Thursday, July 31, 2008


They are my close friends in the Philippines. They are actually my co-workers before. I enjoyed being with them. Most of the time we just hangout and laugh and be sentimental. I rarely get the chance to chat with them nowadays because they are busy but I do understand. We all change but I would never forget them.

About the Picture: the first and second pictures were taken when we went to
Sagpulon Falls. The last one was taking outside the “Pier”. I went to Cebu that time. They are always been there for me. Thanks guys.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

May your Birthday be filled with lots of Love,
Joy and Happiness!
And may all your Dreams and Wishes come True!
Have A Happy Birthday

That’s me and that is my first activity which I will call the “Dots” for it has a lot of dots in the background.

I am a simple type of person. I love singing, listening to music but lately I have been addicted to blogging. Since I am a stay at home wife and don’t have kids yet so I consider blogging as something that keeps me busy. I am here to share to you what I got. See, every one of us has a talent and mine is being creative.

If you want me to make something for you leave me a comment regarding your name and your birth date.