Saturday, June 29, 2013

Last Friday, my teacher in Related Learning Experience 20 discussed to us about Comfort Measure (Non-pharmacologic) or Traditional/Alternative Medicine and there is the part that she discusses about prayer, faith and spirituality prolong life of persons to live here on Earth.

Been struck about the statement, I recalled thinking about my grandmother who is already 93 years old now that indeed, this statement is a "fact".

My grandmother is so religious. Almost everyday, she goes to church to pray. She even goes with her group of friends. They call themselves, "Couples for Christ". They do conduct house-to-house prayer meetings, etc. Even though she can't walk fast, she still takes the steps to pray in the church and even go there everyday.

Every morning, she used to say her "Novena" prayer before she goes to church. She is a Roman Catholic just like me. Her religiosity keeps her the faith to stay alive even longer. I can see that to my grandmother. Her faith is immeasurable that she almost pray everyday. She is positive on things that no matter she is old, still she holds on to life in spite of her condition.

In prayer, there is faith. In faith, there is always that positive feeling of self-worth and hope that no matter what happens, everything is going to be fine. It is because of her prayers to God that my grandmother boost to happily live even though she is old right now.

I used to see her worry-free. She can afford to smile. She can even tell stories of her past which I find interesting. She can give us morals and even try to follow-up us regarding school.

The positive aura and mood of my grandmother lifts us that in spite how uncertainties trigger life, still there is a hope for us to move and stand living.

My grandmother's spirituality leads her to see life and deal with it with no grudges and pains. And I want to be like that especially when I am at my peak. Though, I am not that religious as her, I do pray on my own everyday, but I have learned that keeping the faith to Christ is always what makes a happy life defines to rule within. In prayer, fears, depressions, anxieties and even worries will be all washed out. What shines is the feeling of contentment, hope, happiness and perseverance that in spite how the world trembles to rattle in wrong situations and unexpected approaches, still the kind of deep faith in God maneuver to give us the determination to attack life light and with hope.