Monday, July 30, 2012

I love Chemistry and I love my professor everytime she teaches us this subject. Before, it doesn't give me much interest learning the lesson but as time goes by, I have learned that Chemistry is an interesting subject. That is why, I will share to you on the things that makes me love most of Chemistry.

Atomic Number
Atoms are composed of identical protons, neutrons and electrons. How then are atoms of one element different from another element? Element are different because they contain different numbers of protons. The "atomic number" of an electron is the number of protons in the nucleus. The number of protons in an atom is equal to the number of electrons. Atomic Number (Z) of an element is the number of protons in the nucleus of each atom of the element.

Mass Number  is the number of protons and neutrons in the nucleus of an isotope.
Complete Symbol of the element, the mass number and the atomic number.

Dalton was wrong about all elements of the same type being identical. Atoms of the same element can have different numbers of neutrons. Thus, different mass numbers. These are called isotopes.

Frederick Soddy (187719) proposed the idea of isotopes in 1912. Isotopes are atoms of the same element having different masses, due to varying numbers of neutrons. Soddy won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1921 for his work with isotopes and radioactive materials.

Measuring Atomic Mass
Instead of grams, the unit we use is the Atomic Mass Unit (amu). It is defined as 1/12 the mass of carbon 12 atom. Each isotope has its own atomic mass, thus we determine the average from percent abundance.

To Calculate the Average Mass
Multiply the atomic mass of each isotope by its percent abundance, then add the results. If not told otherwise,  the mass of the isotope is expressed in atomic mass units (amu).

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My professor in Philosophy had already discussed some parts of the topic, "Freedom". Here are some that I would also like to share based from what I have taken down notes.

Freedom - exquisite part of human existence.
1. Knowledge is the verdant of human acts.
2. Freedom is the natural gift.
3. Voluntariness is the principle that follows after knowledge and freedom.

One can't exercise full freedom without knowledge and vice versa. Voluntariness can't be unless there is knowledge and freedom.

Knowledge is categorized as:
1. What is invincible - He knows that he doesn't know.
2. What is visible - He knows that he is ignorant.
3. What is crass or pretended ignorance - Projects he is ignorant because he wants to make excuses from liabilities and responsibilities.

Freedom is not possession. It is inherent of man as person. It is a tool to create a moral person. It signifies man's reality of his existence. He is a responsible of what he does. Animals are not free. Freedom distinguishes of a person from the other animals because it is a gift, a priceless gift that comes from our Creator. It can't be stolen. It can't be given away because it is inherent in man's nature.

It is dehumanizing when freedom is taken from you. When the person is wrong, he is not entitled to his own opinion. Freedom is not something to be abused. It is not a license to do wrong, rather it is a license to do better.

Freedom has some restrictions. You should not destroy the freedom of others even though you have the right. The purpose of man is to perfect his existence.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In our school, the use of the drinking fountains are the main source which we, the students find it very nourishing because it quenches all our thirst from the excessive hotness or the state of condition that the call for drinking water is very much important. But here are some of the suggested solutions that we donate in order to get rid of the problem regarding the use of the drinking fountain.

1. Consult the dean about the said problem.
2. Place any notice if the drinking fountain is not functioning well or if it undergoes repair.
3. Always inspect the equipment if there is any damage or leak of its system.
4. Put some signages, letting the students be aware of not making the drinking fountain as their washing area or garbage area.
5. Clean the surface of its area to maintain its cleanliness.
6. Check if it is functioning well - keeping the plug always "on" in order to give fresh cold water for students to drink.
7. Put friendly instruction on how to properly use the drinking fountain.

Cosmocentrism relates to cosmos or the universe which makes as the centerpoint in any philosophical inquiry. In the cosmos, the presence of man and women who in the first place are created by God lives in the so-called universe. In fact, it is by the presence of man that makes them the center of the cosmos. It's existence makes it more clear which drives the universe to be the point of study from everything. Furthermore, in the cosmos, with the presence of man also lies the elements or the presence of fire, water, land and air that emanates its existence. Due toe these things, the cosmos in such a ways is regarded as the main point of study. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

This question was being given to us by our professor in our second quiz. And this is my answer:

At first from the beginning of God's creation, He made man on the 7th day, but because God finds man alone and lonely, God thinks that he needs a companion. And thus, God formed Eve, a woman to be his companion in life. In this sense, I can say that man is not an island. He is a social being molded to communicate, interact, socialize and deal with his like.

Man is capable to feel. He has given his free will and rights so that he could fully exercise what he thinks he wants to relate well with. He is endowed with dignity and worth to be able to relate well with others. He is indulged with senses and rational thinking which makes him dominant over all in God's creation. Man is made for all. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

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