Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Author of this post is Kory Dotson

Knitting gives people the ability to make homemade, lovely Christmas gifts that reflect a personal touch to them. I've known many people that choose to knit a few Christmas presents for loved ones and the effect of this is always a duo of happiness about the gift and happiness about the thoughtfulness of such a gift. You'll never believe how many people are truly blessed with the talent of knitting and the kind of wonderful joy this can bring during the season.

I've known people that knitted stuffed animal type toys for their children, purses, and other knitting items that make the gift recipients especially happy. I've knitted for awhile myself, usually in a casual way while I'm watching satellite television from I'm certainly no expert at knitting but I do know that I try my very hardest so that I can give the people I love personal gifts that reflect the wonderful joy they bring into my life. I also take special requests from family members, as long as they're not too complex and up to my level of knitting ability.

I'm not great at knitting but with a little practice I hope to be up there in the big leagues of knitting someday. Something tells me this won't happen but it doesn't hurt to dream a little and keep trying my hardest to make it happen.

Thailand is also known as the best place to travel in Asia. With all its beautiful surroundings as well as the food that really reaches the stomach, this is a place where one can go again and again.

One of the best food that Thailand serves to people from all walks of life is this Gang Som Pak Ruam. It is the delicate thai country soup, assorted baby corn, white cabbage & string beans in a hot & sour sauce spiced with exotic thai herbs that is made of it.

In fact, the flavor is mouth-watering that once tasted, you will surely ask for more.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Everyone is in the state of finding perfect happiness in this world. Some have it in their own special ways but for most of the people, they have it here.

It is always a fun and wonderful experience to sit beside the kind of game where players are all excited and unitedly dwell into one main purpose. It is all about the live dealer casinos.

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There is always that fun under the heat of the sun but if you want constant fun and excitement, playing online casinos explains more of that fun.

This Christmas tree is always present in our home especially during the yuletide season. In fact, this Christmas tree is old but we remodel it to appear new and with life.
The only great thing about this tree is that it is being known as the most special kind of tree because it signifies our home's pleasant atmosphere where Christmas or the birth of Christ is celebrated.

It has been a very wonderful feeling to see such this kind of tree every Christmas time. I really feel the essence of love and happiness everytime I see this tree. It is really a wonder.

The very essential aspect of one's life is best attain if one has the upliftment he could get out from boosting his self-esteem in order to gain self-worth and acceptance in the eyes of all the people he knew.

With the furtherance of the approaches of living, one must be in the mood for self-nourishment through the effort of making life possible with the use of innovation and the latest in technology. Thanks to today's science because it helps every losing spirit to gain back the strength one's lost and lose.

Breast Implants are one of the way of making every confidences occurred and attained. This kind of remedy in attaining life's upliftment is one of the manifestation that life is not that impossible after all.

With the spirited and expert hands of Breast Implants Honolulu, it makes every move possible and nourishing. I therefore can say that no matter how one has the feeling of being "down", there are things that make one happy and worth-living for.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The season connotes what festivities or what is the dominant occasion of the day. This cellophane revels the mood of the Christmas season.

I bought a small gift for my friend yesterday. It was wrapped in this cellophane. As I went home and drop this in the living room's table, I suddenly think of the simplicity this cellophane reminds all of us that Christmas is here and it is now happening.

I just pause for a moment which I reflected on the essence of Christmas which is like the days that it can't be stolen. And with the simple realization of its celebration is being recognized even in plastics.

That is how Christmas is celebrated that even through the very minute thing reveals its significance.

I do know of a certain place where you could stay when you are in England. It is a place which spells so much fun and excitement that you could be able to experience the we-time of your love, your family and friends and if you want your I-time, then this place speaks of that zest.

England stores Cottages in Cornwall where it drives travelers to enjoy their we- or I- time. It transports them to the world of excitement where sky's the limit only. Furthermore, the venue opens them to think about what best one can give and share to the world while they spend their solemn place in the hands of this nature's gift.

Indeed, England is a place like no other because there are lots to give and share and more to spend. Only Cottages in Cornwall serves with the best catering services from accommodation, food, place to stay plus well-loved nature's face.

Take time to enjoy while you are heading in England and I know you are not wrong to choose this place.

Christmas as what everyone said is a time to share and give what we have to others but if you are intentionally be giving cash this Christmas, the best way is to do this simple advices.

