Friday, April 26, 2013

Let us face this, the world has everything, even stress, unstoppable problems, and even overladen works here and there. This what makes the people always busy for doing works and accomplishing them in ways that they can. But the problem then now is that our body clamors for rest.

Taking time to unwind is like rewarding yourself to fully enjoy what the nature gives, that out from one's busy world, there is this moment that you need to rest and enjoy for a bit or even a lot. There are always good benefits one can get out from unwinding. It relaxes the minds and refreshes the senses to fully activate and receives another task with active mind and hands. It invigorates to do more and pursues even doing more, leading to accomplish lots of works in a day. It leads to progress and completion that even when you think it is impossible to achieve, it becomes possible then. It diverts the attention to fully enjoy what the world has and what the world has to offer as well. It increases self-esteem and confidence in a way that drives all the people to do task and be positively in doing them. It simply restores them back to real world.

Unwinding is very important to all of us. In this world where it has everything, it needs people to relax and pause for more moments to enjoy what this world has to offer. And the best thing to do is to be with nature with family, friends and love ones. It is the memories that matters most as well.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I love to keep my valuable things in place. Just like my valuable digital camera that I have, I always keep it in its proper place.

I don't want to be negligence because of a simple act that makes my valuable camera disfunctional. Safeguarding it to this camera bag always me feel at ease because I know it is in the right, safe place.

This camera bag is hard. That is why, when I put my camera in my bag, full of many things, it will not be dampened by lots of heavy notebooks and books that I have. This camera bag keeps my digital camera in place.
Keeping things in the right storage always would make us feel better that no matter how expensive the valuable things that we have, no matter how precious is it to us, there is that moment that we will always rest assured to the thinking that we are comfortable and secured because it will be in its proper place all the time.

That is what I find it secured with my digital camera on its quality camera bag.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Brushing my teeth is not just enough. I love what my dental floss can do for me.

I want to have a thorough, clean white teeth everyday. Because it is inevitable to expect small particles of food not being able to stick through my teeth' little corners, then dental floss is my hero.

My tooth brush works to clean my teeth as well. But those small food particles that are hard to reach with toothbrush, the only help that assures to get those stocked thing is the dental floss. What is so good to use of this is that it has a mint flavor. Once dental flossing, I experienced the kind of cleanliness and freshness every from my teeth.

Dental floss works so amazingly perfect for my teeth. It is my back-up!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I have asked my friend to have his Speech of Gratitude for the success of our get-together. I encouraged him to talk and share because I know that he has something in mind. I force him to say something and I never stop convincing him to really make a speech before the crowds. As he smiled, I thought at last I convinced him, but I was desperately quite sad. He just said, "I am a man of few words." Then, that is the time I stopped forcing him to deliver the speech.

That day and even until now, I am in the point of recalling what he said and it keeps on repeating on my mind, "I am a man of few words". This lead me to think that there are really a man like that. It is just I can't believe that he is indeed like that because he is a bright person. He always excel in many ways.

Well, getting to the point here. Is not uttering more words indicates that these kind of people are emotional (even they are masking themselves that they are not)?

We are living in a world that is sociable and instinctively active. As I can't erased the thing that always pops on my mind. Now, I have realized that probably, my friend is just indeed masking himself to be okay that in fact, he is not. He is covering from his shell so that we can't tell that he is emotional or something. Maybe there is some point in his life that all he does is just to put what he has in mind and show him to the people through actions and not merely more on words.

But sad to say, how can someone know what is really that he wants if in fact, he is not voicing what is inside him. Indeed, life is unpredictable.