Wednesday, December 28, 2011

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Today's news welcomes me with the shocking event of the year, I probably guess. It was the splits of Sinead O'Connor on Barry Herridge. That happy wedding last December 8, on the very day of the singer's birthday, but now it turns out to be a big separation. 

I was like very shocking. It was not only Kim K. with his ex-husband Kris Humphries do such act of instant period to their marriage but also O'Connor as well with Herridge. 

Reflecting from this kind of unfortunate situation, I then asked myself that where is justice of marriage now. Why is it that with small problems, couples or the other partner (couple) can directly decide to end the marriage. It was horrible. 

If people could learn to sacrifice and work things out then deciding to end up. Who knows there is that good that will happen in an hour or for years of their lifetime. It is not a best option and wise decision to end up the marriage in a way that what one feels or what one has to quickly decide into. There is always that life in everything and for people, they need to do all the things in order for them to grasply make every effort best. They vow for happiness and of course, marriage is not a joke. It is really not a joke. So why there is that way to end where in fact, there are many sides in life that they can see the beauty and goodness of happy living together. 

What if all the relationships and commitment encounter more trials in the first time, are couples going to give up instantly? 

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The home is part of every person's investment. Everything that one puts in it is part of his earnings, the fruit of his sacrifices and labor.

The home connotes a place to rest, a shelter to unwind from the many pressures of the outside world, the life of every family to unite and for them to receive and welcomes visitors of all ages and races.

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Baby's Coat

I give myself my baby David with my embrace and care. I wrapped him with his baby coat so that he will not feel cold and uncomfortable with the coldness of the atmosphere.

I always give him the embrace of his coat as the weather now is signalling for the coming of the Christmas season. But still, no matter what type of clothes on, baby David is remaining cute and handsome.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What impresses me about Demi Lovato's Skyscraper is the emotion that everyone can relate to her song. The deep impact of sorrow and hatred nor shall we say madness all bursted out in this song. This is the expression of real emotion that is really that painful that until now it depects great impact to the masses.

This song gives justice to those who are hurt or have hurt because of love. It makes them feel self-supported that all those pains have been expressed to this song and that the antagonist will feel deeply blamed by the message of this song that kills his conscience.

It is a full-package of reality!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I was watching to this video yesterday. But prior to that, I love Rachel Crow. From the onset of her competition, I have seen her all the way until this momentum comes. Tragically, I was quite discouraged to know that such this amazing little girl drops down the entire universe as it was proclaimed as "eliminated". I was so shocked. I couldn't expect this to happen.

I mean the whole world is looking up to her, expecting that she will really win. But because of the Deadlock, all of those expectations or exact predictions dropped down to zero as she was being eliminated by the USA, those votes gained decreasing impact of the change of this system.

My "adrenaline" gets high as it was about to announce who the winner is for that famous talent search. But with the name as "Marcus, you are in", I stopped for some times. How does it happen?

Well, after much thinking, it is not the fault of Nicole anyway. It was the decision of America. It was meant to be and there is nothing to be blamed of.

All is well.