Saturday, June 22, 2013

Thanks for the talents

Discovering myself that I can do more than what I usually know is a kind of self-worth that formulates to define the real me. My mirror would always say that indeed I am useful. 

Before, I used to be shy, timid, passive and fearful in daily approaches of living. It seems like that my friend and my only best friend is myself and no one else. But that friend that I consider in myself is a shyful one. 

Time changed as I am also changed, from being shy to super active, right now. That is what I have discovered in myself. 

Before, I used to be so fearful that when situation calls for immediate action regarding showing one's talents and potential, I was like the most frightful person in the world. I don't do things the way others really do, with their guts on. 

It was then that I have realized that I don't really want to be impotent and stagnant of myself being passive all the time. I said to myself that I need to overcome my fears and start building and defining myself everyday. The zest of self-worth in me gradually forms. I have wonderful friends who would always encourage me not just to sit in the corner,but rather to do something about life, to get involved and be involved. 

I always be with them. I take the chance to discover myself in them who always encourage me that I need to bring out the best in me at all times. We present dance presentation in huge crowds. We sing live songs and put that music on while people are jamming with us. We take seriousness in all matters of school works and community activities. We involve ourselves and our lives revolve around the wider scope of our wants. 

Now, reflecting to go back, I am so thankful that my friends saved me from being timid to active. My friends encourage me that there is always ways and quitting is not a fad. My friends taps me all the time that there is no room for sadness. Life is wonderfully crafted and mixed. 

What I do always remember is that, "I don't care what the people might say or will say, life must go on. It is my thing that matter most." With that, I was able to find and define myself.