Thursday, September 30, 2010


How glad I see this picture which reflects the nature of happiness. I am very much in good health whenever I see this picture because it reminds me of the good times and the most memorable times in my life which keeps me smiling. I hope that I will forever see the real meaning of happiness in each faces and the things that I have encountered.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Author of this post is Cheryl Martinez

There are lots of new shows expected to hit this fall's tv lineup. I'm anxious to see Boardwalk Empire premiering on HBO. This is guaranteed to be the biggest thing since Sopranos.

Boardwalk Empire is similar to Sopranos in that it's based on the lives of gangsters. Of course, that means there are guns, girls, blood and, I'm sure, lots of foul language. But, this series is set in a different era. Boardwalk Empire takes us to Atlantic City during the 1920s. So for those of us who love a good gangster film, this show highlights where the Tony Montana's (Scarface) of our time come from.

Fresh out of World War, the country was looking for change and opportunity. As with any gangster looking to flip his luck, so were the likes of 'Nucky Johnson', the Boss, (Steve Buscemi) and 'Chalky White', leader of the African American community, (Michael K. Williams). Their hustle didn't include drugs (drugs had not yet evolved); these gangsters peddled booze that caused turf wars and murder.

The cast also includes Michael Pitt as 'Jimmy Darmody', World War I veteran and Nucky's protege, along with Kelly Macdonald portraying an Irish immigrant named 'Margaret Schroeder'.

Personally, I can't wait! On September 19, my satellite tv through TV By will be tuned in to the new fall tv show Boardwalk Empire complete with popcorn and cream soda (for nostalgia's sake)! I hope you'll be watching.

I find this picture like a life with full of wonders which ties in love and happiness. That is what I feel this day. I am overwhelm with much happiness with gladness in my heart. I love living life as it is now that I am soon to be a mother.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Guest post from: Natalie Walter

Since I was a very little girl, my favorite superhero has been Wonder Woman. I remember being five years old and wishing I could be like her. Zooming around the world in her silent invisible airplane, saving humanity from tyrannical villains and natural disasters, Wonder Woman was my personal role model. She insisted that every girl could be a wonder woman once she realized the true power of women. In the 1950s, with most of the TV and comic book world chock-full of male heroes and women relegated to the supporting cast, this was pretty heady stuff!

Wonder Woman was created in 1940 by William Moulton Marston, a psychologist who believed women were superior to men. He wanted to see a female superhero who was active and fearless but would ultimately conquer evil with love. Marston based the character's personality partly on his wife Elizabeth and partly on his friend Olive Byrne, whose beautiful silver bracelets would be seen deflecting bullets in the pages of Sensation Comics beginning in October 1941.

Since then, Wonder Woman has always been around in some form. Even when she temporarily lost her powers in the 1970s she learned martial arts and went right on fighting for the rights of women. As a member of the Justice League of America, she's starred in a number of great cartoons. I like to watch her in "The Justice League Unlimited" on Cartoon Network via directv arabic channels.

Whenever the world presses me with lots of unhappiness, I always look back to God.

Just like today, I felt like I am carrying the weigh of the world in my shoulder. That is why, I am very much in doubt right now on what to do but there is a sure way that lights my path and I know that the Lord is always there for me.

I love Christ and I know He is making the best of life for me and for the people in the world as well.

I know in Him I can see the light.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Guest post written by my buddy Lavern Small

I never thought I could love a tv show more than I love Seinfeld, but The Office may just be up there. From the quirky, way way way way over the top characters and the little bits they do at the beginning and end of the show, this show just keeps me laughing non stop.

Most fans started watching the show because of Steve Carrell's (who plays Regional Manager Michael Scott) work on the movie, the 40 year old version. To be honest, I only first started watching it because I thought Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesly) was hot - Fischer guest starred for an episode of That 70's Show as Stephanie Wanamaker. But I ended up enjoying the show for it's awkward humor. I've actually grown most fond of the side characters.