Last December 21, 2010 is the Christmas party of our office mates in our working place and so, I decided to give present that will take the act of giving them through the thing that would make or appear it to be overwhelmingly sharing. I intentionally give my friend (my kringle) a wallet with an amount of cash in it. Instead of giving dollars for that matter, I seriously give P100.00 cash so that he will have a taste of the kind of money Philippines has.

As a result, I placed the said amount in the wallet, minding that he will surely appreciate my gift. In this way, this will make him recognize that no matter where he is, because he is planning to go to the Philippines next year, that money will be of use as well.

This is just my way of sharing my Christmas presents in a way that it will appear extraordinary and special. I do hope that my friend will mean to distinguish the value I would like to implant to him.

Friday, December 24, 2010

I do believe that in order for all the people from all walks of life to be secured and protected legally, it is a must for us to consider from our budget, laiding our money to loans.

Most probably when one does go for a loan, the instant question that pops on everyone's mind is that does the person be able to afford to pay the said loan or just securing himself a loan is just a waste of money and time.

Loans are indeed the life and the provider in times of emergency. Individuals do know that it is really hard to detect time when will our lives be in the shaky stage or not. That is why, securing loans is the only option that makes our life in a well-to-do state.

Short Term Loans provide quick loaning while the term of payment is also short. It is good for those who actively believe that to loan is to pay urgently so that meeting its deadline will be not a hazard.

Unsecured Personal Loans on the other hand, are loans for all those who want to be protected with instant loan processes, that they too will benefit affordably in that system.

Most important, Bad Credit Personal Loans assure all creditors or debtors to pay for their unamounting debts in a way that they will be able to pay for them and they will end up happily secured of the loans that are then paying and so, they will not end up miserable.

Thus, there are ways for all of these loans to get into our lives. The only secured and surest option is to know where to have and when to use them.

Christmas is not more about firecrakers nor fireworks. As what most people in the world probably celebrates it, they connote the ocassion to be like that. For me, Christmas is like this Santa's cap that symbolizes happiness and not war. The cap always appear in red and that is a great revelation that Christmas always circled in love. The love that should start from us.

It is best to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ wearing this Santa's cap to signify that Christ is always in us and He is with us till the end of time. Just like what my friend did.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Guest post written by Ashley Thompson

Even when I'm making different kinds of Christmas cookie recipes that you don't normally make with cookie cutters, I like to try and use cookie cutters. I mean, normally they don't turn out in as good of a shape and sugar cookies do, but they still have those faint shapes.

But my cookie cutters that I've been using for a while are looking pretty messed up, so I thought that I would do myself the favor of buying a new set of them. I went online with my Wireless Internet Service in search for some of them, but so many of them were plain or just made of cheap plastic.

But I finally came across some really fantastic festive cookie cutters and it was even better because they weren't as expensive as some of the other goods ones that I had found! I've already made some cookies with them and I'm really glad that I found them. I just hope that they hold up for a long time even though they were pretty cheap.

Christmas tree, christmas balls, series lights, spaghetti, cake, lasagna, ice cream, balloon, snow balls, santa's socks, christmas caps, gifts... Does the meaning of Christmas can be viewed in all these things?

I have remembered a story of a king who doesn't want Christmas. He doesn't like kids caroling from house to house. He doesn't want to hear bells ringing and Christmas songs be played in tone. He doesn't want lanterns hang on every house nor he doesn't like Christmas trees. All he wants is nothing but demands here, there and everywhere from all the people under his care. One day, a boy asked him for an alms while he was at the facade of his palace. The boy looked pale and weak. His stomach is empty and he needs much food because he is quite dying in hunger. The king let him in the palace and the king called his servants to serve food for the boy on the table. All the extravagant food was being served for the boy and the little boy couldn't stop eating boraciously because he is much hungry. After the boys feasting, he goes near to the king and said, "What a wonderful Christmas you have shared to me." The king replied, "I didn't give you a gift. Why have you thank me for a Christmas reason." The child said, "My mother told me that when you help persons who are in need, you are reaching to them like Christ is doing to His hungry people and what you did to me that you let me in your palace and call all your servant to serve many food in the table and the chance that you let me eat with those food is an act of serving and sharing what you have to others. It is a Christmas life. That is the meaning of Christmas."

The boy left thanking the king. Then the king in his silence thinks much about what the boy had just said. Then, he called all his messengers to tell the people in the town to celebrate with him like the Christmas celebration is.

