Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Internet has been a part now of many lives and of course, of my life. I am one of those people who are head over heels of using Internet. Why? because of the widest, largest and gigantic happiness it brings to people and me, being a part of it, Internet shares more of my life. I can be able to connect with people - chat with my friends and families, update my profile, read news and see the latest trends in fashion, home, etc. and my love, writing my ideas in this blog. That I find pleasures of using the Internet. But there are those times that I encounter Internet problems of losing connection. I take patience of waiting until it will be back. How do I heal myself when there is an Internet problem. 

1. Patience is a must. 
Just like people who are interrupted with problems, Internet connection too really does. It sometimes loses grip. But I am not losing hold of waiting for the connection to be back. I am just so patient to understand things that problems like interruptions are not in our control. So I understand.

2. Find pleasure doing other alternatives. 
I listen to my favorite music on the radio or I play the CD. I sing at the top of my lungs just to ease the feeling of "frustration" of not being able to expect that Internet connection lose its signal. I also watch vidoes of my favorite film or read books of my favorite authors. 

3. I exercise even more. 
This gives me ample time to exercise. The interruption of losing Internet contact paves me to exert more force and burn more fats because I have all the time of myself. That is also the kind of emotional release. 

Doing these activities amuses my mind and it releases the negative energies that is accummulatingly manifested on me as I build to conceptualize the lose of Internet connection until the signal goes back. 

This form of energy release is the relaxation that I find, a great diversion that whenever there is a problem, I stand happy and positive.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

I very often get approached on inquiring the doctor about my moles and if thes were cancerous. 

According to my doctor, moles or nevi are small, ususally dark growths on the skin which develop from pigment-producing cells in the skin. And these were not malignant. He added saying that moles in areas which are constantly irritated such as the soles of the feet or on the chin of men where they shave daily should be carefully observed. Furthermore, people who are expose to noonday sun is risk to chldren and young adults. When experienced in increase in size of moles, changes its shapes or color particularly if pigmentation becomes irregular, develops inflammation, itches, bleeds or crusts, people should be necouraged to consult their physician. That is the adivsed of my doctor.People with fair skin and freckles as well as blonds and redheads are also more prone to melanomas.

Thus, my doctor said that those moles in my body are not cancerous. The only thing he told me is never expose myself to noonday sun and aviod touching those growing moles.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Dreams take me to the path that I want to 100% grasps the moment of once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of making things in a wide scope of attaining them. 

I thought that I can't be able to attain what I really wanted in life. Once in a while I will move forward and go through the tide where my dreams will be fulfilled and realized. 

My baby David is now growing and this I think that I will do anything for him. It is not easy to cope with all the finances. The food, shelter, clothing and the bills. My David is turning 1 this February 15. And this means that while he is growing, he needs more cash while we, my husband and I sustain to give everything for him. 

That is why, I never lose hope. I will pursue my dreams to be a nurse. I will be in school, taking nursing course. This is for David and my family. I know that while David is growing, we need more cash to sustain all his needs. I know that I can be able to make it. 

It is my big responsibility to support and give everything that my baby David needs. Out from the great love that we give to him, we need to further give him all the best in life, his education and his needs. 

Indeed, I become mature to face life. I thought that life is like those days that I was dependent of my parents. Now, I am a parent, this realizes me that it is all about securing for my family, for everyone that I do connect. 

Now, I have realized why my parents before are that hardworking in order for us 4 to survive. I now realized how they work hard for us to live and have the best education that we have. I know that they are that busy and tired, but still they never give up so that they could bring delicious food on the table everyday. I now realize to be a mother, to be a good wife and a loving mother to my husband and child.

Life is full of mystery. Now, I am always thinking what is next and how can I help my family.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

It feels so great to be a US Citizen. I can fully enjoy the bliss of a happy living as an American Citizen. I can do what I want to do and I can be able to reach my ambition fully now here. It seems that the people are not underestimating me now. I can be what I want to be. It is really good to be a US Citizen.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It feels so good that my little David is loved by numerous people, my friends and family and even those persons who we don't know, those acquaintances in the streets or the outside home.

My David is like a star. No matter where I go, people are attracted to him and they complement my boy as cute and formal. And being his mother, I am proud of that that my little baby David is being loved by many people.

Just like the New Year day when we had a celebration with my family and my friends' families at my other friend's house, they are really cuddling, embracing and hugging baby David. And I was at the capture side of taking pictures as they numerously embraced my little David.

It feels great and proud to know that there are lots of people who really care and love my baby David. It is evidently seen that he is growing happy, enjoying and most of all ultimately bliss with persons as much as we, Daddy and Mommy love him so much.