Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I hate it when I get sick. I hate it when I can't do the things that I want to do because I am sick. I hate it every time I can't seem to get away with being sick. I hate it much when I don't have the determination to do things.

Being sick is so disgusting. It really bothers me because it is a waste of time. This is so because I am overly stressed out with many things that needs my attention. I have to study, work, do the job that counts less rest. That, I really hate.

It is so good to enjoy life, but when stress strikes, all will be shattered.

In the kind of lifestyle that I have, it makes me think to stop for some time and enjoy what life has to offer by depriving myself of stress.

Stress is not a good news. It is badly, madly like a disease. My life doesn't makes me busy all the times. Now, I have realized that it is good to pause for some times. Anyway, this is my choice. I just want to get away with sickness that has been brought to my stress.

 Everyone deserves to take away that stress in them. But when it comes to living and surviving, oftentimes, resting has no place in us.

What is the big thing in this is that, it is so wonderful to enjoy life with less stress and actually, it is all in us. It is a choice!