Thanks to some of the best cable tv deals, I've DVR'd all my favorite episodes. Most of my favorite parts involve scenes with one of the biggest side characters, Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson). I especially enjoy his relationship with the protagonist, Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) - especially b/c they are somewhat rivals who outwardly protest their dislike one another, but have some of the most memorable scenes of friendship in the show like when Dwight quits (the other one where Dwight's first love interest chooses another co-worker, Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) and Jim consoles him on the stairwell. I laughed when Dwight (who had been looking away in tears) turns to hug Jim and he's already left).

I am very much happy that I am very fine today. I am blessed because the Lord is given everything.

If you really want to travel with all the ease and comfort this life has to offer, then there are some possible ways for you to go through learning about all the things this life has to offer.

Having a Chevrolet Silverado car helps me to transport to places where I could have not been. I realize that in order to fully bliss and enjoy everything in life, there is always a sole need to secure one with everyone's passion, cars.

I am an addict traveler and when I go to places, I always go with me my most precious thing in this world, of course, my Chevrolet Silverado. In fact, it can travel everywhere I want to go. It is with me all through the days of my life. The only main thing that captures its worth is the thing when it will not activate because of its retiring pace. But in spite of this, I am very thankful to Dallas auto repair for taking care of my precious car.

My car always have this problem with brakes. Good thing that one tops the service of this car service company is securing its brake job with the satisfying guarantee to all car users which is of course, worthwhile.

For me, being on the go for everything, it is best that all things come in real order and well peace. Now I don't really worry where to seek help because I have all with me my car.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I have witnessed just this afternoon at the gymnasium where the Talent Search was held. I have seen lots of students who presented various talents and showed their best in their performances. There are those who dance, sing, rap, act and others. Then flashes of experiences came back to my sight as I recalled the times when I was still in my younger years which I sing a lot and I dance more.

How wonderful the Lord is for catering us all with good talents and plenty. I really love the way life lead me through. I love and like it.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Christmas is near and we are now in the BER month. That means that it is time to send Christmas letters ahead of time.

That is why, I know pretty well that in order to capture memorable event in life, I need to surprisingly send my family in the Philippines Christmas letters ahead of time so that it will reach their destination on the exact of December.

The-missing-them-so-much feeling is deeply a miss and so I need to be with them through a letter. Though with today's technology, it is thus quick to send them greetings online but it is much better and needed that through letters I will be able to tell them that I really care for them.

Now I don't have all the reasons that I would have to miss this Christmas because I have got all what I need right here.

I really miss the Philippines especially as well that I miss my family and my sister Arleen. She is my closed sister. She is there for me and she will always be my friend. Those times that I was there in the Philippines, we really spend time shopping and have our favorite sport, tennis.

I love her and I miss her so much.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thanks for the guest post by Esteban Vinson

There are so many different shows about fashion on television now, it has definitely expanded from all of the original, old school make over shows. Although there are millions of new types of shows that have incorporated fashion into their theme my favorite fashion themed show, is one that is still on the old school make over end, and that is How Do I Look? This show has been on for years now and has still not lost it's entertainment factor. Stacy and Clinton are just as entertaining, fun, helpful and charming as they have ever been. They stay with the trends but are sure to incorporate timeless looks into each make over they perform. They are also sure to be age and lifestyle appropriate which I think is a key factor a lot of make over shows are lacking. This way those of us from any age group, with any lifestyle can walk away from watching this show with some truly helpful tips and tricks of the trade. I have been watching this show on my Direct TV specials since the first season was on, which was years ago. I am so glad they have kept this show on air, considering so many shows of this kind seem to come and go so quickly. Stacy and Clinton are a part of my family it seems.

Just this day, the teachers are distributing the cards of the students. There are lots of parents who were asking for the concerns regarding their children. That is why, they are asking the help of the teachers on how they can well best help their children in terms of the academics. I am much of a concern to them because I know that they really want to help their children in a way that could uplift the behavior and the learnings of their child in school.

