Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Compulsive, Me? Not...

Attitudes vary from person to persons. The way I deal with people makes me treat them the way I want them to be treated, but being compulsive, I do not.

Due to the fact that being a leader takes much effort for me to be the best at all sorts of things. I want that best to bring to my group and to the individuals who do I encounter. Oftentimes, I do admit that bringing the best in a person or in any situation that involves the participation of the other people would make me label to them as being "perfectionist".

To be the best is not in a manner of excessive perfectionism. I have recognized me that my friends would label me as such because I am always making that "best" be in the top priority and to be able for us to attain the kind of best that I want in a group, probably, it intimidates them.

I do admit that I am compulsively demanding for the best. Other than the meaning of compulsive afar from the best, then, that is not what I am.

Being a leader always makes me able to think quick and instill the decision-making at the level of high. Others may find me too compulsive that in a way that I am in the point of telling them that the manner of doing it is like this, which, I do believe they are not in par of what I am suggesting them to do.

It is so hard to live in a world that being the best of me doing things and telling them is the reason for others to create their minds of me being compulsive. It just boils down to one reality that in this world, everything is not what it seems to be.