to the information sought and then focus attention on just those words as he glances over a page.
3.Idea reading is rapid reading of the main idea. The eyes catch large phrases at each glance and register in the brain only the most significant words in those phrases. Idea reading means making quick decisions, as to the importance of the different clues and rapidly associating them with ideas assimilated in previous experiences.
4.Explorative reading is done when one aims to get a fairly accurate picture of a whole presentation of ideas. It requires more concentration.
5. Study reading is characterize as the learner gets maximum understanding of the main idea and their relationships.
6.Critical reading is the reader stops to consider the facts carefully. It is not necessary to read fast because rapid reading of the main idea might lead to false conclusions.
7.Analytical reading is the type that demands careful attention to each word and its relative importance in relation to other words in the sentence or paragraph.

Those are the kinds of reading that probably you do or practice every time you do research or prepare for a test or a talk.

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Reading means many things to people from all walks of life. It can be one of the interests of an individual, expanding his horizons and making it possible for him to share human’s accumulated experiences and achievements throughout the generations.

Reading is an active process between the author and the reader. It is the basic tool for learning all aspects of life. It is a skill that helps man to discover the answers to questions about existence. It stimulates him to quest the mysteries of nature. Moreover, it takes a man into the entire world of thought and imagination which enable him to acquire a clearer, deeper understanding of reality and existence.

Reading is a subtle and complex process that involves five stages: sensation, perception, comprehension, application and integration. Word Perception is the ability to pronounce the word as a meaningful unit. Comprehension is the skills in making individual words construct useful ideas as they are read in context. Reaction is the judgment of what the author has said. Integration is the ability to assimilate idea or concept into one’s background of experience so that it is useful as part of the individual’s total experience.

For an individual to be a good reader and a successful person in the future, he or she should not stop reading with understanding.

Reading is a skill and it is best for mothers or for fathers to discipline and aptly nourish their children not only with nutritious food but most importantly, by words through reading. I think when a person loves to read and have comprehension on what he or she is reading, chances are he or she is ready to understand and accept life’s inconsistencies.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

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I have realized that from the beauty of the nature and the gift of life. I feel the warmth now to be glad to be me. The caress of the wind, the colors of the surroundings, the sound of nature, my breath and everything is so wonderful. I'm glad to be me.

A home is a relaxing place to rest after a hard days work. The comforts and warmth of a home can be best achieved by having a beautiful house. And when we say beautiful, it is wonderfully crafted and architecturally built. But what about walls and doors having deep cracks and flakes? Do we just need to ignore the discomfort it brings? Driveways, sidewalks, foundations, walls, interior floors, garage floors These are all concrete things made for various purposes to give us the comforts we need. Furthermore, to give us an extra, well-furnished care, Austin concrete is the best quality for it. I can assure you that the concrete materials they used are of high quality, professionally done and most importantly, it is durable that it will last for years. Why settle for anything less? We can’t deny the fact that budget is always an essential aspect to consider but wasting to choose cheaper concrete will give you more of a budget. It’s not long-lasting. It doesn’t provide you with good quality. Why not get tired of all those cheaper concrete that will add extreme burden to your pocket? Are you willing to choose cheaper concrete that will offer you short services or will you go for the best quality that will give you 100 percent security, safety, assurance and everlasting comforts? Remember, a house is a place for your family, your friends, your relatives, your cousins, your officemates, or your visitors to share the warmth and comforts with what it brings. Don’t let your home be ruined by a cheaper concrete. Make your house a home with Austin concrete!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Thanks rose >Thoughts of SAHM< for this award.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I experience being pregnant but it did not last till 9 months because I had miscarriage during the 3rd month. So, when I was pregnant, I had so many questions like how long will the morning sickness last? I throw up almost everyday. I just don’t know what to do to stop it. The second question is, what kind of food do I have to avoid or what kind of food do I have to eat? I don’t eat well sometimes and I am so concern with the baby and I wanted him/her to be healthy. The third question is why do pregnant women have cravings? I had so many cravings and it’s hard to find most of them here. I had more questions like any other pregnant women has but it ended up for me. It was sad but maybe it’s not yet meant to be for me. As of now, I don’t plan to get pregnant. Being pregnant and later on raise a child is not easy. You need to take full responsibility and maybe I am just not ready. My friends told me to enjoy life especially that I don’t have kids yet and that is what I will do. So, if you have questions about pregnancy visit this website called Pregnancy Health Guru.


Proof of Payment

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Monday, April 6, 2009

My sister is a teacher and she plans to work in Singapore but she needs to work on her papers first and when it's done, she can have her visa. I will help her financially but I have no idea on what to do regarding the immigration stuff. Thanks to They provide all sorts of immigration services especialliy in securing for a visa. Glad to know that I will be able to help my sister making the proper and legal process securing visa to Singapore.


Until now, I am still searching on how to design a website and it’s very frustrating. There are a lot of tutorials but I am looking for something else and I can’t seem to find it. Huh! I hope someone can teach me on how to design a website.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Looking Good

There are those people who will do anything for them to look good. In today’s generation, a lot is possible. As long as you are willing to do it and you have a lot of money. People are just not contented with what they have or sometimes they think that they have enough and want to get rid of it. Like for example. Some undergo Breast Reduction Surgery because they don’t feel comfortable with it. Some are willing to travel far just to have that surgery because they think they have the best doctors over there. I just hope that those people who do it gets the result they wanted and be happy with it.

I change my blog’s background again. I want to change it every month but sometimes, I just get tired and won’t do it until after 3 months or more. It’s not hard to do it but the only thing is that you need to look for an image and place some accessories to go with it. In short, you just have to be creative.

Check out my tutorial.


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Yesterday, I re-submit this blog at 3P. I don’t know why they decline it before but I am happy now that it got approved. That means more assignments for me. They are not the same as before but that’s okey. I still like them. Thanks 3P for approving my blog.

Everything in life takes a lot of preparations most especially when a woman is having a baby. Pregnant mothers all over the world want the best for their baby. They take good care of their baby even when it is still in the womb. They nourish them with great attention and love even until they deliver the baby, until that baby grows into a child. The love of the mother will never change because the baby is the extension of her life. Great questions linger everyday that mothers often ask concerning the health and the growth of their babies like: “What is the recommended food that offers good nutrients for my baby?”, “What is the best milk for him/her?”, “What are some of the products that is best for the hygiene of my baby because of her/his skin that is very delicate?”, “How do I prepare his/her bottles, clothes, etc.?”, “How do I protect him/her to get rid from illnesses and diseases that he/she might grasp from the environment?”, How do he/she develops her/his motor, verbal, mental, and social skills?”, “Am I giving the best for him/her?”, “How do I attain to his/her needs that oftentimes I have work to do?”. These are some of the questions most mothers would ask upon rearing their babies because all they want is 100% assurance for their babies’ safety and their babies’ proper growth and nourishment.

You might want to add Chat on your blog but you just don’t know what the code is. I don’t know about the code before but I stopped into this one blog and found out about it and he is so nice to share information on how to place a Chat section on your blog.

This is how you will do it. First sign in at and then go to layout and choose add a gadget (that depends on where you want your chat box to be) then copy this code

In that section YAHOOMESSENGERID change that to your YM ID like cute123 then click save.

Note: You can also change the style of your chat icon. All you need to do is change that number 2 to 1 or maybe 6 then save it and you will find the result.