That is why, being in the position of telling and talking to the parents is really quite not that hard because I know pretty well the capacity and the performance of students inside the classroom.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

It is good to relax in our living room after a hard days work from the office. Frankly it is part of my daily routine that I have to watch the television as soon as I am at home because I want to be updated with the latest news on sports, world news, fashion, showbiz news and so on.

I have this wide interests when it comes to looking for the best thing on the screen. I know that in spite of the hectic schedules I have, it seems that all will be totally okay right at my living room.

There are of course available Dish TV when you want to have new sets of television for your living room. Mine, I bought new just last month and viewing my favorites on tv is that much okay. It is further right that direct satellite TV offers all the widest coverage of television matters especially when new events and arrising things are to be seen.

Thus, the new set of television caters reasonable tv pricing that is really a help in augmenting better finances with quality caterings.

I am in love of the pleasures that I can get in my television. Thanks for today's technological advancement that truly secures my zest in life.

Because of the overly tired work that I have, I am in the point of stressing myself in a way that I don't have that much time for myself especially that I am now not in good mood.

I am totally sick and I have a high fever. I hope that I can get away with this.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I. Subject-Verb Agreement. Supply the correct verb based from its number.

1. Jake __________________(like) to play basketball every time he sees his friend coming home.
2. Some plants _______________________(use) thorns as climbing organs.
3. Either Sophia or Sabrina _____________________(join) the party.
4. Both her sons ____________________________(goes) to that school.
5. My aunt and I __________________________(stays) back to learn knitting.
6. They ________________________(says) her wife is a capable woman.
7. Nobody ________________________(know) what is the right step of the dance.
8. This pair of socks __________________________(smells) like newly bought.
9. Mr. Wee, as well as the department head _________________________(discuss) the meeting this morning.
10. “Romeo and Juliet” ______________________(portray) the story of two lover’s undying emotional feeling.
11. Ten plus two _______________________ (equal) twelve.
12. Here ____________ (verb-to-be) the mangoes that Jenny bought.
13. There ___________ (verb-to-be) the man who is standing along the road all night long.
14. I _________ (verb-to-be) the one who is responsible for all these mistakes.
15. You _________(verb-to-be) the one that I used to be called my real friend.
16. The children or the people ___________________ (shouts) for joy as they all watch the program.
17. The number of boys _____________________ (climbs) the tree happily.
18. A number of visitors ______________________ (enjoy) the whole event of the show.
19. My friend, mother and teacher ______________ (verb-to-be) my aunt.
20. This ___________(verb-to-be) the place where I find it hard to forget.

There is always a sure way of learning things in an instant. For me, it is the most proper and worthwhile way to make life in complete happiness than to share what is the most fitting above all.

Just like when you are caring for the health needs of your body. I just need the right amount of everything. That is why, Suboxone Withdrawal Treatment is just perfectly the right solution for every process in your health problems. It captures you in giving greater chances and truer hope to be active even though if you are in times of much need of help.

That is why, there is no worry to live life in complete sadness and inferiority because there are ways to find the right solution for everything.

Here is an example of a type of vocabulary enrichment examination.

I. Choose the letter of the word most similar in meaning to the underlined word in the phrase. Circle the letter of the correct answer.

1. Awkward dance

A. Uncomfortable
B. Comfortable
C. Descent
D. Delicate

2. Barbaric tribes

A. Old
B. Nomadic
C. Uncivilized
D. Civilized

3. Bonafide student

A. Unfaithful
B. Deceitful
C. Faithful
D. Unwilling

4. Improvised shelter

A. Prepared
B. Makeshift
C. Provisional
D. Permanent

5. Dexterity of the worker

A. Skill
B. Neatness
C. Obedience
D. Seriousness

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It is really a great pleasure to travel to the world without any doubts and fears. With just the bliss to explore the world to look what is on the other side of this beautiful universe, I can make it happen everyday because chris cline yacht will surely take me, take you there.