The people are very happy. They wear big smiles on their faces. They are very much happy now. And the king have now realized what Christmas means. For the years of Christmas then, he is taking the lead for the people to celebrate the birth of Christ in their hearts through sharing to all especially to those who have less in life. Everyday and when needed, he shares to all the people who are fortunate and helpless.

This act of love is the meaning of Christmas. It is a time for giving and sharing what we have to others.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pier 1 Imports. All opinions are 100% mine.

It has always been a wonderful experience to share gifts to everyone this Christmas as this season is filled with its spirit of love and charity.

I am always on the go every time when my friends invite me for a party. In fact, I am that 100% confident because I do see and believe that I am not in the point of worrying much for I am in the right choice of the gifts that I want to give.

Out of the many top choices that I love to have comes in holiday gifts for in this place I know that I can be better well remembered because of my extraordinary presents for them. In fact, Pier 1 donates many discounts and treats that made everyone feel the rhythm of sharing and love due to the fact that their prices are reasonably cheap but not compromising the budget and quality. That is why, no wonder why individuals are recognizing their products because of the numerous demands of the customers that made them significantly rising and known worldwide.

Indeed, holiday gifts define the meaning of Christmas. It also shares much love to every needy person because they not only sell but part of what they will earn will go to the proceed for Toys for Tots. This act of sharing is a true revelation in this time for love as they also generously share what they have to others.

There is no other reason why people love to shop at Pier 1, it is because they serve with love and service, making every lives and memories nourishing and worth-living.

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Monday, December 20, 2010


I found it helpful for me to travel with the guide on hand. One of the topmost resources that really help me to go to places is this flyer. It guides me to be oriented with what lies and what to expect in a place. Just like when I visit the Philippines, the sole manifestation which significantly unlock the confusions I have is lighten because of this flyer. It is the source of everything and in fact, it is like the drive force that makes me atone to what is proper and worthwhile.

When I do have my reservations for a room and what food is best serve there, I have then an idea which to include in my travel budget or list or what to just left unconsidered.

I pretty appreciate the power that flyers serve for my life. It perfectly directs me to what is the most fitting and needed source of information.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

This picture was taken last December 18, 2010 during the Interschool Caroling Contest. I asked permission to the girl for me to take picture of her because I was fascinated with her costume. She wears a red t-shirt and a white pants with the silver foil as her shawl. Her shoes is white. This kind of costume is simple reflection of what Christmas is. That is why, the dominant colors for Christmas are red, white, yellow and green.

This girl posts with confidence in her costume and that is the spirit of Christmas. Christmas makes us happy and full of hope.

Friday, December 17, 2010

It is best and most fitting to work using the right uniform. This gives us the authority to properly manage and take our profession with the right designation and identification.

Many offices and firms and even establishments use a standard of identification except for an Identification Card (ID) to properly reveal the right person's profession or work. In fact, this atone many to fully excel and serve best to see what is really like to be in that position.

When you are going into the wide range especially in the medical specifically the nursing world, it is best to use scrubs in order to protect and initiate proper task of relevance in the work profession. Furthermore, the use of lab coat signifies cleanliness and safety in terms of contact of the many aspects of the hospital's contamination elements. Moreover, this reasons pave its way to the significance why scrub uniforms came into being.

With these things, it is essentially beneficial and wide to nourish life in its wider scope because there are things which make every move a success. With these stuff, it measures safety alternatives and secure assurance of the work as well.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Guest post written by Charice Whitman

Around the holidays, I'm always on the lookout for new kinds of cookies. A few years ago we started hosting a Christmas party for all of our friends and our kids' friends to come and bring Christmas cookies. So that makes my search for a new kinds of Christmas cookie even more serious.

I actually start my search for Christmas cookies pretty early, like right after Halloween and collect lots of recipes until I find some really neat ones. I was searching for some new recipes about a week ago and actually came across some GEO Clear Wireless Internet pricing information and decided to read through it. After that I decided to change over our internet service to the provider because we'd been having problems with our old provider for a while.

My favorite Christmas cookie recipe that I've found so far this year has been these melting snowman cookies that are so adorable and funny! I'll definitely have to make some for our Christmas cookies party this year.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This is Errand. He is Best in Costume in that Halloween Party which took place at the house of my friend. He is awarded such because he is the most rare of all the kids who join the celebration. I love my cute Errand. He is much more handsome when his kiddy costume. I love the way he joyfully enjoy the party with his extraordinary costume.


