Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Life is amazing!

From the discussion that my Instructor in Maternal and Child Care taught us with the topic of the Male and Female Reproductive System yesterday, there is one realization that I have learned - How cells, sperm and ova, when they met and fertilized turn out to be a one single human cell that ignites the beginning of the story of life. This makes me realized that life is indeed so wonderfully planned by God.

If I am to go through basing the root existence of the presence of sperm and ova, and if I am to go deeper on my findings on where they are really coming from, it all boils me up to the point that God is so amazing in His creation because such sperm and ova as they unite and fertilized turns life.

How majestic is God's power is that in many and any ways, He finds all things at its proper planning and place.

Every man exists on his time. The moment sperm and ova are fertilized in the mother's womb and life forms for this fetus to fully develop inside the mother, then, that fetus exists in his time. It would not be yesterday nor tomorrow, but today, at this very moment.

The elements present in the sperm and ova exist when we base it scientifically in the sustainable forces of the hormones and the blood vessels together with the fluid present and there is the factor of preservation in order not to trigger the developing human cell into a fetus. All these elements that compose a fetus comes in the power of God. There is that Being who makes everything in the process of the existence and developing of the fetus that would cater to explain the power that God has bestowed for each and everyone of us.

Life is so mysterious, but out from life's "mysteriousity", I know everything is in God and only God knows everything. We can not fathom it.