Friday, July 19, 2013

Understanding why it is important to give immunization vaccines like BCG, DPT, OPV, Hep B. and HIB V always boils down to tracing the susceptible agent that cause this disease to occur especially to infants. Knowing their nature is important for people to know in order to defend themselves to having the right immunization vaccines for them to be protected.

1. Measles is a highly communicable disease with the history of generalized blotchy rash that last for 3 days or more. Fever is above 38 degrees Celsius or the patient is hot to touch. One can experience cough, runny nose as well as red eyes or conjunctivitis when experiencing this kind of disease. It is taken from a virus and its reservoir is of course, we, humans. It can be taken from close respiratory contact and aerosolized droplets. It would take 4 days before until 2 days after rash that transmissions occur. It takes lifelong after attack immunity in order to save the lives of the victim. Crowding and low socio-economic status has something to do with this disease.

2. Tuberculosis is in a child with history of contact with a suspect or confirmed case of pulmonary tuberculosis. It can also be taken from a child who does not return to normal health after measles or whooping cough. Loss of weight, cough and wheeze which dose not respond to antibiotic therapy for acute respiratory disease, abdominal swelling with a hard, painless mass and free fluid, painful firm or soft swelling in a group of superficial lymph nodes, any bond or joint lesion or slow onset and signs suggesting meningitis or disease in the central nervous system are manifestations of tuberculosis.

It is due to the bacteria called "Mycobacterium tuberculosis". It can be found in man as well as in diseased cattle. It can be transmitted through droplet, infection that is through inhalation of bacilli from patients. It is transmitted to persons who excretes tubercle bacilli which is communicable. It degree of communicability depends upon the number of bacilli in the air, the virulence of bacilli and the environmental conditions like overcrowding. Risk factor for infection is due to low access to care immunodeficiency, malnutrition, alcoholism and diabetes.

3. Diphtheria is an acute pharyngitis, acute nasopharyngitis or acute laryngitis with a pseudo membrane. It comes from "Corynebacterim diptheria. It is present in man. Transmission of the disease is through respiratory droplets form dischare of a case or carrier. The disease may last for 2-3 weeks or maybe shortened in patients with antibiotics treatment. The transmission is increased in schools, hospitals, household and in crowded areas. The duration of the immunity is usually lifelong.

4. Pertussis occurs when a child has a history of severe of cough and history of persistent 2 weeks or more weeks of cough, fits of coughing and cough which is followed by vomiting. It is caused by "Bordetella pertusis". It is in man. It can be get from direct contact with discharges from respiratory mucous membrane of infected persons, airborne route probably by droplets and indirect contact with articles freshly soiled with the discharges of infected persons. This disease is highly communicable in early catarrhal stage, before paroxysmal cough. Antibiotics may shorten the period of communicability from 7 days after exposure to 3 weeks after onset of typical paroxysms to only 5 to 7 days after onset of therapy. Its natural immunity is lifelong. Risk factor of the infection includes the younger age and crowding. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I hate it when I get sick. I hate it when I can't do the things that I want to do because I am sick. I hate it every time I can't seem to get away with being sick. I hate it much when I don't have the determination to do things.

Being sick is so disgusting. It really bothers me because it is a waste of time. This is so because I am overly stressed out with many things that needs my attention. I have to study, work, do the job that counts less rest. That, I really hate.

It is so good to enjoy life, but when stress strikes, all will be shattered.

In the kind of lifestyle that I have, it makes me think to stop for some time and enjoy what life has to offer by depriving myself of stress.

Stress is not a good news. It is badly, madly like a disease. My life doesn't makes me busy all the times. Now, I have realized that it is good to pause for some times. Anyway, this is my choice. I just want to get away with sickness that has been brought to my stress.

 Everyone deserves to take away that stress in them. But when it comes to living and surviving, oftentimes, resting has no place in us.

What is the big thing in this is that, it is so wonderful to enjoy life with less stress and actually, it is all in us. It is a choice! 

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Being stiff is not always being rough. In life, it needs stiffness to run through everyone's system. How does it works? It goes this way...

There is the kind of category that I would emphasized to label the "stiffness" that I mean. It is in "mild", "moderate" and "high".

Mild. When a leader is not stiff and only possesses "mild" stiffness, it is so hard for him to give commands for everyone to follow. It is just that when he gives instructions, it is either the members will follow or only few will be able to deeply take his command. If he doesn't emphasize to stress out his point because of not well-motivated self-esteem, then fear is his to own. No one will ever follow. He will come like a shadow that no one visibly makes what he commands into an action of realities. He is just flacid.

Moderate. When a leader is "moderately" stiff, chances are, others will follow him but not definitely the whole clan will do. In stiffness, the kind of leader is not in a way of being authoritative or the kind of leader that is whole communist. There is no such thing as like that in leadership. Only if he sticks to his principles and his personal convection on things, then there is the so-called action in real sense. Moderates are those that in between chances of taken stiffness into wider perspective or being able to manifest signs of doubt on one's potential. It should be that Moderates should never decide to think twice, but rather to emphasize on leadership as a way to an edge. He has plans, but is doubtful.

High. They are achievers. They never take chances of missing the path of not being able to do their best all the time. They do command, but not to the extent that they are good at first and then turns speechless afterwards. They have full of words on leadership.The key word here is limitation, not being able to overlap the scope of one's stiffness. There should be balance on the self and the sides of the masses. Being able to actively listen and make people as the center of one's role dominantly produce a smooth kind of leadership. He humbles and perseveres to understand. There is no such thing as "judgmental", rather accepting criticisms in a positive manner. He leads in great command, but knows his limitations.

If you are going to choose among "mild", "moderate" and "high", which character do you belong? Me, I have found the person who is "high" in commands, but with good heart. Actually, I have enjoyed the kind of leadership she has shown to the class this afternoon and you know what, everyone follows.