Sunday, March 25, 2012

The first moment the news speculates about the death of my favorite singer, Whitney Houston is a hanging statement that she just died in her Beverly Hills hotel last February 12 without any confirmation about the root cause of her death. And now, all are unleashingly hearing the real facts that she died because accidentally drowning with atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine that mainly contributes to her death, according to the news.

Learning from this, all doubts and questions are now being answered about the people’s speculations about Houston’s death. And the fans, including me, feel great pain that Whitney Houston, my favorite singer is gone.

Indeed, we are not the holder of our life. There is God who knows when we retire and when we need to breath longer. Our life is coming from Him. We borrowed it from Him. And for Whitney Houston, even though that she was involved with so many vices, she is a big lost to the music industry. Her death saddens everyone. But time fleets to find its way to the Giver who is the Owner of our lives.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In the pace of living, the most important process is the connection between persons through communicating. This essential process brings understanding, decoding of meaning, forming perceptions and of course, dealt with information to clear the operations.

Communication reaches its wings even to all sorts of life. In fact, whether it is a non-verbal and verbal processes of communication, still the access relies more on the voice through sounds which form a clear transmission of information to pass through, forming meaning and actions.

The life of the people who are in the field of military agents and the like, surely demands the big participation of active communication for operations to actively attained and for targets to perform solid actions. That is why, there is what we call the said Lapel Microphone that lets them on the go as they do their tasks of observing, gathering investigations and studies to capture culprits and enemies from their immoral businesses. This kind of communication paves the way of truth and peaceful community. Moreover, the aid of Throat Microphone is in demand also in their nature of work for it provides them the avenue to fully make clear their targeted studies through constant communication of their colleagues and those in authority while they are in operations.

Those two microphones mentioned above are essential requirements for agents and military individuals who take care of the country 24/7 and they deeply need those important tools to fully capture, gather solid evidences and help keep the lives of the ordinary people far from risk.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I give my baby my milk because he only deserves the best. My milk gives the total nutrients that my baby needs from infancy up to 2 years. And here’s what you, Moms have to do when giving your own milk to your babies.

*You should wash hands before proceeding. Wash nipples with warm water but not with soap.
*For you and your baby’s comfort, you should position comfortably seated on a chair with arm and back support, side-lying with pillow beneath head, arm, above head. The entire body of the infant should turn to mother’s breast.

*In order to stimulate the so-called rooting reflex, stroke baby’s cheek to your nipple.
*In order to lessen tension on nipples, baby’s mouth should cover the entire areola.
*Nurse five minutes on each breast, gradually increase to 10 minutes on each side. It should be that the breast will be emptied at this time because prolonged nursing may cause breast irritation.
*Press breast tissue over baby’s nose during sucking and the baby should release the nipple if unable to breathe.
*You should break baby’s sucking by placing your finger in corner of baby’s mouth to prevent nipple irritation.
*You should let your baby burp after breastfeeding. This is so in order to prevent regurgitation and aspiration.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

God’s dream is for His children to succeed in every way. How about you, what are your dreams? Do you have dreams? Or are you paralyzing your mind not to dream because you are afraid it won’t come true?

Since I was a kid, I always have this dream to help and extend my arms to everyone. I want to make a difference and leave positive imprints in the hearts of the people before I die. I want to give a positive impact that could also lead others to do the same. My hands are made for service and I believe in that.

So far, what differences I have shown to others are quite numerous, not to brag. In fact, I can’t count them and even I can’t decipher to notice them for the instant situations that I thought it already touched their lives.

Now, let’s go back with you. I guess you are in the point of worrying if there is realization of your dreams if you say a prayer or utter them. Don’t be afraid. See, I don’t have the power to make all the wonderful things that I did into magic that I am able to do them. The only secret is to work to make what you dream come true. In working them out, you need to think more and deeper if it will bring good or if it can ruin others. Think deeper. You must have a plan.

In planning, you can fully measure and have direction on what you should exactly do for you to attain your dreams. To dream doesn’t need cash. All you need to do is to visualize and apply for real what exactly you want you can do better for this world before you die. I know that there are dreams that can drive you to the bushes, in committing sins. But you should intend to do good for others. That is why, you should do what is good and not the selfish dream.

To dream is to supply your wants with the positives that you can possibly do. Even simpler acts of extending help are a fulfillment of your dreams to help others even in simpler ways.

To dream is not just to statically dream. You need plan, actions and of course, prayers. Believe that you can do it and throw all away the negatives. Remember, you are a worthy person. Make that worth in you flourish and do good before you pass this world.

Dream big dreams for others!

Monday, March 12, 2012

News speculates about my favorite “Skyscaper” starlet, Demi Lovato about undergoing a treatment program. At first, as I read the heading, not the entire news, then I say “Oh my! What happen to her?”

It was Demi Moore, Lindsay Lohan and many others who have gone through struggles and now including Demi herself. She is in Bulimia, an eating disorder which results to vomiting as reports said.

Viewing these famous stars’ lives, because they are popular icon, it gives a bad spark to readers if they are in addiction or they are suffering from unhealthy struggles.