What a wonderful day filled with the experience for I am in the point of reminiscing and enjoying the pleasure I can get out from using the most vital thing and information which give sure assurance to all my works. With the use of the internet and all its access, it is really a fulfilling experience.

The only vital reason why I always keep my head on to know and more work clearly the things that keeps me atone to is the pleasure I get out from using the net. Thanks to e-waste for providing the right access of making things easy. In fact, I am I love the way how it makes me atone to what I believe in. And all those things I fully enjoy with today's technology.

I can clearly remember this day as my friend's son step on that his first time snow time. He is covered with the thick clothes with a smile on the face. He is enjoying the snow time with many blessings of breaths. He is together with his mom. Actually, it is their first time together in the snow.

I am very much happy about this kind of experience because I can clearly see that there is always life in their faces. I love seeing them happy and enjoyable.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

In times of great celebration that need systematic formation that even forming a line is a must, there are ways to discipline people without murmuring, shouting and even painstaking of the head while transacting a business.

It is very essential to make every move in any businesses more worthwhile and constructive. This will generate better understanding between the transactor and the transactee.

Thus, when experiencing crowd's multitude presence in the midst of urgent or instant demand of catering the people, one should need the use of its force in having that discipline in crowd control. There are physical things that get people attention to. Therefore, that is a sign why larger companies and even small business firm rely on the important role of stanchions in their business. Furthermore, it doesn't require human barricades to remind everyone how to impose systematic processes in any business but there are barricades which help them to do the proper lining and access of transactions.

Therefore, when you are always on the plan to properly direct the minds of the people in a way of discipline, then objects matter. Let not your man power works for this. Relying in some things to control the crowd are the surest way to keep your business safe, progressive and effective.

Monday, December 13, 2010

December is indeed a great season because Christmas is near but it was filled with snowy days. In fact, I have pictured the facade of our house because this experience makes me significant. In fact, I love the adventure that I have had. It was my first time actually to see such a snow and I have witnessed them this December.

This month is really a snowy Christmas.

Guest post written by Carl Brown

I've kind of been doing some shopping off and on to find an ipad stand that I like. But that's been harder than I thought. I also wanted to find one that was green because I'm sure that something will come out in a few years that will replace the ipad anyway.

I've been pretty proud of myself lately because I've been getting a lot more creative with how I do things in a green way or make green things so I'll create less waste. I started thinking about that when I was shopping online with my wireless internet for an ipad stand and decided that I would just try and make one myself.

I guessed that it would be a little tougher than just buying one, but was determined not to be wasteful. So when I found the directions to make an pencil ipad stand I thought that it was the greatest thing ever! I mean, could use all of those pencils and rubber bands after I get tired of my ipad or replace it with something else, which I hope will be in a long time from now.

I am in the spirit of looking at my friend's children who are at our place yesterday. Actually, we are celebrating our party and I love the children gathered in the living room with the baby sleeping. I enjoyed them playing along with baby with the Christmas tree witnessing their play.

With this just kind of simple experience, I have realized that the children are happy with each other. They are all gathered at one place where they happily share time with each other. I then remembered the time when I was a kid. I used to be like this. I am happy when Christmas comes and with lots of more gifts to receive.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

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I love to eat cakes of any taste as long as it caters to drive my wants especially this Christmas season. Yesterday, we celebrated the party with my friends at my friend's house and I am very glad that there is this kind of cake that has been served on the table.

It is like a moist cake because it is soft to eat and the taste extraordinarily explains that this cake is made from quality products. I thought at first that it is like a drink because it is like a cappuccino cream on top as the other mountain-like icing swims in that liquid. But I was totally wrong because the cake really like a true cake. It is made from the great hands and idea of the baker. I enjoyed eating this and my friends are all amazed with the overall taste of this cake.

When natural calamities strikes our country and other countries as well, the damage will sure be great. And the huge problem is how to keep things back into its normal pace.

Natural occurrences like floods and fire are the tremendous fighter of all livelihood and investments. When this two monsters would surely attack the country, chances are all livelihoods and processes will go back into one. But there is no frowns when these kinds of calamities attacks our USA.

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Living in this world is not that bad after all in spite of the many things that havoc everyone's perfect life. It is by chance that they are some concern individuals, companies that embrace man's life.

