Monday, June 27, 2011

Cars 2

I love to see this film especially that my son loves to view this as well. As we have seen the movie, I have realized that there are more to life that little children do and I appreciate the efforts and the reaction of my son because it is my first time see him grow, appreciating this film in such a way that I have seen his feeling towards the whole story.

I have then realized that little kids are the great window that adults learn to understand them in a way that adults cope with their kind of system and their growth.

How I wish that my mother witness my growth when I was still young as seriously as it could be because as I have watched the reaction of my son. I love to see him smile and display various moods while seeing the film.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

To work in a place where the need to touch people's lives entails the right attire so that there is that dignity in what one displays out from its work. That is why, the use of uniforms is always a must.

Nursing or medical course is that important. It dissects to help people to further gain strength and to regain back the life that has been in the state of serious illness. That is why, the role of medical and nursing enthusiasts and experts is to prolong giving life and sheltering life to the utmost level of finding remedy.

In order to fully know their role and what makes them active at all sorts and angles in life, there are cheap nursing scrubs that vest them to look with authority for people to fully know that they are of that position. It is always this destination of seeking the right scrubs that is 100 cotton scrubs, all cotton scrubs because it is thus best and most fitting if one's nursing uniform is made in soft and comfy thing.

It is therefore very essential to vest properly with the right clothing so that one will appear and look dignified and be identified. explains how.

Today sets the victory for many on issue that has for them, "been resolved" but for me, I don't really like the approval for the gay marriage to action.

As what I have known, we are created in the image and likeness of God, both men and women and as what I have understood based on marriage is that it is only intended for man and woman who loves each other and that they commit to a wedding and bear children, make family of their own. Now here comes this gay marriages. I am not in par with this idea because it is against God's will. I think people should think about what is really moral and not this kind of silly thing.

Marriage is very important for couples who fall in love each other. That couple comprises of man and woman. There is no one in this world gambles to marriage and have that commitment even in the fact that they can't produce offspring because they are of the same gender.

I don't really know what is happening in the world today. People pass laws that are immoral. They are deciding on things which are not siding the main concern of it.

I don't really know why the world complicates the reality of marriage. For me, I am really against gay marriages because I have seen that it is not in accordance to God's will. I hope and I pray that people or the government should be always serious when passing and approving laws. They should have see to it that what they have in mind approves the will of God and we can see that result on what is stated in the Bible.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

What makes life happy is the sense that the chance of the people to fully enjoy every celebration.

Whatever the celebration is, there is that moment to fully enjoy life in its fullest. That what makes it very important.

Indeed, celebrating parties at any genre donates easier realization because there are reliable sources that makes it easier to accomplish and attain.

Parties should never be dry. It should be full of life and happiness. With the help and services of online party store, one can fully decide what to put on and to consider putting on to the taste of what one likes in a party. Online party store displays lots of choices and wonderful celebrations that makes party people to the extreme gladness because of the things that makes them present.

There is life in parties and that life clearly enjoyed because of online party store.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Suffering from any kind of diseases is painful and sometimes, it submerge us of being hopeful. But this video that I have seen today make me realize that there is always hope to everyone at all times. I have seen that in this child.

I have seen this video which vibrantly view a revelation of hope to all of us. This baby is ever hopeful for life to go through in spite of her condition.

There are some rare cases as like this but the only manifestation is the healing that goes along with it. Lucky for us who are not suffering from this kind of disease.

As I have seen the video, I do find hope in the child. She is dancing and glad as if she is not having been to operations. She is so innocent and hopeful. She is so delicate.

I love to see such revelation in life as like this because it simply signifies that life is not all the bad sides of it. There is hope to all instances that people may find it hopeless to see at. There is that future awaiting for every dream and aspirations. There is love and care.

I am very much awaken and my senses of the feeling of empathy dominates within my soul, through the eyes of this child.

I am happy that the Lord is ever supportive and helpful at all times. The goodness of His heart, I have seen them in this child.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I have read the news about the portions that speak about the German automobile manufacturer is being sued for using an unauthorized sample of Eminem's Academy Award-winning song "Lose Yourself" from his film "8 Mile." Furthermore, the 2012 Audi A6 clip is a more pristine version of the Chrysler 200 spot.

In the world of business, everything is in competition and everyone is taking play with it. But this kind of competition is something that has rightfully be investigated because in the first place, there is no negotiation and signed agreement between Audi A6 Avant's company and Eminem's side.

It is thus the sole initiative that Eminem has to do something about this, which I think is the best thing to do.

I have also observed that because of the rapid and rampant competition of the happenings nowadays, people are taking part in dealing with business as a sort of an "easy-way-out" money making without even going to follow the right process.

There are various questions and numerous incidents that calls for this matter that could always make an edge into drop-down policy. Of course, what is more affected then is the name of the company, that instead their goal of reaching huge sales in the market, people will not believe and trust them anymore because in the little sense, they are doing "monkey business" that deprives the ethical standard of running a business.

It is never easy to transact business and to deal with them. It is never a good escape to cheat because of money and that they are not using the right transactions that could healthily make the process worthwhile.

All businesses are only valid if they take processes that will not hurt and deprive morality.

Friday, June 3, 2011

There is this uniqueness in the person that I can connote as extraordinary. Indeed, as I have read news and seen videos about this man who has the largest feet in the whole world, I can therefore say that such unusual things has in this world.

This is probably the asset of the man of having that largest feet. Peter Iroga (left) is from Solomon Islands. He is different from the rest of us who has just the right feet. But in the case of him, he is that having huge, large feet.