Frankly, the moment I have read this week’s article on the famous site, it gives me the “Ouch!”… is she involved in…? I may sound judgmental but news such as drugs and others pertaining to famous stars are rampantly happening. And the questions that stir on my mind circled more on: They have almost everything in life, but how come they are gone astray? Luckily, Demi Lovato is not into it. She is struggling of Bulimia and that calms me.

It can’t be denied that well-known personalities, how they live their lives inflicts more to us, ordinary humans. It is mainly because all the eyes and ears are opting to hear good from them in striving to journey from their popularity. And so, shall I say that they are the “model” of all times because they are on TV and media industries, they have all the access to be well known and boom likes a star for the rest of their lives. But here comes the culprit, when they fall from their stride, the whole world disappoints or rejoices.

Reflecting on this, they are just merely humans. The only difference is that they are famous. But looking into wealth, luxury and working hard to popularity is something that they should think humbly, Humble, in a way that they should always think what the proper thing to do is. Yes, indeed, we are not perfect. I am not perfect either. But the great lessons come from change. And change occurs if it will not be done again.

Demi Lovato is talented. She is adorable and indeed pretty. Taking the courage to tell the world about her life now in struggles is definitely courageous. I can see that she is trying.

Friday, March 9, 2012

This question stirs in my mind. Yes, why really does Enrique Iglesias won’t marry his girlfriend of 11 years? Is being married guarantee a happy everlasting life together? Does being committed bind both wife and husband unconditionally? Does being married make really any difference? Until when does Kournikova will wait for Enrique’s marriage proposal? What do we need to wait fans of Enrique all around the globe?
From the sides of Enrique that I have read on the famous site in the Internet just recently, he said that he never really thought that marriage would make a difference. He further said that maybe because he came from divorced parents and that he doesn’t think that loving someone means commitment just because of a piece of paper. He also added that it is a taboo nowadays not to have kids and not to be married is rampant in the society. The only that that makes it a difference is that you are a good parent, he further said.
Again, that is the side of Enrique. There are many reasons that one is in par with him or against what he said. But does really marriage certify a couple’s happy ever after?

Anyway, everyone is entitled to his own opinion. But for me, living together as boyfriend, girlfriend for many years takes too long for each other to wait for marriage. I hope that Kournikova is patient enough to see and is enjoying to wait until this time. But again, I can’t judge them because that is their sides of the world they want to revolve. I am not Enrique anyway. I am not Kournikova either.

I believe that it is love that binds them. I can see it. For 11 years, that is pretty amazing! That, I can say probably that their love is true love. But the only revelation that a woman and a man testify in witness for their love is through marriage. What if they will break up for that 11 years of love formation? That is pretty questionable and quite regretful as I see it if that would happen.

It is marriage which binds them in the altar before God and the world. Being with each other takes a vow of promise that ‘till death do as apart. Basing then on Enrique’s side that because he comes from divorced parents, I think what he went through with his family leaves a “scar” that marriage is not indeed the only guarantee. Yes, it is love. But again, marriage is the only way, I think for me that two persons become one.

Again, I am not Enrique. We are not Enrique. Their culture speaks of their belief. But I do hope that they will be happy forever on what decisions they are going to make. It is their part and I am just taking both sides with my opinion.
Until when can Enrique be single? Anyway, we don’t want to pressure him. Just an avid fan of him in here!

Cecille Ann Gregory, writer of this blog

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Eversince I gave birth to my David, I do breast-feed him. I want to nurture my baby perfectly especially during his first year of life.

It is important for us mothers to breastfeed our babies because our milk contains just the right blend of fat, protein and antibodies that help our infant develop and protect him against diseases. There is what we call as the colostrums which carries the needed nutrients that is vital for our babies against harmful sickness and diseases. And the more we do breastfeeding, the more milk we can produce. It is convenient since there is no formula to mix or bottles to wash and we have better supply whenever we go. The most important thing too, I have found out that breastfeeding helps me lose weight. That is what I have observed about myself. I feel like I am healthy. Breastfeeding for me helps me gain more health benefits that I can’t get out from bottle-feeding.

I have seen the power of breastfeeding through my baby and me. It transforms me as well as I gain a lot of health benefits. I am more determined to give my baby the best everyday out from my milk.

Because of my milk, I am happy to have discovered that I am this worthy and capable.

Let us admit it mothers, that not all of us do breastfeeding. And I am one of you out there. I am not feeling guilty about it either. The choice is in us. Though we don’t breastfeed them, I know that it will not cause any problems in them. How can we give more if our breasts can’t produce much milk. That is why, we turn directly to formulas. Formulas are not dangerous and harmful. We just need to follow important things so that we will give our baby the best care and love.

I will share few important things for you in order to give your baby the right formula when you breast-feed them.

There are three kinds of formula. There are the ready-to-feed liquid and they are the most expensive. There is the concentrated liquid which is the less pricey and the powder form which is of course, the cheapest.

