Sunday, September 25, 2011

I love this girl. She is very cute and adorable. I was moved by her voice. It was lovely. I was touched how she sing the song because it was all about dreaming and making dreams come true and as I have seen in her, this little girl loves to do what she dreams to do. I am very much impressed by Kaitlyn Maher.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

As I have watched the main highlight in the news today, I am really in shocked because of the presentor's main presentation in a public view with those pants down. It seems disgusting. And being Paula Abdul, of course, the initial reaction would always mean something not good because of the public immorality that the presentor is showing to the public. Furthermore, not all individuals have that capacity to understand the show as "X Factor" because of the said person that really showed the X?!?

I don't really understand why this person came out with such kind of presentation. Maybe as what I have think that he is thinking that to amuse the audience, he should do something "stupid". Sorry for the word but that is how I view it.

Come to think of it. The show is live. No one expected that the result would be such a kind that truly ruins the whole scenario. It is quite awkward to go into dealing with the kind of a show that is really famous but the feel of making it live is not that lively at all as this guy is revealing another meaning of what he feel would be beneficial for him or for the audience to be amused. I can't decipher to think what this wannabe want to portray to all after all.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I am sending this card to my teacher which is living in the eastern country in the side of the Philippines. I will surprise her of this card and I will send it ahead of time, probably in November of the 2nd week so that it will reach to her on the day of the Christmas time.

I can't forget my favorite teacher in English. She is the one who taught me everything from writing, reading and speaking. She is my ever favorite teacher. That is why, on this nearly approaching Christmas day, I will surprise her with this Christmas card.

Friday, September 9, 2011

What is important in this world is the presence of the right transaction for each business. It is of the utmost sense that everything in this world will all have its better means and ends in the right access that transact business in the manner that it is reliable and justifiable for all aspects of businesses.

Because of, it is the right solution as people have the chance to air their bid, make negotiation of the business firms and everything that has been in the side of the business matters.

It is a fact that people do dwell in dealing of the transaction especially if the business takes the right processes in dealing with it. But there is no nead to worry because is that reasonably the right destination to all business transactions.


It is very much awkward to think that life is so queer. There are many twists and downs. I don't really know what to do sometimes, but life always finds its way.

It is so hard that you do your best, but still you can't please people. You have done everything to make things okay, but there is that something that makes you feel unease.

I have been through many sacrifices in life. I have experienced the ups and downs of life. But one that always makes me think more and all over again is the big confusion that I get out from helping someone and doing your best but it seems that that person is not satisfied and happy with your help. He was not pleased by it. How could I be able to cope with and find remedy to this? Why is it that the tide of the wind is not that good for me?

I always want to live a wonderful life. But in the end, I can't please everyone!