I am very much happy to discover within my own way this extraordinary beauty product that is sure the juice of the people this coming year. This is called Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System. It massages the skin which was placed by lotion.
Applying lotion in the skin or cream on the face without massaging them will result no good because lotions and creams when applied to the body should invigorates the inner of the skin so that the effect of the lotion will show glow to one's beauty.
I like the way this helpful things brings out the worth in me.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Guest post written by Autumn Eller

Over the past five years, we've kind of competed with some of of neighbors to see who can have the better Christmas light display. This is my husband's idea, of course, and not mine. I would be happy with some simple icicle lights along our front porch and just that. But he thinks that we have to go all out or bust. I've learned that we're both happier if I let him do it too.

I was looking up some stuff online about how much our electricity bill goes up during the month of December and comparing it online to how much it is during other months of the year, when I ran across the site and looked through it. After getting a little more info about that internet service, I decided to switch over our home internet access to it.

By now I've just accepted the extra cost from the electricity for the Christmas lights as part of our holiday expenses. After all, as long as my husbandÕs footing the bill, I donÕt really mind all that much.

Friday, December 3, 2010

There are many varied styles or strategies in teaching but there are no perfect strategies. Teaching in any subjects depend upon the kind of teaching strategies a teacher would like to emphasize in his lesson.

When I teach my students, I will always go into developing their intuitiveness through my technique that I pose questions and ask questions that would ignite their interest and their thinking processes. It makes me feel with less board work and more on them working in a way that they are going to manipulate the kind of thoughts they want to show or reveal.

For the past many years in teaching, I always come into the point that I would not devoid myself from teaching my students in a way through laying questions because I believe, which also I have noticed in them through this strategy, they are able to think well and logically. They develop their thinking ability in which they can present their ideas in a more refine and to the best manner that they could share.

There is no problem with making students work all day in their class during our discussion because I don't want to spoon fed them with all the things that comes from my ideas. It is more good and most proper that all their ideas will be coming from them. Then I know that learning resides in that technique.

In other case as well, when the teacher is a kind whose strategies in teaching are more in sharing his ideas and all the students will passively become mute in learning. In this way, they will become more dependent on the ideas given by their preacher and they will not think anymore. In the same way, the teacher in this kind is a selfish teacher because he doesn't want to hear the ideas of the students or he doesn't believe and trust his students or in any other way, he doesn't instill the ideas of expression in their mouths.

I am in great happiness that can't be measured everything my students say, "Wow! I now know that this is the right way of doing it" rather than saying, "What should I do teacher?". Being in the position as an educator manifests lots of responsibilities because I am obligated to help nourish the blank minds of the students. With that hollow minds, I am the one filling them.

Every time I have a class with my students in school, I always think of teaching as a passion as I have all the powers and energies to help them explore and discover the things that they have or which they haven't discovered yet but they love imparting them.

That is why, teaching is a way of leading sense to the wide verge of exploration and when that "Aha!" flourishly uttered, then I can say that my students learn.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Contribution by Terrance Kirby

Every holiday season I keep a look out for those tasty and delightful little gingerbread man cookies. Something about the soft and gingery cookie along with the lemon topped icing and that adorable little gingerbread man makes me think of the holidays. Ever since I was a little kid I enjoyed watching my grandma make the gingerbread cookies. We always shaped them into little gingerbread men because it only seemed right that way. I saw an advertisement for these gingerbread man cookies on DirecTV the other day and it immediately makes me know that the holiday times are coming. Sometimes I will buy them because you can find great gingerbread cookies at the store, but sometimes I will make them as well. For my family's holiday meals I will usually make a tray of these gingerbread man cookies and bring it. Usually they are a hit, but it does not matter to me because I know that any leftover gingerbread cookies will come home with me and I will sit in my front living room and enjoy leftover gingerbread man cookies and a little glass of milk while sitting on my favorite chair under my favorite blanket and watching the snow fall outside. I love my gingerbread man cookies for the holidays. There is no treat that is any better and it is the perfect time of year to have them.


I always take this snack as a positive thing that would drive me to be happy always because the name alone connotes that life is positively wonderful.

In the side of the many facets of life, there are things which drive us to be totally mad and in the state of being in solitary state. But with the view of enlightenment, I come to view that life is really the way it is. But of course, with the proper hand indeed, it makes me view that there are more to life than just by being negative always.

I come to the point of realizing that even this snack makes me reminded to take life positively. I am in the state of being happy because of this.