*If you are mixing liquid concentrate or powder, it is always very important to use the exact amount of water which the label says to use. If there are too little water, I am sure that it can upset your baby’s stomach while too much will keep her from getting enough nutrients.

*Be sure to refrigerate and cover the opened cans of liquid formula and use them within 48 hours.

*The right thing to do on how to determine how much formula to prepare, the advice is to divide your baby’s weight in half. My David is weighing 8 pounds and so, he needs 4 ounces. Babies need to be fed every 2 to 3 hours at first, but as he grows, he will eat less often.

It is essential to know the right formula for our babies. We don’t want them to get sick and suffer from any kind of problems as they are growing. It is our tasks mothers to nourish them with the right thing.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Being a mother now tasks me to research and to read information pertaining to family life. I have read about the Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecological Theory which introduced by Urie Bronfenbrenner himself. It was stated that Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecological Theory provides substantial support for upholding practices involving families in early care and education which emphasizes on the developmental notion that biological predispositions and environmental influences interactively affect human growth.

He posed five environmental systems which enlighten us on what he is really implying about this theory. There is Microsystem , settin g which the individual lives or near the environment which the children revolved. Such examples are the home, school and community. Mesosystem, the relationships or the connection between two forms of microsystem that influences the children’s behavior and development. The plain example given is the teacher makes a phone call to the parents indicating their child’s performance in school which the parents might affect the treatment of the child. Exosystem, the system removed from direct access of the individual and has an indirect rather than direct effect on him. Example cited as parental work sites, extended family and mass media. Macrosystem, the culture, values and beliefs which an individual believes and lives. Chronosystem, the time or the sociohistorical context. The era which one lives her life that affects behavior and development.
Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecologilcal Theories donate major roles that interplay in the lives of the learners. And teachers, being the provider of better educational atmosphere for the children must see to it that he embraces his role as an educator, but still the role of parents in the child’s growth plays a big role of the learner.

The theories are dynamic in scope. The roles of teachers and family are important in the process. But the nature is not limited to only teacher-parents relationship but it caters that beliefs, practices, behavior and development also interplay in the process.

That is why, the upbringing of the parents to their children can affect their growth. All takes its major roles. But the problem here if approaches in each theory are not well manifested, executed and attained. There is obviously lack of connection if one or two performs the lacking part of it.

The components of each theory are evident to all of us. One plays the other, but each has role to portray. If and only if there is no proper guidance, follow-up, monitoring actions and no concern shown in part of the parents and everyone in society, the worst unexpected cause of destruction of the process will surely take place.

For me, the role of everyone is important. It is not only the concern of the teachers which are taking place here but the utmost care and love of parents as the children’s first teachers worth the transformation. But the environment at large plus the interaction of the mass media connotes something to the children if they are not guided with their parents properly. Still, to sum up all of these, it is the obligation, responsibility and the role of the parents to boost maximum care and love to their children.

Parents are not just task in rendering, providing, sustaining and nourishing their children with food, let love and care dominates the entire heart of every family. Other persons like the teachers and whoever in the community are just extensions of care but the solid growth and formation lies in the hands of the parents. No environmental factors bring havoc to your children if you, parents bring the change and development of your children right at your home.

I know that we, parents are sometimes or oftentimes resting our responsibility to the teachers or the community more for our children instead of us, taking the major role for them as their parents and teachers. It is not proper to say, “We pay them and so they should be responsible for our children.” This kind of “coward acts” of taking everything to the community is a form of resist that will surely result to negligence of the mess that may cause to our children in the future, probably in missing the step to let them grow wholly in our love and care.

Bronfenbrenner’s Bioecological Theory cites instances and possible results if one or two or all of the processes are not taken much attention, then the post of success of our parenting will not effectively be felt and given to our children.

Still, parents, we are carrying the future of our children. The way we mold them brings out the best in us and the fulfillment of their dreams for their future. It is not enough that we provide our children with food, shelter and clothing. Caring is more than those things. Love is the ultimate source of life that our children are seeking from us. Why can’t we give it to them?

Friday, March 2, 2012


Collecting is my avid hobby. Whenever I go to places, I never forget to buy souvenirs as a sort of remembrance.
The time that I have visited Los Angeles, California with my friend last February of this year, I bought this violet heart-shaped glass with violet ribbons and a note inside it. I am attracted to the artistic creativity of the maker of this figurine. It is awesome! The form really transcends great art. I was fascinated to discover such a glass with exotic and elegant design that captured my attention. That is why, I never think twice. I bought this figurine.

Aside from the fact that violet is one of my favorite color, I find an extraordinary appreciation of this thing. It is not easy to make, I guess. It is simple but the elegant. It reminds me of floating adventure, as if I don’t have any problem. I am carefree.
I connote to the experience that we have had with my friend as we visited in California. We are enjoying and strolling for 3 days of our visit. We took pictures, smiles and just enjoy our stay there. The friendship that we have transcends like the beauty of this figurine. It is invigorating, fresh and carefree.

Whenever I saw this in the house, it reminds me of my friends and the laughters we shared in California.