The active nature of life in the chris cline mine games are the sole happiness I find which I can grasply reach the world within my reach. Through this way, I can be able to see the perfection of the world and I can be able to see the whole face of it.

There are lots of things in this life that needs to be nourished and one of my nourishment for pleasure is the moment I knew that life takes me to where I want to go.

Actually, it is right here!

Being a mother is really an exciting job. It is the fulfillment of my womanhood especially now that I have my baby soon. I am 4 months pregnant now. My husband is very excited for my first child and I am happy too.

I am very much confident to tell the world how happy I am for all the things that is happening and will happen into my life. Now that I am sooner be a mother, it is really a nice feeling.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

There are lots of things to enjoy at the dining room area. Actually, this is the most favorite place of my house which I find more relaxing and interesting. Aside from the food that invigorates me, it is the most solemn place which I find peace of my family. I have time to dine as well as talk to them in a most appropriate and interesting way.

We need to feel the essence of everything especially at home and because of things that keeps me atone at home, I am gaining much pleasure to enjoy life at its bliss.

Dining Room Chairs really give me all I wanted right at my dining area. I love it.

Monday, September 6, 2010

I don't want to end what I have felt today. It is the happiness that I was able to communicate with the special person in my life. I don't want this to end. I hope that this happy feeling will bear fruit of success in the future and it will totally come into reality.

I still hope for what is best in this world. I hope that the Lord will lead me there and let me find meaning to this happiness I have felt today.

I am hoping for it. I am hoping for the future and I will never lose hope even what may come to this happiness. That is just my way of understanding life to its fullness and its meaning.

For the nature of my work, I really need the right tool at hand. Cartridges are very important in my nature of work because it opts me to atone to use my computer and I can print out those important information I need for my research.

In this fast past which everything is in the great aspect of truer dedication and passion, I need the help of the use of technology in a more refine and well-to-do manner. That is why, I need the right tool for me to do things effectively. What I need, I do them best with the right tool I have in my office. Cartridges really help!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I never can't get enough of Charice's Pyramid because I always play the song again and again. I never get tired of hearing that song. It is very tremendous and it is a wonderful song. I really like it.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Everytime I went home from work, seldom one can see me sleeping as soon as I am at home from work. Most of the time, I am at my couch, comfortably sitting in a comfty chair while I open all the screens to see what's the latest from news, sports, fashion, entertainment and others.

Online TV captures the real sense of me, making the most of my time in everything I want to know in my wide screen TV. Through this, I am being able to see the real picture and hear the right information right at the face of the world. This makes me atone and informed of the existing and the happenings of the events in the whole world.

Because of the fact that I am more on the wider side of discovering the world in totality, I am able to say something to my friends and my office mates about the latest in all aspects of businesses in this world. Online TV helps my active lifestyle!

This morning, my father called me. It is a surprise call from the Philippines. I haven't got any contact with my father since last month and so he misses me a lot. That is why, he called.

I miss my family in the Philippines that much. If the Philippines is just a travel away from here, a mile away, I could make it to visit to them everyday.

I miss them a lot.

When it comes to moving to places, most of the movers would probably say that it is pretty hard to do things while they move places especially when they transfer from lots of distances here, there and everywhere.

Indeed, I can say that moving into a new house or apartment is really hard when you don't have the right things at hand and when you don't have to trust to someone your cares and concerns. But now moving is not that tasking because Moving Company LA cares much of the customers need when they plan to move or have moved.

The only reason that everyone takes to play in a wider sense of great responsibility is to secure with confidence the ease of living life in a pleasurable and most efficient way.

We will be having our Leadership Training Seminar for tomorrow and I am very much excited to be a part of that BIG event. In fact, I have even started to prepare my things for tomorrow. I need to bring my personal belongings because it is a two-day live-in seminar. I am pretty sure that I have lots of things in store for tomorrow. I love it!